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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 7

Translated by Nyx


The baldie remained firm and insisted, “Miss you are really funny. Get out of the car.”


Lu Wan looked around. There were three Land Rovers. Inside of each vehicle were two strong men. There was a huge disparity in strength between the two sides. Resisting was the same as hitting a rock with an egg.


She smiled, carried the turtle jar and sat on the Land Rover next to her. She didn’t have a choice but to act according to circumstances.


Zhang Weidong was astonished. The baldie was too courageous to kidnap people in broad daylight.


The baldie looked at him with dissatisfaction. He smiled and said, “I’ll tell you the truth, this is the eldest lady of our Lu Family!”


Lu Family. Zhang Weidong suddenly thought of a person and his face immediately showed an expression of disbelief. This is impossible!


Baldie: “You haven’t thought wrong so f*** off! What the hell!”


Lu Wan started to panic. What was this situation?


These people seemed to… really had bad blood with the Zhao family.  They didn’t mean to deal with her, do they?


Baldie made a video call after they got in the car. After the call was connected, he said loudly, “Boss, we successfully retrieved the eldest lady.”


After a few seconds, a low male voice sounded from the earpiece.


“That’s good. How is she?”


Baldie: “The eldest lady is very courageous. She’s beautiful and smart and looks a lot like you.”


“Is that so? Give her the phone, I want to talk to her.”


Lu Wan nervously took the phone. She just had a glance at the screen… and her mentality collapsed.


In the video call, there was another fierce looking baldie with a body full of muscles. Even his lip muscles were well-developed.


In short he had a strong steel-like body.


In what way did the two of them look alike?


No, although you shouldn’t judge others by their appearance. But this was too much! She was just a little girl and this situation was too much for her to take!


The camera shook, the angle of the video call changed and another man appeared on the screen.


The man who appeared in the video was wearing a casual shirt with thick eyebrows and big eyes. There were already a few fine lines around the corner of his eye but his overall appearance was healthy. He had the demeanor of an elder.


You couldn’t tell his specific age but based on his calm demeanor, there was a kind of self-prestige through all his years of experience.


Lu Wan guessed that the elder on the other line was about 45 years old.


She could still accept this person who had a resemblance to her.


Lu Jinye smiled and said, “Hello, Wanwan, I am your uncle.


Lu Wan: “….”


“Wanwan, your parents missed you very much. If they could, they would have picked you up personally. However, because of the holiday, the plane tickets were sold out and private flights were temporarily unavailable. So they couldn’t go there. Don’t be sad.”


His younger brother attended an academic conference in France and her sister-in-law went on a business trip in Australia.


Lu Wan: “…It turned out to be like this. It doesn’t matter.”


Lu Jinye: “I have already sent my two private planes to pick them up. You can see each other tomorrow night. I wanted to go there personally, but I thought that it would be better to see your parents first.”


Lu Wan thought that she might have heard it wrong. “Your two… private planes?”


Lu Jinye understood that she was asking about the number and explained with a smile, “Usually only one plane is used, the second one was a back-up in case the other was under maintenance. If you want, I can also send a helicopter to pick you up. Your school has a new ramp and the environment is good.”




She understood his every word clearly, but why couldn’t she understand it when they were all linked together.


It should not be the kind of aircraft props that was given as a reward to streamers right? What kind of bewildering act was this?

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