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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 94

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 94 – Wedding (2)


On the first day of the first lunar month and the first day of the new year, Qin Xiangnan woke up in Xu Chang’s arms. She quickly picked up her mobile phone and opened her circle of friends. Last night, she posted a circle of friends telling the world that she and Xu Chang’s self-portraits were posted with a “Happy New Year!”


Unexpectedly, one night, this circle of friends actually received so many likes and comments.


The most amazing thing was her high school classmates, who was amazed at how she took Xu Chang. Qin Xiangnan looked at the comments and giggled.


“What are you laughing early in the morning?” Xu Chang was awakened by her laughter.


Qin Xiangnan put her mobile phone in front of him, “Look, so many comments and likes, so many people envy me, can I not laugh, haha.”


“Qin Xiangnan, you don’t know, good things can’t be taken out to dry?”


Qin Xiangnan listened and asked him, “What if?”


“In case, others covet me. You are so stupid, can you withstand it?”


“Dare you!” Qin Xiangnan picked up her phone and smashed his head.


“Qin Xiangnan, what are you doing? Don’t you like my face? How could you disfigure it?”


“That’s better, no one would have dared to covet you. You’re mine!”


Two people early in the morning, the ground was noisy on the bed, and it was almost noon. Qin Xiangnan felt hungry, so she wriggled to get up and cook.


Xu Chang took three days off during the New Year, and started working on the fourth day of the New Year. Qin Xiangnan was bored at home and went back home.


When she saw Zhao Mei, she was still a little uneasy, so she asked her how she was feeling after the meeting.


Zhao Mei sighed and said: “After you left, your dad finally got better, but just couldn’t recognize people in the past few days. Later, Xu Chang, did you say anything?”


“No, Xu Chang did not remember to hate Dad.”


Zhao Mei finally let out a sigh of relief. “It seems that Xu Chang is really a good boy. He must really like you. You must never lose your temper with him in the future.“


”I know, mom, I won’t lose my temper.”


“That’s fine, I’m completely relieved if you get married early. These days, I’ve broken my heart for your brother’s marriage. He is good, he is busy with his own affairs, clapping with both hands, regardless of anything.”


Qin Xiangnan comforted her: “Is it not brother who trusts you? In the future, Wei Wei will give you a grandson, and you will be happy.”


“This is the hope.” Zhao Mei was happy when she remembered her grandson.


Time flies so fast that Qin Xiangbei and Sun Weiwei’s wedding day arrived.


That day, Qin Xiangnan, as Sun Weiwei’s bridesmaid, followed the bride all the way. Originally, she was unwilling to be a bridesmaid, but Zhao Mei asked her to take good care of her pregnant Sun Weiwei that day. She had to agree, and more importantly, Xu Chang would be a best man.


Sun Weiwei has been pregnant for almost three months. Although her stomach is not visible, her morning sickness is particularly obvious. Early in the morning, Qin Xiangnan took care of her dressing, and took a sip of breakfast, but began to vomit.


Qin Xiangnan was a little worried and patted her on the back: “Wei Wei, are you okay.”


“It’s okay, I will definitely perform well today. I have more to eat now.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at her with some distress. It turned out she was pregnant. It’s so terrible, the man is the big hoof, why should the woman suffer.


When everything is ready, Sun Weiwei sits beautifully on the bed and waits for Qin Xiangbei to come to pick her out. There are two bridesmaids besides Qin Xiangnan.


In addition, Sun Weiwei’s family is full of people, and her brother and her niece Yiyi are also there.


Yiyi looked at her aunt and was very happy. She kept shouting, “Oh, aunt is a bride, uncle doctor will be my uncle!”


At 10:58 in the morning, Qin Xiangbei knocked on the bride’s room At the door, Sun Weiwei grabbed Qin Xiangnan’s arm, “Sister Xiangnan, I’m so nervous.”


Qin Xiangnan also followed the blind nervousness, but still comforted Sun Weiwei: “Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous. Just sit and watch them make trouble “


The other two bridesmaids had a lot of problems for the bridegroom and groomsmen at the door, preventing them from coming in.”


“Groom official, you plug in some red envelopes, otherwise such a beautiful bride can be so easy for you to marry.”


“Yeah, yeah.” The others also agreed.


Qin Xiangbei said at the door: “What I have today is money, scatter!”


The bridesmaids and some female dependents blocked the door and opened a gap in the door. Qin Xiangbei threw in a stack of red envelopes.


“Now let me go in.” Qin Xiangbei was very anxious.


“No, no, let’s sing a love song first, then do ten push-ups, let’s consider letting go again.”


Qin Xiangbei sang a song that didn’t know anything with his broken throat, Sun Weiwei snickered inside.


After completing ten push-ups, the bridesmaids were not satisfied yet and started playing the truth game again.


This game didn’t know who came up with it, it made everyone present laugh crazy.


A bridesmaid asked a question: “When was the first time you kissed?” This made Qin Xiangbei think. “How can I remember such a long time?”


“No, you must say.”


“Probably It’s the summer vacation of the third year.”


“Oh~ early love…” Everyone started to coax and Sun Weiwei blushed.


“Please ask the bridegroom official to say the three advantages of the bride.”


Qin Xiangbei laughed twice, “This is not easy, beautiful, cute and sexy.”


“Unsatisfied… This is not…” The bridesmaids want Qin Xiangbei recounted the three advantages of the bride.


“Why doesn’t it matter, let me think about it…” Qin Xiangbei thought for a moment, “Wei Wei is a particularly kind person. When we were in junior high school, she saw that I didn’t study hard and skipped classes all day. She was very angry when I was playing games. We were just ordinary classmates at the time. She all cared so much about me, showing how good she is. She is also a very filial girl. When her mother was sick, she chose to talk to me and we broke up and stayed in S City to take care of her mother. Although I was very sad and hated her very much, I now understand her very well. She regards her family as important, even more important than herself. She, she will not change the person she decides. When she was pursued, she rejected me countless times. She looked cruel, but she was a hard-hearted person. She cared about me, liked me, and treated me well, but I hated her. I’m really an a̲s̲s̲h̲o̲l̲e̲. If time can go back in time, I won’t let her leave me again. It won’t work for a minute. In the years when she left me, I have never forgotten her. In the future, I will never let go of her. I will always treat her forever.”


When Qin Xiangbei said this, the audience was quiet. Qin Xiangnan had never heard of her younger brother would say such decent words, she looked at Sun Weiwei, the bride had already burst into tears. She wiped her tears clean, “Wei Wei, my brother really grew up.”