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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 9

Translated by Nyx


Lu Wan’s mother was the youngest daughter of the Zhao family and had two older brothers.


But her two brothers were so stupid. Even if you put them together, they couldn’t hold a candle to their third sister.


When the third miss of the Zhao family graduated from college, she was sent by her father to manage a department with poor earnings.


What was surprising was that the third miss was able to turn the tide in just only two years, which made everyone admire.


Such good results, but she didn’t get the credit she deserved.


Her father gave the project she worked so hard for to his eldest son to manage. Then, she transferred her daughter to a bankrupt subsidiary and let her continue to sit on the cold bench.


The third miss was not discouraged of the action done by her father. With her capable hands, the company came back to life in just half a year. But when she turned her head around it was again robbed by the others for the second time.


Not to worry about inequality, her parents’ biased attitude toward her brothers made the third miss completely cold. She left the Zhao family and started a company of her own.


Zhao’s third miss was really capable. In just a few years, the company she had built flourished and became prosperous.


This time, she refused to hand over her own company to the Zhao family and the two sides had its conflict.


However, the Zhao family still wanted to marry off their daughter to maximize their interest.


It didn’t matter even if the man was 15 years older than her and had a notorious character.


As a result, the third miss got angry and married the man whom she only had dated for a month… She, the beautiful miss, married the poor, researcher guy.


At that time, Lu Wan’s father was just a poor lad and had not been found by the Lu family yet.


Many were against this marriage as the man had no money on his name and was a few years younger than the third miss.


Unexpectedly, she immediately got pregnant with her first born right after their wedding. The couple were always so in love with each other. A few years later, she got pregnant with her second child.


The company that was put up by the third miss was getting bigger and bigger. So big that it made the Zhao family’s eye it with greed.


One by one, they approached the third miss. They persuaded her to come back to the family, divorce her husband and abandon her son.


But they couldn’t do anything at all.


Lu Wan was lost when she was at Zhao’s residence 15 years ago.


That day was the birthday of the old man of the Zhao family, he did everything possible just so he could make his two grandchildren attend the celebration. They thought it was just a simple meal but it turned out that something bad had happened.


Because of this incident, Lu Wan’s mother broke ties with her family.


Prosperity and decline never last.


Before, at the beginning, the two brothers were afraid that their sister would be too capable and would rob them of their properties.


But it’s different now. Over the years, the Zhao family had been constantly going down the hill. On the contrary, their sister’s company was flourishing, making people want to have a share of the meat pie.


It was precisely because of this reason, that when the Zhao family heard of the news about Lu Wan, they concealed it to her parents and did not inform them.


They calculated the situation and wanted to ease their dispute through Lu Wan.


Because the Zhao family deliberately concealed the information, Lu Jinye received the news one day later and only then the scene of hijacking to get the person occured.




Lu Wan had mixed emotions after listening to the story, but at least she knew that her parents loved her.


Ah Biao said again, “It’s fortunate that the young miss is smart and did not follow that Zhao b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ right away.”


Lu Wan smiled and said, “My uncle should be very smart.”


The people of the Zhao family deliberately blocked the news from leaking and her uncle, who was far away in the United States, learned of the news one day later.


That was not an easy feat.


Ah Biao snorted coldy, “That is, the Zhao family is not even qualified to speak in front of the boss.”


Then Lu Wan thought of her uncle’s confusing words.


Airplane, yacht, five million….


“What does my uncle do? Has he always been abroad?”


Ah Biao: “The boss is in the business industry. He is mainly engaged in electronics, finances and manufacturing. The domestic market is also good. He has a lot of business here.”


Although the Lu family conglomerate had just been established half a century ago, it had deep roots and had businesses all over the world.


Lu Jinye, who was now in power, was the third generation with an impressive reputation.


Lu Wan looked at the two baldies in front, she felt that something was still amiss and curiously asked, “Then what did he do before?”


Ah Biao hesitated. He couldn’t lie to the young lady of the house and he also couldn’t say that the Lu family started out doing….


Besides, that was all in the past. They were now in the legal business.


Ah Biao scratched his head, “It’s nothing. We have worked in a martial arts club, international logistics and large-scale firearms, but the scale is relatively large.”


Lu Wan nodded and exclaimed sincerely, “He had done so much it’s amazing.”


Thinking of this way. She thought that her uncle was really hardworking and his story was very inspiring. He was an admirable business man.

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