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Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 10

Translated by Nyx


Lu Jinye ended the call and loosened the button on the collar of his clothes. Then, he smiled and asked the man beside him, “How did I do just now?”


“Boss, you are just like my late grandfather! The old man talks about a lot of nonsensical things and gives me stuff that I don’t need! But I miss him very much” the subordonate said truthfully.


Lu Jinye: “….”


This should be a praise to you as an elder. Okay, let’s think of it that way.


He was now in his older years and was already in the state of having a temper but he still wanted to make a good impression on the younger generation.


Actually, Lu Jinye had an older brother who, unfortunately, passed away in an accident years ago.


The other members of his family had died and only he and his brother were the only ones left.


Until a few years ago, Lu Jinye accidentally learned that he still had a younger brother.


His father had a relationship outside his marriage with a chinese woman and had a child with her.


The woman was a student from a prestigious school and was fascinated with research. She raised the child all by herself and did not tell anything to the Lu family until she passed away.


Many years later, Lu Jinye accidentally learned of the past happening.


When both brothers were reunited, Lu Wan’s father was already in his forties. He was promoted from being a poor researcher to a university professor who still didn’t have much money on his name.


The Lu family seemed to be in a curse that they would only bore a son. Not only that there were only a few of them, but also they were all males for generations.


After Lu Jinye recognized  his younger brother, he came to know that he also had a niece and was naturally very happy. However, when he discovered that she was missing for so many years, he was very angry.


The development of the Zhao company over the years had met resistance, and it’s all been made by Lu Jinye.


He had the money and power, and naturally, he could do what he wanted.


The child was lost back then, and the Zhao family could not get away with it! Of course, he wouldn’t let them off easily.


Lu Jinye went to the indoor firing range, while reloading bullets he said, “ I’m more worried about how to raise a girl. What if someone bullies Wanwan?”


The baldie standing next to him was taken aback, and then said fiercely, “I will send a few people to secretly follow the young lady. Whoever dares… we’ll just take the man and throw him in the sea.”


“How many times I have said this! We are now in the legal business! Besides, it is not good to find someone to follow her. It will make Wanwan unable to make friends.” Lu Jinye said as he raised his hand and shot all the bullets in one breath.


There was only one bullet hole in the target opposite.


This shows that the shooter’s marksmanship was so excellent that not only could he hit the target, but strike a specific point.


Lu Jinye continued to reload bullets on the gun and said slowly, “You can fake injury, then find a few people to bring a lawyer and legally greet the other party in the court. How does that sound?”


“Boss, you’re still so smart!”


Lu Jinye glanced at the person next to him. Frowningly he said, “And you, you look like you just came out of prison. You scared the little miss earlier. Everyone, starting now, grow your hair back. The longer, the better to build a better affinity.


“Okay.” The baldie touched his clean shaven head, wondering if it would be cool in summer with the hair grown. He thought about it and said, “Our lady looks healthy and energetic but she gets easily scared.”


During the video call earlier, the young lady looked like she was about to cry.


“It’s normal for girls to be timid,” Lu Jinye said disapprovingly.


Of course, his niece would be the best in the world with no faults. If she was timid, he could just deal with things that would scare the little girl. This was easy to solve.


Lu Jinye raised his hand and finished a round of bullets again.


Still, there was only one bullet hole in the target, but the size of this one was slightly larger compared to the one before.


Both rounds of bullets that were fired hit the target at only one spot.

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