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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 48

Translated by: Faery

Chapter 48 – Class Reunion (2)


Li Susu’s proposed high school classmate gathering was scheduled for the 11th National Day holiday. It is precisely at this time that the high school has a long holiday and you can go to the school to revisit the place once.


On the day when Li Susu decided to meet, Qin Xiangnan just agreed that she had nothing to do with the unit and agreed to go. But she is not sure if Xu Chang will have time to go. She didn’t ask him, because Xu Chang had really become a dog [1] these days and didn’t care much about her. Presumably he was so busy that he had no time to go.


[1] Become a dog = he’s been running around/busy.


On the day of the party, she didn’t expect that she received a call from Xu Chang early in the morning.


“Qin Xiangnan, I’m downstairs, come down.”


She thought that it was strange. Why didn’t he say a word, and suddenly came to pick her up, did he have time? Thinking of this problem, she prepared a little bit and went downstairs.


Seeing Xu Chang standing downstairs and waiting for her, she was still very happy. It’s been a long time since she last saw him. She hasn’t seen him since the last time they came back from the villa. One of the reason is that they were both busy and on the other hand, ever since that night, QIn Xiangnan didn’t know how to face him.


“Xu Chang, are you free today? Can you join the reunion party?” she asked him.


“Yes, I just had time today, so I’m going with you.” He looked at her and smiled. Qin Xiangnan looked at him and thought he was particularly handsome today. Perhaps because they are meeting their high school classmates. She quickly drove these evil thoughts away and hurriedly went into the car.


Along the way, Qin Xiangnan whispered and asked what he was busy with recently. Xu Chang replied that he was busy with surgery and writing a thesis si he hadn’t had the time to visit her.


The two quickly drove to C High School. At the time of the 11th holiday, there was no one in the school. Li Susu made an appointment to go to the previous high school and second class to gather together.


Qin Xiangnan entered the campus, a little excited, and kept talking.


“Xu Chang, do you remember that? We used to do chemistry experiments in that classroom. I remember who once burned this classroom.”


“Look at that place, it’s the music room where your band rehearsed before. Do you remember that Li Susu always wanted to take me there, but I was not interested at all.”


Xu Chang saw her talking nonstop, not interfering, but just looked at her with a smile.


When they reached the classroom, they found that Li Susu and the rest had all arrived, and about twenty people came to the class. Even the former homeroom teacher came. As soon as a group of people saw Xu Chang, who was the once-influential figure, they hurried to coax.


A few girls looked coy, “Xu Chang is here. Oh my god.”


“Unexpectedly, Li Susu really called Xu Chang, really you.”


“I haven’t seen you in ten years, Xu Chang is still so handsome. Ah.”


“I heard that Xu Chang is now a doctor in XX Hospital. It’s really amazing.”


Qin Xiangnan was speechless. She clearly came with Xu Chang. How can everyone think of her as a transparent person, Xu Chang left, right Xu Chang. Is Qin Xiangnan an outsider? Is he better looking than before?


She watched Xu Chang and her classmates reminiscing about old times, and she cut into her heart and walked to Li Susu, not wanting to see him.


When Li Susu saw that Qin Xiangnan came with Xu Chang, she felt weird. “How did you come with Xu Chang? He told me yesterday that he might not have time today. I didn’t expect him to come. I really have you.” “


Qin Xiangnan hastened to say that he has nothing to do with her. Li Susu is a little suspicious.


After everyone admired and praised Xu Chang, he finally began to divert his attention and chatted about other things.


Because he is too old, the homeroom teacher is already in his sixties this year and has already retired. He looks much kinder than before. Everyone said hello to him one by one, and asked him if he remembered them. Although he is old, he can still remember everyone’s name. Of course, Xu Chang was the most impressed. At that time, Xu Chang was good at both academic and sports, and the teahcer was certainly impressed with good students. The old man looked at each former student and say what happened to them before.


When he talked about Su Mingxuan, he also pretended to be angry and said, “I remember this kid who was particularly skinny. At that time, he didn’t study well and only knew how to play on the band.”


Su Mingxuan was unhappy, “Teacher Yu, Xu Chang also played on the band, why won’t you mention it?”


Old Yu laughed, “Xu Chang’s grades are okay, why didn’t you learn from him. You were in love at that time, were you in our class, who…”


Li Susu flashed over immediately: “Teacher Yu, are you talking about me? Do you still remember me?”


“Yes, that’s you, Li Susu! Also, a mischief, and you are still in love with Su Mingxuan. It’s hard to study.”


Su Mingxuan said to old Yutou: “Teacher Yu, both of us are married. You see, Xu Chang studied hard, and now he is alone.”


Everyone laughed again.


Unexpectedly, Zhao Cancan also came today. This formerly proud little princess didn’t even bother to attend such an occasion. Qin Xiangnan looked at her, she is more beautiful than before, and her temperament is also very outstanding, it is definitely very dazzling among the crowd.


Old Yutou said to Zhao Cancan, “Zhao Cancan is also an excellent child. Later I heard that you went abroad?”


Zhao Cancan smiled very sweetly. “Well, yes, I settled abroad later. I also got married and have children.”


Everyone was in an uproar. It turned out that the former goddess was so fast that even the children were born, and they couldn’t expect it at all.


Zhao Cancan showed everyone her picture of a child, a very beautiful little mixed-race boy. The girls were very envious and praised her son for being so beautiful.


Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect that Zhao Cancan was already a mother. She used to suspect that Xu Chang and Zhao Cancan had been together before, and it was quite funny to think about it.


Old Yu finally saw Qin Xiangnan who was not speaking, and said, “Isn’t this Qin Xiangnan?”


Qin Xiangnan answered him immediately, “Teacher Yu, do you still remember me.”


Old Yu nodded, “Of course I remember Qin Xiangnan Sometimes, I see you on the news when I’m watching at home. I didn’t expect you to be a reporter. It’s not surprising since you have always been a good child in my eyes. I used to be very optimistic about you. “


Qin Xiangnan listened to the old man’s words and was very happy, feeling that her efforts have paid off.


Everyone chatted for a while and was going to have lunch together. Li Susu has already arranged the place for lunch, in the hot pot restaurant she opened, not far from the school.


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: In front of me, you are all invisible.