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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 4

The girls passing by were being gazed at by Lu Wan, and Xu Yao jokingly said, “Are you ogling at booties again?”


Lu Wan: “Shoo!” She was not ogling at their bodies; she was looking at their skirt.


Xu Yao pursed his lips, he knew Lu Wan liked looking at beautiful girls, but only looking. After all, Lu Wan was chased by girls since she was a child. Even he himself as a friend was asked by many girls to talk on behalf of them to Lu Wan. But this guy, he never really had a girlfriend.


Xu Yao looked at the people around him.  Lu Wan was really handsome compared to them. ‘He’ had a straight nose and had full eyebrows. His jaw was sharp, which made his appearance less delicate. He also had the carefree and heroic spirit. Handsome, truly handsome, but somewhat feminine.


Lu Wan’s shirt was bought on a street stall very cheap. Her light blue jeans she had worn for several years was washed-out. He was very neat to look at, even if he wore cheap clothes, it couldn’t hold back his beautiful look.


Xu Yao thought of the guy who acted like a snob and frowned. He said, “Don’t blame me for speaking ill of them. You haven’t seen your parents for so many years and they actually did not come to pick you up personally. They even just sent a useless person. I’m afraid this is not appropriate.”


Lu Wan took a sip of water and said slowly, “Since I have found them, I still have to check it out.”


Xu Yao: “Ok, whenever there is a problem, you can come back.”


“Of course, I will come back if I’m not comfortable there.”


“Anyway your grades are very good, the school will definitely accept you.”


Lu Wan nodded. Although she didn’t exchange too many words with this person, he was still a friend.


Though she suddenly changed from rags to riches in just an overnight. Lu Wan had her own plan in mind. She couldn’t always pretend to be a man.


After her adoptive mother passed away, she had always wanted to change back to her real orientation but she couldn’t do so. First, because of her strange dream, and second… because she wouldn’t know how the people around her would react.


This time, she was recognized by her real family and she could go back to them. At least she could smoothly revert back to being a girl in this new environment without making the people around her feel weird about it.


Retreat ten thousand steps back and there would be nothing to stop her from studying.


In the next school year, she would be taking the college entrance examination. If they really didn’t get along well with her, it would be better to stay away from them. She would aim for a good university and choose a course with a promising path. No need to worry about feeding oneself.




It was already 10:30 in the evening and Lu Wan bid goodbye to her friend to go home.


A store at the end of the street just had its opening today and the grand opening flower stands were left at it’s door. When Lu Wan passed by the store, she pulled out a yellow carnation from one of the stands and stuck it to her ear.


Then, she turned around to the glass door and took a glance at herself.


I wouldn’t be considered ugly being a girl, right?


The shops in the neighborhood were already closed during this hour and there were no street lights to lit up the road, but the radiance coming from the billboard illuminated the street. There seemed to be something wrong with the circuit of the billboard as it’s light was flickering nonstop.


Lu Wan raised her head to look at the celebrity being advertised on the billboard. It turned out to be the celebrity boyfriend of everyone in class. He was always the topic of the girls’ talk in class everyday. Buy his magazines, buy the products he was endorsing, buy his iconic items all day long.


Hearing from the talk of her classmates, Lu Wan also knew of his biography.


Lu Buyu became famous when he was young and he returned to China to make his debut. After starring on his first TV series, he unexpectedly became popular and his career was smooth until today. Now, he was not only at the top of the entertainment industry. He also won the Newcomer Award and had been the special guest for the Spring Festival Gala for two consecutive years.


Even in this horror-movie-like atmosphere, this big brother’s face still looked outstanding. His white teeth were hidden within his thin lips. He really looked so handsome. No wonder he was so popular to the point of erecting him a billboard even in small cities.


Lu Wan retracted her gaze from the billboard and continued to walk forward. She did not notice that a young man stood within the shadow of the billboard.


The man pressed his lips tight and continued to follow her with his gaze. He had the same countenance as the celebrity on the billboard.


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