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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 55

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 55 – Lost Father (1)


A woman’s heart is like a needle on a haystack. Qin Xiangnan looked at the surface without forgiving Xu Chang, but she has actually let go of it. But she still can’t get along with him in the surface. Poor Xu Chang really thought that this time it was a big disaster. Qin Xiangnan was really angry. He was finally tricked into cheating, but she was still indifferent.


Xu Chang went home with a huff. When he got home, “Xiao Rui” saw his master coming back and couldn’t help but stick up to him. Xu Chang looked at it coldly and said, “Did you know, I ran into trouble today because of you! No meal for you!”


The poor little gray cat didn’t know what it did wrong, “Meow”, looked at Xu Chang innocently. However, it eventually escaped the fate of hunger, but the owner was still in pain.


Xu Chang was also suffocated. He really had nothing to do with Lin Ruier. Lin Ruier had a wishful thinking for so many years, but he couldn’t get rid of her. They were working together in the same department in the same hospital. Lin Ruier was like a piece of brown sugar. Xu Chang has said for so many years that he doesn’t like her and let her give up, but she still sticks to him as if she didn’t understand. He has no way to deal with her, and can only assume that even if she is close to him, he will never respond to her. He thought that one day, she will give up and choose to leave.


After Qin Xiangnan saw Xu Chang that night, her anger disappeared. She clearly understood that Xu Chang was sent to her by the heavens to let her survive the disaster. She lived for nearly 28 years, only Xu Chang can make her lose her mind, forgetting that she was a mature and sensible person. Suddenly making her revert back to her 18-year-old self who loses her mind and becomes crazy because she found out that Xu Chang was dating someone. Ten years later, it turned out that she was still the same, she was still the little girl who was crazy about Xu Chang.


In these few days, Xu Chang seems to be less busy, but his “not so busy” just means that he won’t work overnight. Qin Xiangnan still receives greetings from Xu Chang every morning and evening. She still only responded to him lightly. For Qin Xiangnan, Xu Chang won’t hear the good words that he wanted to hear.


On this day, Qin Xiangnan dragged her tired body back home in the middle of the night. She didn’t even want to move, so she sat with her mobile phone and played.


After finishing looking over the Weibo hot search, it was okay to be idle so she posted on a whim. Her Weibo still has V [V is put on those accounts that are verified], and she is certified as a City S reporter. Although the number of fans are pitifully small, there were only nearly 10,000, but there are still a few people who comments and likes her posts.


She edited this passage: Strugglers drives the career boat to the ideal side in the river where the deep water is. I just want to motivate myself to work hard.


Then she continued to play on her mobile phone. But after a few minutes, there was a notification indicating a new comment on Weibo. It seems that she still has fans.


She clicked on it and found that she received two comments.


The first one came from Xu Chang. Reply: So cultural.


Qin Xiangnan chuckled, but didn’t expect Xu Chang himself as a special concern. Since Xu Chang trended last time, his Weibo has been found. Qin Xiangnan saw his Weibo followers suddenly became tens of thousands of people, and began to feel envious. Every time he posted, a group of fans would like and comment.


Qin Xiangnan also checked the second comment under his Weibo which came from a person named “Jiangyang Bandit”.


There were only two simple words: Come on.


Maybe he is a little fan but this “Jiangyang Bandit” may still be a hardcore fan. Qin Xiangnan only found out that each of his posts has his comments, and each time there were only few simple words.


A few days later, when Qin Xiangnan was working outside, she received a call from her mother, Zhao Mei.


Zhao Mei was frantic on the phone: “Xiangnan, your father is gone.”


Qin Xiangnan was taken aback: “Mom, what did you say?”


Zhao Mei was weeping, and said: “I just went out to buy food and when I came back, he was gone. I’ve been searching around for a long time but I still didn’t find your Dad. Xiao Nan…”


Qin Xiangnan comforted her and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll call the police. You can go home and see, maybe Dad has gone back.”


Zhao Mei had to listen to Qin Xiangnan’s words and went home to wait, and Qin Xiangnan also quickly called the police. She took a leave from the leader and ran back to her parents’ home to find her father.


She anxiously searched the entire community and surrounding markets, but the people did not see Qin Chaoming. She had to call Qin Xiangbei and ask him for help.


She also called her mother who was waiting for news at home: “Mom, I couldn’t find Dad.”


Zhao Mei replied that he also was not at home.


Qin Xiangnan was anxious, but she had to be strong and comfort her mother: “Mom, don’t worry, I called the police. They will look into the monitors. I also called my brother to help.”


Zhao Mei was a little comforted.


Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhao Mei’s phone was hung up, Qin Xiangbei called and told her that Qin Chaoming was found, he was in front of their hospital.


Qin Xiangnan was suddenly relieved. After telling Zhao Mei, she took a taxi and went to the hospital.