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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 5

Translated and edited by Nyx


The sudden ringing from his phone cut through the silence and only then did Lu Buyu come back to his senses. While the sight of Lu Wan’s back soon disappeared at the entrance of a building.


The call came from his assistant. A few hours ago, this ancestor ran away from the filming site with the excuse of ‘there was something important to deal with.’


Lu Buyu answered the call and said quickly, “I’m busy, I will immediately go back after this.”


His assistant was taken aback and didn’t ask more. However, he was even more baffled. Boss is a very organized and responsible person. This was the first time that something like this occurred. What exactly happened?

After Lu Buyu hung up the call, he dialed a different string of numbers. “I found her.”


“She is not taken by the Zhao family?”


“No, she isn’t. I just watched her go home right now.”


“That’s good I will deal with this matter.” 


Earlier, Lu Buyu just saw a young lad coming from the distance and thought that he had made a mistake. But the moment the other person neared him and saw his face, his heart skipped a beat. The young man’s eyebrows were just like his fathers.


That was no mistake


Lu Wan really didn’t have much luggage to pack. Only two sets of clothing and her textbooks, nothing more. And also, the pet she kept for 5 years—the little chinese pond turtle she bought on the roadside for the huge amount of five yuan.  


That person said that he would pick her up early in the morning. In the end, Lu Wan waited and it was already nine o’clock but there’s still no shadow of the guy who said that would pick her up.


She glanced at the yellow carnation she had brought back last night and couldn’t help herself. She picked it up, stuck it to her ear once again and then looked at her reflection in the mirror.


Actually… one could tell that it was a woman being reflected in the mirror.


Then the door was pushed open suddenly. Lu Wan turned her head and saw that it was Xu Yao who came. “Why is your hair like that? It looks like a red dragon fruit.”


Xu Yao couldn’t sleep well last night. He felt distressed whenever he thought of Lu Wan leaving. He went crazy in the middle of the night and dyed his hair red.


“In order to send you off with good luck, I…” Xu Yao suddenly paused, looked at the flower on Lu Wan’s head, and asked, “You are a man with a girly attitude, you actually wear flowers on your head.”

(T/N: Red hair signifies prosperity. It shows good luck.)

Lu Wan was in a good mood. She skipped forward and asked, “How is it? Does it look good on me?


Xu Yao gazed at her which lasted for two seconds only to feel awkward. He stepped forward and roughly tore off the flower on her ear.


“A man must look like a man! Trying to look like a woman is ugly!”


Lu Wan held her head. Is this idiot crazy? “My hair! You idiot!”


Xu Yao opened his hand and apart from the flower on it, there were also a few strands of hair placed on his palm. Awkwardly he said, “It’s only a few.”


Lu Wan rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Only a few? You guys know nothing about how important hair is!”


Many students from their science class were also discussing hair loss and hairline problems. Although Lu Wan didn’t have these issues for the time being, she would be labeled as “bald as a spring breeze in the night.” So every strand of hair was important.


Xu Yao absentmindedly asked in a low voice, “Hey you like big breasts, don’t you? What about guys with big chest muscles?”


Lu Wan didn’t hear clearly what he said and she subconsciously raised her head and asked, “What?!”


She was mourning for the lost hair. Her deskmate told her that every strand was precious, that they could be named.


The uglier the name, the better the fortune. So she paid her respects to Cuihua, Aqiang and Goudan, who had died on the hands of that stupid Xu Yao.


Xu Yao: “Is there something?”


The reason why Lu Wan liked to look at girls with sexy bodies was because the assets of her real gender were not that obvious. She suspected that disguising herself as a man had cheated its development.


She was looking at them thinking of ways how to grow her own.

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