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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 43

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 43 – Dr. Lin’s Discovery (1)


Qin Xiangnan ran to the third floor, and after entering her room, she leaned against the door, panting and with flushed cheeks.


She didn’t know if she did it right, whether it would hurt Xu Chang or not. But she really needed time to think about it. She couldn’t promise anything because this person was Xu Chang. She needs time to see whether she likes him or not, or whether she can like him.


Qin Xiangnan felt tired, and the sound in the next room has also stopped. She turned off the lights an went to bed.


A new message came and she opened it.


Xu Chang: I’m sorry for today. No matter how long it will take, I will wait for you.


She put down her phone, did not reply, and closed her eyes.


The next day, Qin Xiangnan got up a little late. After washing, she went downstairs and found that all three of them were already downstairs.


Seeing Qin Xiangnan going downstairs, Li Susu hurriedly greeted her, “Qin Xiangnan, come and have breakfast. Chef Xu is showing his skills again.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded, and walked past, her eyes were afraid to look at Xu Chang.


She was silent as she ate, without a word, her eyes were only on the things in the bowl.


“It’s not tasty, but Xu Chang got up early in the morning to make it.” Li Susu said.


She nodded and continued to eat.


Li Susu looked at her and thought that she was strange today but she didn’t mention it.


After eating, because Xu Chang still needed to go to the hospital, they packed their bags and got ready to go back.


On the way back, Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang were still sitting in the back row of the car but her eyes kept on looking out the window without saying a word. Xu Chang looked at her acting this way and was a bit lost in his heart.


Li Susu felt that the atmosphere was particularly weird, so she wanted to find something to talk about. She said to Xu Chang: “If Xu Chang can come back early, then the four of us can come out and play.”


“Xu Chang is a doctor, he is very busy. Only you know how to play every day.” Su Mingxuan said to her. He then asked Xu Chang, “Xu Chang, why did you go to the medical university in City B when we have many good universities in City S.”


“Because of some family members.” He answered.


“Oh.” Su Mingxuang didn’t ask more.


After listening to Xu Chang’s words, Qin Xiangnan wondered if Xu Chang saw her and Shen Zhiyang together, was he angry and wanted to leave before going to City B?


In fact, Xu Chang went to City B earlier partly because of Qin Xiangnan, and another reason was because his father died in his senior year.


Xu Chang and his father Xu Zhijie have always had a bad relationship. Xu Chang also wanted to be a doctor because he wanted to understand his father more and to get closer to his father. But he didn’t expect that his father had an accident when the college entrance examination was still two months away.


This matter is also related to Qin Xiangnan’s father, Qin Chaoming.


Their fathers were both surgeons, and they operated together on a five-year-old boy, but the operation failed. At that time, the chief surgeon Qin Chaoming, because of his own misjudgment, caused the boy to have hemorrhage and was not saved. The hospital had to find out the situation and be held accountable, and the parents of the little boy had to seek justice from the hospital.


Qin Chaoming did not dare admit his mistakes because of fear. That day, the father of the little boy impulsively brought a knife to intimidate Qin Chaoming. Xu Zhijie ran to persuade him and during the quarrel, the little boy’s father missed, and stabbed Xu Zhijie’s throat. He died on the spot.


After the incident, Qin Chaoming also resigned, and his mental state had detoriated, and later became ill. Xu Chang was very sad because he lost his father overnight.


Although he is strong on the surface and usually has a bad relationship with his father, he really loves and worship his father. His father’s sudden death hit him hard. Because his mother went to City B after his parent’s divorce, he went to university in City B.


When he accidentally learned that this matter had something to do with Qin Xiangnan;s father, at first, her really hated her father and did not want to see Qin Xiangnan. Therefore, two months before the college entrance examination, he did not say a word to Qin Xiangnan anymore, and he never gave the two siblings any more tutorials. But later, he could not forget Qin Xiangnan, and he gradually let go of his hatred and hid it in his heart.


Of course, these things, Zhao Mei and Qin Chaoming did not tell Qin Xiangnan.


Two months before the college entrance exam, they simply thought that Xu Chang’s father’s death made him sad, so he never came to their house again.


Seeing what Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang looked like, Li Susu proposed something.


“Hey, how about we have a high school reunion. I will arrange and inform our former classmates to atten. I still miss the high school life. Su Mingxuan, what do you think?”


“I will listen to you, Master Wife.” Li Susu was very satisfied with Su Mingxuan’s answer.


She turned around and asked Xu Chang and Qin Xiangnan. “What about you two?”


Qin Xiangnan said: “I’m not sure if something will happen at the station at that time. Besides, Dr. Xu is also very busy.”


“I haven’t set a time yet, how do you know you won’t be free? Isn’t it, Dr. Xu?”


Xu Chang smiled lightly: “If I have the time, I will definitely come.”


“Our Xu Chang is really good.”


Along the way, Li Susu began to think about the reunion.