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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 51

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 51- I like you, ten years late (1)


Qin Xiangnan carefully read the first page.


“I’m really angry today. My parents actually asked Xu Chang to tutor me. The proud and inexhaustible guy like Qin Xiangabei would like him.”


“Why does he have to give me so much work every time? Am I stupid? He is mean and is torturing me! Xu Chang is so annoying!”


“Why is he so smart? God is really not fair!”


“Xu Chang, this guy does not seem to laugh. Isn’t it tiring?”




Qin Xiangnan looked at the first page, all the words that cursed Xu Chang. She suddenly laughed. It turns out that she was tortured by Xu Chang that year. There were a lot of words that was an aversion to Xu Chang. She continued to read it again, and the next two pages were all cursing him. After a while, she finally praised him.


“Xu Chang said that he believes that I can get to college. I almost gave up. Today, my parents scolded me and even my brother laughed at me. I couldn’t help but cry in front of Xu Chang. It was too shameful! But he did not laugh at me and even encouraged me. It seems that he is not so annoying! If he said half a word today, I would never forgive him!”




“Today’s Xu Chang is too handsome. Though I can’t say it in front of Li Susu, but he is really good at singing. No wonder so many people likes him. There is also Zhao Caocao who dances so well. If I can be like her, like a beautiful princess, how nice would that be!”


“There is a rumor at school that Xu Chang and Zhao Cancan are dating and is a really good match.”


“Xu Chang actually said that he didn’t like Zhao Cancan, which is good! His vision is really high!”




“Today’s debate is too shameful. We lost. I’m sorry Xu Chang. Although he didn’t blame me, I still feel uncomfortable.”


“Today, I was confessed to. So embarrassing…”


“This person named Shen Zhiyang doesn’t look very annoying.”


“Shen Zhiyang is actually quite good, not worse that Xu Chang. His character is much better than Xu Chang! It seems that I’m also so charming, haha…”




“Xu Chang actually lied to me! He said that he didn’t like Zhao Cancan but he clearly likes her! I still hate it so much!”


“Who wants Xu Chang’s review materials. I don’t believe that without him, I wouldn’t be able to get to college!”




“I accepted Shen Zhiyang. I think he is very good, much better than Xu Chang, a hypocritical person. Let him go with Zhao Cancan!”


“Tomorrow’s date with Shen Zhiyang. Anyway, Xu Chang would not come, I wouldn’t have to see his face, which is great.”


“Today, Shen Zhiyang kissed me. My first kiss is gone, woo woo…”


“I see that Xu Chang is so fierce to me. I hate him. Why is he so fierce?”


“Xu Chang suddenly seemed to change his personality these days. Is he sick? I really don’t want to talk to him.”




“Xu Chang’s father passed away and he looked sad.”


“Xu Chang hasn’t come for weeks. My brother missed him.


“Although Xu Chang is annoying, I still hope that he will cheer up.”


“If Xu Chang doesn’t come again, I have to work hard by myself.”


“It seems that he really won’t come again.”


At this time, Qin Xiangnan has already burst into tears. This pink notebook contains a full words about Xu Chang. She has forgotten why she wanted to write a book about him alone. Maybe she really hated him at first but at the end of the day, she suddenly felt that she was stupid before. Why did she hate him? She clearly liked him. She was full of tears.


If Xu Chang is sad, she is also sad; Xu Chang is happy, she is happy; Xu Chang encourages her, she is also happy; Xu Chang is fierce to her, she is angry; Xu Chang is angry, she is even more angry; Xu Chang likes someone else, she is not happy, get jealous and mad. She even accepted Shen Zhiyang because of him.


She didn’t even know about it. It turned out that she liked him so much. How naive, stupid, and ridiculous she was. If it weren’t for today, she accidentally peeped into her own heart. She didn’t know how much she liked Xu Chang.


Ten years later, when she met Xu Chang again, she had already forgotten how she felt about him. She thought she still hated him as much as ten years ago. She didn’t even dare to open her heart to examine herself, continue to refuse and escape.


How sad she was to his heart, how did he spend the past ten years, when he told himself he liked her for ten years, but she chose to avoid him, he must have been really sad.


Qin Xiangnan’s tears fell down one by one. She was really wrong, wrong for ten years…


She held this book, looked at it and thought about it repeatedly. At this time, her cell phone rang, it was Xu Chang. She wiped her tears and picked it up.