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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 54

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 54 – Cat Name (2)


In the afternoon, there was another serious car accident on the outskirts of Nanxian County. A truck drove over another truck, which also crshed on a small car in the road. The car owner and another accompanying person died. Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi hurried to the outskirts of Nanxian County. The scene that greeted them was terrible.


Qin Xiangnan felt uncomfortable on this day. Sometimes they do have a very strong heart and excellent psychological qualities.


By the time they returned to the urban area of City S, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.


When she got home, she discovered that there were several missed calls today, all from Xu Chang. The busyness of the day made her forget some unhappy things. Seeing Xu Chang’s missed calls, she seemed to feel mixed feelings in her heart.


When she came out of the bath, she found a new fresh missed calls on her phone. She snorted coldly and prepared to go to bed. She didn’t pick up until she couldn’t handle the noise from another call.


“Qin Xiangnan, where are you? Why didn’t you answer your phone?” his voice sounded impatient.


“I’m at home.”


“What’s wrong with you? What happened?”


“Nothing. I’m a little tired today,” she answered.


“I’m almost at your house. You didn’t answer your phone today. I’m worried about you.”


“I’m going to sleep. Go back.” She was disturbed by his words. But at this moment, she didn’t want to see him, this big villain.


Unexpectedly, in a few minutes, someone really knocked on her door. Qin Xiangnan covered herself with the quilt and wanted to ignore him. After a while, she felt that the knocking sound were disturbing that she got up and walked to the door.


“Xu Chang, you go back. I really fell asleep.” she said calmly.


“You open the door first, or I won’t go back.” Across the door, Qin Xiangnan could feel his anxiety.


She couldn’t stand Xu Chang and opened the door, revealing a narrow gap, just enough for Qin Xiangnan to reveal her head.


“I’m really sleepy. Now you saw me, I’m really okay. You go back. It’s too noisy, the neighbors might complain. If you have anything to say, say it tomorrow.”


Xu Chang froze. What she said was the same like what she said in the villa that night. He confessed to her, she told him he was drunk and would talk tomorrow. This is just her excuse, she is rejecting him.


“What the hell happened? If you won’t say it, I won’t leave today.” He tried to open the door and was forced back by her.


Qin Xiangnan took a breath and calmed down. She asked him: “What is your relationship with Dr. Lin?”


Xu Chang didn’t expect that she would mention Lin Ruier. What exactly made her misunderstand?


“Colleague, classmate, nothing else.” He answered her without hesitation.


“Is there really nothing else?” She tried to confirm again.


“Nothing.” He was sure.


“Then why does she know your house password and can enter and leave as she likes? If your cat is hungry, why did you till asked for my help?” She asked.


Xu Chang froze.


Qin Xiangnan sneered when he didn’t answer, “I have nothing more to say, goodbye.” She closed the door fiercely but was held back by Xu Chang.


“Aren’t you going?” Qin Xiangnan said with hate.


“I won’t leave. I told her the password because I asked for her help when I went on a business trip for a week. It was only that one time.”


When he mentioned the cat, Qin Xiangnan was even more angry.


“What’s your cat’s name? Why didn’t you tell me?”


“It doesn’t have a name.”


“You’re still lying! You know it very well. Dr. Lin called it Xiao Rui, it’s really sweet. Lin Ruier, Xiao Rui. Do you treat me as a fool? What did you like about me fort ten years? Who knows what you have done these ten years! Xu Chang, you big liar! I hate you!” She said, her eyes gradually reddening.


“I didn’t lie to you! Open the door!”


“I won’t open it! Get off! I don’t want to see you in the future!”


The two struggled a lot. In the end, Qin Xiangnan was cruel enough and used her best efforts to push. Just at the moment of closing, Xu Chang’s hand stretched out and happened to be caught in the door crack.


“Ah!” Xu Chang exclaimed painfully. Qin Xiangnan was overwhelmed with shock, and her heart sank, knowing he was in trouble. She quickly opened the door, grabbed his hand to check, and sure enough there was a bruise in his palm.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” She was a little guilty.


Unexpectedly, Xu Chang took advantage when she relaxed her vigilance. He dragged her into the house and slammed the door shut.


“You!” She glared at him.


“I didn’t expect that you have such great strength. It really hurt me.” Xu Chang shook his arm in pain.


“You deserve it!”


“I deserved it and made you angry.” Xu Chang looked at her and said, “I’m really busy these days, I had two operations, I had many meetings, and I have been in the outpatient clinic for a long time, writing papers, and ignored you. I don’t know why Dr. Lin suddenly went to my house. I really have nothing to do with her. You can rest assured that she won’t appear in my house in the future. I called you today, and you ignored me. I was worried about what might have happened to you. I rushed here after work. I was relieved when I saw you. Take a good rest, I’ll go.”


Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt distressed after hearing it. She looked at him secretly, and she saw his tired look, and there were dark circles under his eyes. She suddenly felt guilty. Was she too irrational? But at the thought of meeting Lin Ruier that day, she did not feel good again. There were mixed feeling in her heart, as if two villains were fighting, making her hesitant.


She slowly said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were tired, your hands are hurt, if it will delay your operations, then I will be guilty.”


Xu Chang heard her, and the tiredness on his face disappeared instantly. Almost exhausted, he said to her with a smile: “It hurts, you have to be responsible for me.”


Then he slowly approached her, and when his hands just touched her arm, he was pushed away.


“Xu Chang, I haven’t forgiven you!” she sorted.


The author has something to say:
Small fights deepens the feelings~ The second female lead is really annoying!