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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 53

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 53 – Cat Name (1)


The next day, Qin Xiangnan was woken up by the alarm at 7 o’clock, only to remember that today is the first working day after the holiday. She sighed softly and got up.


She habitually glanced at the phone and found that Xu Chang had sent several messages to her.


Xu Chang: Did you get up? Remember to feed my little lazy cat.


Xu Chang: I have been busy these past two days, and I may not be able to meet you. You have to be good.


Xu Chang: I forgot to tell you that I miss you.


Qin Xiangnan looked at the messages and deeply doubted whether his WeChat was stolen. Why did his words suddenly change overnight? She feels that goosebumps are about to rise. Is this person really the Xu Chang that she knows?


She entered a few lines in the text.


Qin Xiangnan: Got up. Rest assured, I won’t starve your kitten! Dr. Xu, you are busy with your operation, don’t think about it.


After sending those words, she dropped her mobile phone and prepared to go to work.


Another busy day, she didn’t even have the time to think about Xu Chang. But when she got off work, she still remembered to feed his cat.


She used her birthday to unlock the password of Xu Chang’s house. Then she stretched her head in and made sure that no one was at home, and then opened the door and walked in generously.


When she entered the house, she observed it. She didn’t expect that a single young man’s home to be so clean. But when thinking about it, doctors are obsessed with cleanliness! There are two doctors in her family, she knows this well.


The furniture at Xu Chang’s home was pitifully scarce. He just moved in after a few months, he still didn’t have the time to decorate.


At this time, a round little gray cat ran to her, gave a “meow”, and rubbed at her feet. She squatted down, hugged the little gray cat in her hand, and stared at it. “Hello, pleased to meet you.”


The little gray cat “meowed”. she found that the cat food and poured it in its bowl.


“You are so pitiful, your master has no time for you. You must have been really hungry.”


She squatted beside it, watching it eat with relish.


At this time, there was a lingering voice at the door. Someone opened the door. She thought Xu Chang was back and ran over.


“Didn’t you say you won’t come back today?” She said, stunned.


Unexpectedly, the person who came was not Xu Chang, but Dr. Lin. Lin Ruier?


Lin Ruier apparently froze when she saw her, and the two of them stood still for a long time.


A moment later, Qin Xiangnan opened her mouth: “Dr. Lin, why are you here? Do you have a key?”


Lin Ruier recovered and recognized that Qin Xiangnan was the girl on the screen of Xu Chang’s mobile phone, and she immediately told her: “I know the password. Who are you?” Lin Ruier asked her.


Qin Xiangnan was a little embarrassed and did not answer her directly. “Xu Chang asked me to come. He said his cat is going to be hungry so…”


Lin Ruier looked at her and said provocatively, “Is it? Everything is done by me.”


Qin Xiangnan froze. Lin Ruier continued: “Every time Xu Chang is busy, I will come over to help him look after the cat. The same when we were in City B.”


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t talk, her heart seemed to be blocked by a rag.


Lin Ruier didn’t look at her, went to the kitchen and looked at the cat. She said to the little gray cat: “Xiao Rui, it seems that someone has fed you today.”


Qin Xiangnan wondered, “What did you call it?”


Lin Ruier pouted, “Xiao Rui, its name, didn’t you know? Xu Chang named him.”


The rags in Qin Xiangnan’s heart seemed to be more sturdy, and she couldn’t even breath.


“Since you have fed it, I will leave. How about you? Won’t you go?”


Qin Xiangnan understood Lin Ruier’s meaning.


“I’m leaving too.” She said softly.


The two went out one after the other. Qin Xiangnan followed, still confused.


Lin Ruier asked her: “How would you go back? I came by car, would you like me to send you?”


Qin Xiangnan quickly refused. Lin Ruier said nothing, bid her goodbye, and the two separated.


Qin Xiangnan did not know how she got home, she was very depressed. At this time, Xu Chang sent a message to her.


Xu Chang: Little lazy cat, have you fed my little lazy cat?


Qin Xiangnan wanted to scold him fiercely, but she restrained herself. She tossed the phone aside, took a shower, and slept.


The next morning, she still saw the good morning message from Xu Chang. She still ignored him.


Qin Xiangnan had a lot of things that day. A fire broke out in a residential area in the morning. After she and Xiaoqi rushed by, the fire was quickly put out. Fortunately, there were no casualties. They interviewed the owner and said that it was because the kitchen was sterilized that they immediately opened the fire to cook, which led to the fire.


Qin Xiangnan was really shocked when she heard it, it seemed that there were hidden dangers everywhere.


After a busy morning, they managed to eat but Qin Xiangnan had no appetite.


“Xiangnan, why do you look particularly bad today?” Chen Xiaoqi asked her.


“No, it’s just the fire?”


“But you weren’t like this before…”


Qin Xiangnan ignored her. Chen Xiaoqi did not dare to ask anymore.