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Fortunately, You Like Me too Chapter 49

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 49 – He Is In A Bad Mood (1)


After arriving at Li Susu’s hotpot restaurant, everyone sat down one by one, and Xu Chang deliberately sat beside Qin Xiangnan.


Everyone started talking about their high school again. Somehow, the topic fell on Xu Chang again. When talking about Xu Chang, everyone always has something to say. Zhao Cancan also came out and asked him a question.


“Xu Chang, at that time, I really liked you. I remember that you stood me up. That day, I waited for you but you did not come. I still hate you for that.”


Xu Chang hurriedly apologized to Zhao Cancan saying that he was ignorant and did not intentionally stood her up.


Zhao Cancan smiled and said, “I’m just joking with you. I don’t care about that year anymore. However, I’m really curious, didn’t you like me at all?”


Qin Xiangnan who was sitting next to Xu Chang kept silent, just wanting to hear what his answer will be.


“I already had a girl I liked, so I’m sorry that I made you misunderstand.” Xu Chang said.


Everyone was in an uproar. Xu Chang liked someone? Who is it?


Everyone is very curious and wanted to ask who it is. Qin Xiangnan sat beside him, her face slightly hot, she lowered her head and did not speak.


Xu Chang didn’t answer only saying, “It’s a pity that the girl I liked at that time looked down on me.”


Everyone exploded upon hearing this. What kind of girl would look down on Xu Chang? Several girls were also very angry and whispered that this girl that they didn’t know was shameless and did not have a good eye and actually refused Xu Chang.


Qin Xiangnan was still eating silently, not talking.


At this time, Xu Chang’s phone rang. He took the phone and went out. After a while, he came in and told everyone that he was leaving since there was an emergency at the hospital.


Everyone was reluctant to let him go but they still did since it was more important to save lives. Xu Chang glanced at Qin Xiangnan, she seemed to understand and quickly said, “I will take a taxi later. You go first.”


Xu Chang nodded and hurriedly left.


When he left, Qin Xiangnan hurriedly explained: “I happened to meet him on the road this morning, so I took a ride with him, everyone should not misunderstand.”


Everyone also uttered a few words and said nothing. It is estimated that Qin Xiangnan with the girl who refused Xu Chang.


Everyone began to speculate on which unsightly girl was favored by Xu Chang.


Ji Yuan, the drummer who was in the same band as Xu Chang remembered something, “I remember when we were in third year, Xu Chang had been sorting out all the classic questions in mathematics and physics for several days. With his achievement, he doesn’t need it so I asked why he is sorting it, he said that it’s for his sister that is in the hospital and cannot come to class.”


Ji Yuang drank some water and continued: “Not that I think about it, what sister? I guess it’s for the girl he likes. So, the girl’s grade should be poor. I don’t know why Xu Chang liked her.”


Everyone agreed. Qin Xiangnan sitting on the side was full of black lines.


The class reunion ended with laughter. Qin Xiangnan was going to take a taxi home but Li Susu offered to send her home so she agreed.


When she got into the car, Li Susu began to question her. “Qin Xiangnan, is there anything you’re not telling me?”


Qin Xiangnan was amazed. “What are you referring to?”


“Of course, the issue between you and Xu Chang ah!” Li Susu was a little angry.


Qin Xiangnan was shocked. How could Li Susu know? Did she behave so obviously?


Li Susu continued to question her: “Don’t think that I can’t see it. The last time that we went to the villa, I though you two were weird. Today, you are even more weird. When someone talks about the girl that Xu Chang likes, why do you keep on blushing? Tell me honestly, does Xu Chang like you?”


Qin Xiangnan knew that she couldn’t hide it from Li Susu. So, she told her about the ‘sister’ in high school and Xu Chang’s confession that night in the villa.


After listening, Li Susu’s mouth was agape. “Okay, you even concealed this from me. Do you still see me as a friend?”


Qin Xiangnan repeatedly apologized to her and said that she didn’t realize that Xu Chang likes until recently.


Li Susu barely forgave her and asked again. “What do you think? Xu Chang is so good, don’t you have any idea? I think Xu Chang is good but has a bad eyesight.”


“Yes, you know that he has a bad eyesight, so I’m still a little worried. I’m so bad. There is no girl next to Xu Chang. I think Dr. Lin in his hospital is very suitable for him. Anyway, I haven’t thought about it yet. Okay. Let’s talk later.” Qin Xiangnan said.


Li Susu repeatedly accused her of not knowing the goods and having high eyesight. Qin Xiangnan had listened to it on her ear and the words left on the other.


After arriving home, Qin Xiangnan’s unit was in peace all day, and she took a good rest. In the evening, she also received a call from Zhao Mei, telling her that it was her father Qin Chaoming’s birthday tomorrow, and wanted her to return home tomorrow night, she readily agreed. Zhao Mei asked how she and Wang Mingyan, the former blind date, had developed. Qin Xiangnan lied again, saying that she was still in the stage of understanding. Zhao Mei hung up the phone with satisfaction.


When Qin Xiangnan was going to sleep at night, she received a call from Xu Chang.


“Are you asleep?” His voice on the phone was a little squirm, sounding like he was tired.


“Going to sleep, are you off work?” Qin Xiangnan asked him.




Qin Xiangnan could hear that he didn’t seem to be so interested today.


“What’s wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood?” She felt strange for a moment.




Hearing him simply hum, Qin Xiangnan felt like something was grabbing her heart. She thought that something must be wrong with Xu Chang.


“What happened, can you tell me?” She continued to ask him.


“Nothing, just something about the hospital. I’m a little tired today. I just want to hear your voice.” Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt uncomfortable.


She knows that he has been very busy recently. Even if Xu Chang’s appearance is bright and beautiful, he is not a perfect person, and he will have troubles. She understands him particularly at the moment, and whenever she encounters troubles at work, she especially wants to talk to someone.


“Xu Chang, I know you must have encountered something unhappy. Anyway, I will support you. You are so powerful, you will be able to solve the difficulties. I know I can’t help you, but if there is anything, call me. I will try my best to help you.”


Qin Xiangnan’s words seemed to give him a lot of comfort. He smiled and said, “Can you really be on call? Try to help me?” “


She wondered if he was being relegated, but what she said could not be recovered. She said, “Of course, it’s my pleasure to be able to help Dr. Xu.”


Xu Chang listened helplessly and said he was in a much better mood. Let her rest early and hang up.


Qin Xiangnan was melancholic, and she could not help with anything at Xu Chang’s hospital. Was it only Lin Rui’er who could help him? Thinking of this, she was both worried and angry, and struggled all night before falling asleep.