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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 59

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 59 – Who is the CEO? (1)


Xu Chang’s kiss was lingering and reluctant, making Qin Xiangnan feel breathless and dizzy. After a moment, Qin Xiangnan pushed him away forcefully and said shyly: “Stop, we’ll be seen by others. I’m going up.”


Xu Chang was reluctant to part with her, hugged her, pressed his forehead on hers, and the two looked at each other. Then, “Go up. I’ll watch you turn your lights off before I go.”


He released her. Qin Xiangnan stepped back, waved to him and said, “I’m going.” Then, she turned around and ran in. Before entering the corridor, she looked back at him and smiled slightly. Xu Chang looked at her sweet smile and couldn’t help laughing. Qin Xiangnan stopped looking at him and went straight upstairs.


When she arrived at the door, she gently opened it with her key, trying not to make a sound. Seeing that her parents’ room still closed, she was relieved and hurried to her room to close the door. She hurried to the window, opened the curtains, and found that Xu Chang was still standing there, the vague outline, as if looking up at the direction of her window. It was dim tonight, but she seemed to see the moonlight fell on him, making her feel very sweet. She then turned off the lights and enter a sweet dream.


When Qin Xiangnan went to work the next day, leader Pang had a meeting with several people.


“Recently, we may have to focus on the news on the current Internet finance companies. You also know that this kind of industry supervision has been very strong recently, and countless companies have closed down. The public response is also very strong. You should pay special attention to these companies, once their capital chain breaks, the boss may run, even if they do not run, the company is also on the verge of bankruptcy, which is a matter of ruin for ordinary people. So I hope you can take the initiative to visit, secretly visit or investigate some of these companies. Report the problem to the relevant departments in a timely manner, so that the people will lose less and do more for the people.”


Everyone understood the leader’s spirit. Chen Xiaoqi asked Qin Xiangnan: “Why do companies in this industry went bankrupt recently?”


Qin Xiangnan thought for a while and said, “There should be various reasons. For example, the company has not done a good job in risk control, but the company’s own technology is not enough. There is also such an internet finance company that is plainly a loan company, from offline to online. Often because of seasonal characteristics, such as the high demand for investors to redeem funds at the end of the year, this will be very stressful for some new and small companies. To put it bluntly, it is the people who give back the money to the company, and have no money to borrow to someone else, has led to a funding strand breaks. What is more appalling is that there will be some unscrupulous companies that would like sleight of hand tricks, and run away.”


“Oh, so that’s the case. I learned something from sister Xiangnan again.” Chen Xiaoqi especially admired her.


“But course I only explained a part of it, mostly from what I read on the financial news.”


Leader Pang told them to pay more attention to internet financial companies, and Chen Xiaoqi started to check it online. She found that there are hundreds of companies of all sizes, and half of them have closed down. Such companies came quickly and have high risks.


After checking a lot of information on the internet, Chen Xiaoqi suddenly ignited her passion and was about to make an unannounced visit. Qin Xiangnan sighed. She really admired the young girl Chen Xiaoqi and said she could do it. Chen Xiaoqi patted her chest and said, “Sister Xiangnan, wrap it with me. I’ll notify you in time.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded, she really couldn’t do this kind of work.


After a few days, Chen Xiaoqi unexpectedly called her while she was still at work that day.


“Sister Xiangnan, there is a situation, there is a situation. This financial company I chose has a bit of problem. There are several waves of people coming here today. It seems that they can’t get their funds out. Hurry up and come here to see.


“Yes, I’ll come right away. Send me your address.” Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect that Chen Xiaoqi really had something.


When Qin Xiangnan arrived, the door of this company was really blocked by many man and women. The majority were uncles and aunties, it is possible that the money they invested were their life savings.


When Chen Xiaoqi saw her, she first introduced the company’s history.


“This company was founded two years ago with a registered capital of 20 million US dollars. The CEO graduated from the XX Finance School of M Country. He is a young talent. He has lived in the United States for a long time and will occasionally come back to manage the company. This company is still very large. There are more than 3,000 employees across the country. Recently, due to strict market supervision and some problems in the capital chain, some products cannot be withdrawn. Because of this situation, these people are afraid that their money cannot be taken out, so they came to the company to make trouble.”


Qin Xiangnan generally understood that it seems that this company has only had a small problem, but if these people continue to make trouble like this, it will have some impact on the company’s brand.


“Why didn’t the company’s leader came forward to solve it? Are they doing it here?” Qin Xiangnan asked.


“Yesterday, an executive said a few words, but these people didn’t buy the it, saying they wouldn’t leave without seeing the money.”


“Oh, why do company executives prefer to let these people wait. Is there a solution?” Qin XIangnan felt strange.


“I heard that the CEO will come today and will give a solution, so these people are waiting here. You see, I have been waiting for a long time, it’s really exhausting. This CEO is really big.” Chen Xiaoqi shot up and slapped her shoulders and rubbed her waist.


“Xiaoqi, it’s really hard for you. It seems that you have contributed a lot this time. I will definitely ask Mr. Pang to get you a promotion and raise your salary.”


After hearing her encouragement, Chen Xiaoqi was very happy.


“However, I still want to get a deeper understanding of their internals. What is the problem, so that this time the capital broke out.” Qin Xiangnan thought about it.


“Sister Xiangnan, this is difficult. This has to be investigated by a professional organization. We don’t have this skill.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded, Chen Xiaoqi was right.