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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 58

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 58 – Miss You (2)


Qin Xiangnan returned to work after leaving the hospital. Because of her father’s false alarm, she still couldn’t let it go and went home at night.


After she returned home, she found that her father was in a much better state and called out ‘Xiao Nan’, letting her uneasy heart finally calm.


When eating at night, Qin Chaoming was sober and talked to Qin Xiangnan about her childhood.


“Xiao Nan, you and your brother always quarreled when you were younger. I always wanted to scold him. Boys and girls are different. Be strict with boys. But girls are to be doted upon.”


“I know my Dad loves me, so my brother always say that you are biased. In fact, I know that Dad loves my brother as well, right?”


“Oh. Only Xiao Nan knows me best, but your brother still hates me. When he was about to have his college exam, I didn’t want him to study medicine anymore. He suddenly became angry with me. He said that the person who forced him to study medicine was me, and now he is not allowed to study medicine. No matter what I say, he didn’t listen to me. Then he went to City B by himself. I was really anxious and angry. But the child was of age and he had his own ideas and I couldn’t stop it.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at her father and felt that he was really old and his hair was getting grayer. In recent years, he was even more haggard because of his illness. She suddenly felt distressed.


“Dad, why won’t you let him study medicine? Didn’t you want us to become doctors before?” She asked him carefully.


“Doctor, the responsibilities are too great and hard. I hope that both of you will be safe all the time.” Although her father is ill, sometimes he even don’t recognize people, he still have the pair of siblings in his heart. This is probably the love of a father and the warmth of a family…


In the evening when she was about to leave, her mother Zhao Mei was reluctant. Because during Qin Chaoming’s birthday, she promised to stay the night but she went out at midnight. Qin Xiangnan felt a little upset and promised her mother to stay the night. Thinking of meeting Xu Chang during the day, she sent him a message telling him that it was not convenient to meet him.


Qin Xiangnan just lay down and scrolled on Weibo. After seeing that the fan “Jiangyan Bandit” had been commenting on her posts, she clicked on his Weibo and found that he only have a few posts. The latest was half a year ago, located in country M, a night view photo. Qin Xiangnan chuckled lightly because she still had multinational followers. Checking Xu Chang’s Weibo boringly agian, all the comments were from little girls.


She turned off the light and was ready to go to bed. Xu Chang called her again and she answered it. She didn’t expect that he would surprise her.


“I’m downstairs in your house, can you come down?”


She wondered, “Didn’t I tell you that I’m at my parents’ house?”


“I know. I’m here. If you don’t believe me, turn on your lights and look at the window.”


She was still a little skeptical and somewhat expectant. She turned on the light, got out of bed, opened the curtains, and looked down. She really found a familiar figure downstairs. He waved at her.


“Why are you here? It’s so late, go back.”


“I told you that I’ll come to you after work, why did you hide from me?” He was a little angry.


“I didn’t hide from you. I was a little homesick.” She smirked.


“Then I miss you too, come down.”


“No. My mom will find out.” Qin Xiangnan rejected him.


“If you don’t come down, I will knock on the door.” He actually threatened her!


Qin Xiangnan promised to go after a while. She wore a coat and opened the door quietly. When she crept past her parents’ room, she quietly listened the the movements inside, and there was no sound. She walked gently the door and opened it with the least sound. After going out, she locked it firmly and took a long breath.


As she walked downstairs, Xu Chang stood under the light, illuminating his side face faintly, making him look quiet an soft. Qin Xiangnan walked towards him. When he was less that one meter away, Xu Chang took a step forward and hugged her into his arms. She fell into his solid and warm embrace and was at ease.


“Why are you here?” She asked him.


“Can’t I come? I used to come often.” He chuckled.


Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt funny. He used to be able to enter their house freely, but bow she has to sneak out to see him.


“When will you tell your parents about us?” He asked suddenly.


She was a little surprised and said: “I haven’t figured out how to say it… I will say it next time I get the chance.”


“Welll, I’ll listen to you.” He said softly in her ear.


“I’m going up, I will be discovered by my mom if I stay put for a long time.” She wanted to break away from his arms but she was held tighter by him. Qin Xiangnan thought that his hands were greedy and after a while, they might be spotted.


After a long time, she said: “I really want to go up. You go back early.”


Xu Chang didn’t seem to hear what she said, but he still hugged tightly. Said to her: “Do you know? Ten years ago, I wanted to hold you like this, but I didn’t have the opportunity. I always wanted tI regretted that I didn’t say it earlier. Before he came, I should have told you I liked you.”


Qin Xiangnan heard Shen Zhiyang’s name, and she was a bit melancholic. She said: “Xu Chang, did you know that in fact in those days, I liked you. When Shen Zhiyang and I were together later, I realized that in fact, I did not like him. So don’t mention him again, okay?”


After she said it, he seemed to be relieved, “Okay, I won’t mention him again. But, I’m still angry…”


She wondered, “Why are you angry?”


“Angry, he kissed you so much, in front of me…” Qin Xiangnan was shocked, and she didn’t want it at the time.


“So…” Xu Chang continued, “I’m going to take back everything I lost…”


Qin Xiangnan hadn’t reacted yet, Xu Chang kissed her unexpectedly…


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