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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 6

Translated by Nyx


Zhang Weidong heard that someone was having their conversation inside the house from afar.


He walked through the door and ambiguously said, “Oh! I didn’t see that you have many friends. Yesterday, it’s a silver head; today, it’s a redhead. Don’t they look the same? Sure enough, birds of the same feather flock together.


Xu Yao turned his head and said in an unhappy expression, “Do you want to die? This father is the silver head yesterday.”


Zhang Weidong was taken aback, it was really the b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ yesterday! That look in his eyes was saying that he couldn’t beat him.


He felt dejected and reminded Lu Wan, “Hurry up. I’m going to wait for you downstairs” before slipping away. 


Xu Yao passed the little jar he was carrying in his arms to Lu Wan. “This is for you. I finally got it.”


“What is this?”


Xu Yao pretended to cough. “Folk remedy. A lot of men who drank it said that it works wonders.”




“This… don’t be embarrassed. My mother found this in my room and thought that I drank it. She told me to pay attention to my body and spend less time with my girlfriend.”


Lu Wan: “Uhmm… your mother is right you should keep this for yourself.”


“I don’t want to! I’m a f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ virgin! Don’t believe it….”


Lu Wan said indistinctly, “I believe you will be a virgin all your life.”


Xu Yao nodded and said of course, only a few seconds later did he figure out what was wrong.


Wasn’t this an insult?!


Xu Yao forced Lu Wan to bring the wine jar. She approached the car with the wine jar on one hand and the fish tank with the turtle on the other.


Zhang Weidong rolled his eyes while waiting.


What a country bumpkin who couldn’t be on time.


Both sides were unhappy with each other. Zhang Weidong’s face could not be painted and Lu Wan didn’t give a d***. She didn’t want to talk to people and befoul her ears.


They were driving on the road smoothly. After 10 minutes, several cars suddenly appeared from the front and back, forcing them to stop on the side of the road.


Lu Wan also sensed that something was not right… what’s going on?


Zhan Weidong, who was already in a bad mood, was even more angry. He got out of the car and roared with his arms akimbo, “Are you crazy? Do you know whose car is this?”


“What of the Zhao Family? You are the one who stopped on the road.” A baldie with a fierce face jumped off from the black Land Rover.


The baldie ignored Zhang Weidong, who was still clamoring, and went straight to the car. He knocked on the car window, plastered a kind smile on his face and said to Lu Wan who was at the back seat, “Troubling young lady to change vehicles.”


Lu Wan: “….”


The ferocious looking baldie, even when he was smiling… he still looked scary.


She was confused, what’s the situation?


Zhang Weidong was startled, where did he come from? He still wanted to talk but he was easily stopped by the baldie with just one hand.


The man said with a smile that was not a smile, “You’d better not interfere.”


Zhang Weidong was pinned in the car and was shut up completely.


The big, baldie guy said to Lu Wan who was still inside the car, “Alright, please get out of the car Missy.”


Lu Wan: “….”


So f****** scary! Was this kidnapping? What’s going on?


Was he an enemy of the Zhao Family? They weren’t going to take her to vent their anger, were they?


Lu Wan’s heart thumped and put on an innocent face, “I’m just a high school student who asked for a ride. I don’t know the uncle driver. Otherwise you should let me go back.”  


Zhang Weidong: “….”


What is this country bumpkin talking about?

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