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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 50

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 50 – He Is In A Bad Mood (2)


The next day, she remembered that Zhao Mei told her last night and asked her to go back and celebrate her father’s birthday. During the day, she was busy at home during the hours off to catch some manuscripts. She don’t know how fast time passes when at work. As soon as she looked up, she found that it was five o’clock in the afternoon. Quickly packed up and went out. She also bought a cake and went home on the way.


As soon as she entered the door, she saw her mother’s busy figure in the kitchen. Her father sat on the sofa and watched TV. Qin Xiangnan called him. Qin Chaoming saw her, his eyes were muted and he didn’t speak. Qin Xiangnan knew that Dad didn’t recognize her today.


She washed her hands and went into the kitchen to help her mother.


“Mom, where is my brother? Isn’t he coming today?” she asked Zhao Mei.


“He said he will be late. It is estimated hospital quite busy. Your brother ah, recently rarely come back to live, not live in a hospital dormitory, rented out a house, he did not know how to think.”


“Brother is also older, don’t worry about him.”


“How can you not worry, you said that he reported to the Medical University of City B quietly during the college entrance examination, and did not discuss it with us. I’m afraid he won’t tell us even if he gets married.” Zhao Mei sighed.


“No, mom, you think too much.” Qin Xiangnan comforted her. In fact, she didn’t know much about her younger brother. Instead, Qin Xiangbei knew more about her and she could not hide anything in front of him.


“Not to mention him, Xiao Nan, how are you doing with that Wang Mingyan?”


Qin Xiangnan knew that she could not escape the rapture tonight, but Zhao Mei asked her so quickly.


“Mom, let me tell you the truth, this person is not suitable for me. I rejected him a few days ago.”


“It’s not suitable, he looks very good. Oh, you are not so good. He said it was inappropriate to get along, what should I say to you?” Zhao Mei began to pick up and down again.


In the end, she really couldn’t stop her, so she took a step back and said,”Forget it, this is not suitable. In a few days, I will think of ways to introduce you a few more. “


After eight o’clock in the evening, they planned to eat without Qin Xiangbei first. Qin Xiangnan took her father and asked him to sit down and eat.


“Dad, have dinner.”


After Qin Chaoming sat down, glanced at Qin Xiangnan, and said to her:” Xiao Nan? Why didn’t Xiao Nan come. Today is my birthday, did the child forgot it?”


Qin Xiangnan said to him:” Dad, I have come to give you a birthday gift. “


Zhao Mei sighed: “These two days, he was not in a good condition. But Xiao Nan, you can rest assured. Your dad is also good, and it will be better in a few days. “


Qin Xiangnan nodded, ready to eat.


Qin Zhao Mei muttered a sentence behind her back. “You finally came back. Aren’t you busy?”


Qin Xiangbei walked over to Qin Chaoming and whispered on his ear, “Dad, happy birthday!”


Qin Chaoming looked at him, still bewildered.


Qin Xiangnan asked him: “What are you busy with? Do you have a girlfriend?”


He glanced at her. “Just take care of yourself, don’t mind me. I’m not busy at the hospital.”


“I’ll believe you this time. However, if you have a girlfriend, don’t you have to tell us? If you don’t, we’ll not approve.” Qin Xiangnan warned him.


Qin Xiangbei bowed his head to eat.


After dinner, Qin Xiangnan helped her mom to clean up. Qin Xiangbei answered his phone and came back to tell them that he was needed in the hospital and needed to leave again.


Zhao Mei glanced at him and said, “You are busy and still had the conscience to come back and have a meal with us today.”


He chuckled, hugged Zhao Mei and kissed her on the cheeks, smiled and said, “Mom, you’re still the best.” He turned his head and grunted at Qin Xiangnan again, then went out.


“Mom, look at him! What do I do with him?”


“You two, from childhood to now, if you don’t quarrel every day, there might be something wrong. I’m used to it.” Zhao Mei said with a smile.


Qin Xiangnan decided to stay the night and did not plan to go back. She hadn’t been home for a long time. This family, from birth to college graduation, was her safe haven.


After she took a shower, it was more than ten o’ clock in the evening. Because of boredom, she flipped through the things in her room. Looking at the large number of mathematical and physics papers she had done before, she recalled the time when she was studying with Xu Chang. Although it was very hard at that time, it was also the easiest time. When she grew up, she realized that only when she was a student, she was devoted to studying, and it was the most trouble-free time.


She opened the desk and found that there were several notebooks from before. She took a blue-covered one and looked at it, records of some of her thoughts were in it. She suddenly remembered what Qin Xiangbei mentioned before. This notebook was actually in Xu Chang’s hands for a few days, and it was funny when she thought about it. She used to have such naive thoughts, even writing the things she dreamed of. She doesn’t know what Xu Chang would think after reading it?


After seeing it, she put it back on the table and took the pink-covered notebook.


What did she record in this pink notebook? She couldn’t remember it. At that time, she bought several notebooks of different colors and recorded different things.


She turned the first page and read it.


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