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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 57

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 57 – Miss You (1)


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t resist Xu Chang who was very close to her at this time. She could even smell his familiar scent. The heat he exhaled blew on her face.


“Do you miss me so much?” He asked softly in her ear with a low voice. Warm heat blew on her ears, and her cheeks were slightly hot.


“Don’t get me wrong, I’m just really passing by…” Her words seemed to irritate him. He pinched her soft waist. She felt a little pain and understood that something was wrong.


“Say you miss me…” He blew in her ear again, and she had no energy at all. She leaned against the wall, her legs soft.


She bit her lower lip and faintly said while trembling: “I miss you so much…”


Xu Chang chuckled softly and gently embraced her. It felt like her nerves were very sensitive and it spread around her body, a burst of hot blood spreading all over body.


When he slowly left her ear, he gently dropped a kiss on her forehead, to her hot cheeks, the tip of her nose. It was like a spring breeze, warm and comfortable. He whispered again in a low voice: “You are so beautiful.”


Qin Xiangnan had no energy at this time. Hearing this sentence, something seemed to bloom in her heart.


He was cautious again, slowly approaching her full, glamorous lips…


Qin Xiangnan’s cell phone rang at this time, and she moved slightly.


“Leave it alone…” he said softly.


The ringing made her upset, but Xu Chang still didn’t stop, holding her hand tighter. Then Qin Xiangnan felt the corners of his lips, his soft lips came close, and the warm, intoxicating breath approached her.


“Dr. Xu, can I come in?” Suddenly someone knocked on the door and pulled Qin Xiangnan, who was still drunk, back from the dreamy state. She gently pushed Xu Chang with a powerless hand.


Xu Chang sighed in annoyance and slowly let her go.


He went to open the door, and Qin Xiangnan touched her hot cheeks, pretending to be calm.


Xu Chang opened the door and saw Lin Ruier standing at the door.


“What is it?” He looked at her coldly.


“Can I come in?” She looked back at Xu Chang.


“What’s the matter?” Xu Chang repeatedly asked as if she didn’t hear it.


“I want to ask you a question.” She glanced at the inside of the room.


“No time. We’ll talk about it later.” Xu Chang looked at her with cold eyes.


At this point, Qin Xiangnan came out from behind him and said: “Xu Chang, I won’t disturb your work, I’ll go first.”


Lin Ruier looked at her. Her face tight, her lips pursed.


Xu Chang apparently listened to Qin Xiangnan’s words, but saw that she insisted on leaving. Because of Lin Ruier’s presence, he did not grab her but went out and told her: “Go back to work.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded slightly and left.


After she left, Xu Chang glanced at Lin Ruier with a sullen face. Lin Ruier felt a little uneasy. She had just heard the nurses discussing Xu Chang’s girlfriend outside. She was surprised and angry, and her heart was blocked. She ran over without thinking and knocked on Xu Chang’s door. She wanted to find out if the nurses’ words were true. Until she saw Qin Xiangnan, she froze. She couldn’t believe that Xu Chang’s girlfriend was really her, and Xu Chang seemed to be angry with her. She was a little scared. Although he always rejected her before, he had never been angry with her. Xu Chang was always gentle with her.


“I didn’t mean it, I didn’t know anyone was there.” She said while trembling.


“Hurry up, I’m really busy.” He set his eyes coldly on the computer.


She hesitated, “Is she really your girlfriend?” She asked him.


“Yes.” He answered.


Hearing his affirmative answer, Lin Ruier’s face went pale, her lips moved slightly, she wanted to say something but nothing came. After a long time, she slowly turned around and walked out of the door. The moment she turned around, her tears fell.


She liked him since she was in her first year. He had a girlfriend, but it was not her. Xu Chang, whom she had been dreaming for eight years, has always been close but so far away, and finally , she can’t lean on him anymore and can’t walk into his heart.


Before, she thought that a log-term companionship with him would make him see her goodwill. She spent eight years occupying a space by his side but did not expect that this position that she thought was stable was worthless in front of Xu Chang. After Qin Xiangnan appeared, she fell from a high position to the bottom of the valley, and the last trace of hope disappeared.