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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 8

Translated by Nyx


Lu Wan came back to her senses and said in a daze, “…No need.”


The man in the video didn’t mind the issue any further. He smiled and asked, “Then, do you like yachts and sports cars?”


Lu Wan couldn’t help but remind him, “Actually… I’m still a high school student.”


Did he mean the kind of yachts and sport cars that were given to streamers? Then again, she had heard that even the props were expensive, costing a few hundred or thousand dollars.


Lu Jinye turned silent for a few seconds then he let out a sigh and said, “It’s because I am not thinking carefully. I will give you a supplementary card. You can go buy it yourself. However, this card has a daily limit of 5 million overseas. If you want to buy much more expensive things, you can tell me. Uncle will buy it for you.”


The baldie in front handed over a card.


“Miss, please accept it.”




If it wasn’t for the sincere look on his face, Lu Wan would have suggested for him to go and see a psychiatrist.


Why was it still confusing when she had tried to talk normally?


At the repeated urge done by the big, bulkie man, Lu Wan reached out to take the card.


Lu Jinye: “Wanwan, I will let someone take you home. If you need something, you can contact me or tell it to Ah Biao. He will immediately help you deal with it. Uncle will not let you suffer any grievances.”


Ah Biao who was seated in the passenger seat in front turned his head and showed a smile which he thought was amicable. But in fact, in the eye of others, his smile seemed very cruel.


“Miss don’t be afraid. You can definitely trust me.”


Lu Wan: “….”


Well, I can see it.


Lu Jinye explained some more things. Considering that his niece would feel dizzy if she was in a video call while inside a moving vehicle, he ended the call as soon as possible.”


After hanging up, Lu Wan breathed a sigh of relief and felt relaxed. She was somewhat confused, uncle?


She recalled. In the novel, there was a very important reason why she met the heroine.


Lu Wan was the male lead’s fiancé!


The male lead didn’t like Lu Wan at all, but he also didn’t take the initiative to cancel the engagement.


On the other hand, he took in a woman from an impoverished background to live in their home.


The self-confident heroine was claiming that she was doing labor to pay the rent and had an absolutely innocent relationship with the “overbearing landlord!” Nobody was allowed to slander her!


However, living in the same house made the two have all kinds of sauce brewing and they were about to hit a home run.


Their various sweet actions made the male lead’s fiancé extremely jealous. This pushed for his fiancé to do a lot of crazy things.


Later, she, the cannon fodder was ruined and the engagement was naturally dissolved. The male lead stood on the good side without suffering any loss.


Lu Wan started to think.


Maybe because I’m just a tool in the novel, many of the scenes were taken in a stroke of a brush.


Now that she had thought of it, the male lead hated his fiancé so much, but he didn’t take the initiative to dissolve the engagement. Apart from the misunderstanding and the drama between the two leads of the story, was it also because of her tough uncle?


The male lead didn’t want to offend the Lu family for his own benefit.


With this thought, she assumed that the male lead was not stupid at all.


Lu Wan was determined to draw a line between them being a couple.


She stared at the card on her hand and asked curiously, “…What does my uncle do? He hates the Zhao family?”


Being reminded of the Zhao family, Ah Biao grinded his teeth furiously. He clenched his fists that you would hear its joints popping.


Lu Wan: “….”


She couldn’t dismiss at the back of her mind that there was something not right with the situation.


Ah Biao explained the previous affairs with the Zhao family to the lady in a simple way.

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