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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 93

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 93 – Wedding (1)


Qin Xiangnan ran downstairs anxiously, and she was worried that Xu Chang had left.


Fortunately, when going downstairs, Xu Chang was still there. He stood quietly beside the car door, and Qin Xiangnan could not see whether his expression was good or bad.


When Xu Chang saw her going downstairs, she laughed: “How come you came down.”


Qin Xiangnan stepped forward, her nose sour, and fell into his arms.


“Xu Chang, you have known for a long time, right…”


Her tears were twirling in her eyes, and her heart was particularly uncomfortable. Why does a good New Year’s Eve become like this now? Why did his father do the wrong thing? Why did Xu Chang’s father bear her father’s fault? Why? Why exactly?


Xu Chang touched the back of her head and said, “I know what to do. This matter has passed.”


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t hold back anymore, and her tears fell. “How can I pass? It was my dad who hurt your dad ah. Why does your father have to bear the consequences for my father’s mistakes? Xu Chang, I’m sorry…”


“Fool, what does it have to do with you. Why should you say sorry.” Xu Chang said calmly.


“I’m sorry, Xu Chang…” She kept apologizing to him. Although this apology didn’t help, but only an apology would make her feel better about her guilt.


“Don’t cry…”


She looked up at him, he still smiled at her, and she was even more distressed.


“Xu Chang, did you particularly hate my dad?” she asked him with a snot.


Xu Chang paused and said slowly: “Hate.”


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t stop tears when he heard this sentence. “You hate it, it’s my father’s fault. Then, did you hate me?” “


He wiped her tears off and said, “How could I hate you, I like you too late.”


She couldn’t believe it, “Did you really hate me? You didn’t come to our house suddenly, yes?” Because you hate my dad and hate me, right?”


Xu Chang shook his head, “No, I don’t hate you. At that time, I just hated your father after the incident, and then I wanted to open it up. This thing has passed, there is no need to hold on. And your father is like this now, Has been punished. I have long since let go. Otherwise, what am I doing here today.”


Qin Xiangnan hugged him tightly, leaning his head on his chest, and said, “Xu Chang, why are you so good. You make me more uncomfortable. “


“Don’t be sad. Today is New Year’s Eve, let’s have a good New Year.”


Qin Xiangnan still has a confession in her heart, although Xu Chang comforted herself long ago, but this is her father’s life after all, her father became an indirect murderer. Without this matter, Xu Chang would not go to the city of B to go to university, nor would he have such a hard life in recent years, maybe he had a more perfect life.


Even more uncomfortable is that Xu Chang knew all the things, and he must be sad in his heart. He was a teenager in the third year of that year, and he had to bear such grief. He lost his father and found that he was the father of the girl he liked. What a blow to his father who died. Qin Xiangnan didn’t believe Xu Chang would ever hate her, or angered her, but Xu Chang really liked her too much in order to let go of such hatred.


She gradually realized how much Xu Chang liked herself, which made her feel more guilty. How can she have such a good Xu Chang?


On New Year’s Eve, Qin Xiangnan had a special night.


Xu Chang took her around the city. Although it was a Chinese New Year, there were still many people outside, most of them were together in a lively family. Only the two of them, like the two who were singled out, were particularly dissonant with the people around them.


They came to the riverside in the urban area, where they used to cross the New Year together when they were young. It was cold at night, Xu Chang held her tightly to his chest, his chin against the top of her head, and looked at the scenery on the other side.


Although cold, Qin Xiangnan felt particularly warm in her heart.


“Xu Chang, how did you live during the past new years?” Qin Xiangnan asked him.


“Sometimes I come back to live with my grandma, sometimes I live alone in City B.”


Qin Xiangnan heard a little sadness, remembering that she and her parents and younger brother spend their New Year together at home, but Xu Chang is alone. She really wanted to hug the once lone Xu Chang.


“You can rest assured that I will be with you every year in the future, and I will never let you live alone.” She said with a smile.


“Do you mean, are you going to marry me?”


“When did I say that.” She became ashamed.


Xu Chang smiled and said nothing. After a long time, he said: “We will get married next year.”


Qin Xiangnan was a little angry: “Xu Chang, are you proposing to me? It’s that simple? I don’t want to. “


Xu Chang knocked on her head and said, “Aren’t you willing? Then who do you want to marry me?”


She snorted and muttered, “Who will marry you.”


At twelve midnight, when the bell rang, Qin Xiangnan looked at Xu Chang when the clock for twelve times, and smiled slightly, “Xu Chang, happy new year!”


Xu Chang held her face and said, “Qin Xiangnan, happy new year!”


Then, he bowed his head and kissed her .