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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 3

Translated by Angela and Nyx, edited by Nyx


The Zhao family instructed him to bring her back as soon as possible in order to avoid any more complications and troubles along the way. Yet this one said she wanted to finish her school first or at least wait until this midterm was over.


These past two days, Zhang Weidong had been exhausted. So now he was grumbling. She hadn’t gone back to the family yet but already had the airs of a young lady.


Did she deserve it? Wasn’t it just sheer dumb luck? This was beyond his understanding. 


He was not an idler who had nothing to do. Zhang Weidong’s patience was wearing thin. He frowned and said, “We will leave now that the exam is over.”


Lu Wan was startled, “Now? It’s already afternoon. Make it tomorrow, I still have something to do and I haven’t even packed my luggage yet.”


“Do you even have something worthy? Are you aware what kind of family the Zhao family is? Do not bring your junk. I will buy you a new one when we get there. There is no shortage of money in there, the family will not go bankrupt just because of wasting a little.”


The people in the Zhao family had been urging him to go back, so Zhang Weidong was anxious and could not speak politely. Was she out of her mind? He picked her up but she still took her time to dilly-dally?



Xu Yao had been waiting for quite some time and seeing that Lu Wan was not coming over, he went to her side to take a look. He happened to hear the last sentence. 


He was aware that Lu Wan had found her biological parents and was about to leave in two days’ time. But their attitude was this terrible? He cussed as he kicked the car door. “What the hell did you say? Try saying it again!”


He kicked with all his might and a little dent immediately appeared on the place where the door was kicked.


Zhang Weidong was about to explode in anger. However, when he saw that the opponent was a big, bulky guy with hair dyed in silver and seemed was not easy to provoke, he put up with it.


With just a look, Zhao Weidong could tell that he could not beat him.


Xu Yao turned his head and angrily looked at Lu Wan. “Do you usually associate yourself with these kinds of people? You are depreciating yourself! Poor environments produce evil people.”


Lu Wan felt quite inexplicable.


Ning Xian was not a big city, but it was definitely not the case for persons who grew up in poverty.


The city was located in a mountainous area and was surrounded with beautiful mountains and clear waters. It’s economic development was also good, as its land was rich with mineral deposits and there were several different kinds of mines in the area. 


She didn’t want to cause trouble but she also didn’t have the patience to listen to someone’s lecture. So she said coldly, “If you don’t want to wait, you can leave now. Just give me the address and I will take the train by myself.”


Zhang Weidong felt as if his chest was about to explode from anger. Take the train? Was this person’s brain fried or what?


He wanted to grab Lu Wan by the collar to make her understand, but the silver-haired youngster beside her was emitting a dangerous aura like a beast.


Zhao Weidong was utterly mad and left a sentence, “I won’t bother talking to you.” Then he stepped on the gas and left.


What a country bumpkin! God knows how big of a joke she will be in the future.



After the uninvited guest had left, Lu Wan turned her head to Xu Yao and said, “Let’s eat at the barbeque restaurant where I usually work. My treat!”


“After what he said to you, you’re still in the mood to eat?”


Lu Wan: “I deliberately asked my boss to keep the best meat. There is only one per head of cattle.”


Xu Yao was still mad but his attention was diverted because of the food Lu Wan mentioned. “Bull’s p̲e̲n̲i̲s̲ dish? Are you trying to complement your shortcomings?”


(T/N: A type of dish used to increase “masculinity”.)


Lu wan: “F**k off! Beef tongue! Grilled beef tongue!”




Xu Yao couldn’t be blamed for misunderstanding Lu Wan. He had never seen Lu Wan involve herself in men’s “private issues.” 


He suspected that Lu Wan had a hidden disease that was serious.


Although he was curious about it, as it was related to a man’s dignity, he couldn’t expose his brother’s shortcoming.


They arrived at the barbeque restaurant. Today was a weekend, so the restaurant was full of customers.


Lu Wan chose a table outside the restaurant. The weather was hot and the girls in their summer clothes became beautiful scenery and were very pleasing to the eye.

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