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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 44

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 44 – Dr. Lin’s Discovery (2)


After the midsummer, the weather gradually became colder, and Xu Chang’s arm was about to get better, so he could take out the plaster. Xu Chang, who took off the plaster, became good again.


His relationship with Qin Xiangnan was neither good nor bad. After that night, Xu Chang never mentioned anything he liked about her again. Qin Xiangnan also relaxed and continued to treat him as a friend.


On this day, Xu Chang was writing a thesis in the office, and Lin Ruier came to him.


“Dr. Xu, I heard that your plaster has been removed. I’ll take a look at you. How are you feeling?”


“Very good. It can work normally.” Xu Chang was busy with the matter in his hand and did not look up at her.


“It’s almost dinner time, shall we go get dinner together?” Lin Ruier asked him.


“You go eat first, I’ll go later after I’m done with this.” He said.


Lin Ruier didn’t seem to hear what he said and moved a chair to sit down and look at him.


Xu Chang stopped working, looked at her, and said, “What are you doing?”


“Waiting for you.” Lin Ruier said playfully, with her elbows on the table, her hands on her chin and her eyes shining as she looked at him.


“If you look at me like this, how would I work? I’m busy, can you go first?”


Lin Ruier said unpleasantly, “I’m just going to look at you, I promise not to make a sound and would not bother you.”


Xu Chang sighed, let go of the work in his hand, and said to her: “Go eat.”


“Okay.” Lin Ruier laughed.


Xu Chang stood up and cleaned up the table. At this time, a nurse hurried over, “Dr. Xu, a patient is looking for you, please go and see.”


“Okay. I will go immediately.” Dr. Xu said.


“Dr. Xu, I will wait for you here and have dinner together.” Lin Ruier stopped him.


“Okay.” After that, Xu Chang hurriedly went out.


After he left, Lin Ruier stretched out, sat on a chair, and took out her mobile phone to watch.


At this time, she heard a beep for a new message. She found that the source of the sound was Xu Chang’s mobile phone on the table. Curious, she stood up and took a look at Xu Chang’s mobile phone.


A new WeChat popped up on the screen with these few lines of words.


Xiangnan: Dr. Xu, remember to eat on time.


Lin Ruier was curious. Who is this Xiangnan? She doesn’t seem to have this person’s WeChat. Lin Ruier has been with Xu Chang for so many years. She knows most of his friends but she has never heard of this Xiangnan. Why would that person care about Xu Chang.


Because the screen was locked, she couldn’t click to view it. She had to look at the phone screen to guess. At this time, she saw Xu Chang’s mobile phone lock screen background, and she was shocked.


His mobile phone screen background is actually a photo of Xu Chang and a girl. She picked up the phone and looked closely. The two were very close together, smiling happily, it seems like they were eating together. This girl seemed familiar, but she can’t remember where she saw her.


Lin Ruier’s heart was beating fast. Who was this girl? She and Xu Chang have known each other for so many years, and have never seen any girl get close to Xu Chang and laugh so happily together. She was struck with a sense of crisis.


She always thought that only she could be worthy of Xu Chang. For so many years, even if Xu Chang never gave her a response, she thought that as long as she stays with him forever, Xu Chang will fall in love with her one day. Moreover, Xu Chang has never liked any other girls for so many years, so he will eventually be hers.


But what does this picture show now? Xu Chang set this photo as his mobile phone screen background, indicating that this girl is very important to him. Suddenly, she felt very ridiculous. Aster so long of chasing and guarding, he was still caught by a woman she did not know where she came from?


She was staring at this picture, and suddenly a “Doctor Xu” sounded at the door, which shocked her, making her jump. With trembling hands, she accidentally threw the phone on the ground.


Qin Xiangbei who was at the door looked at her inexplicably, “Dr. Lin, why are you here?”


Lin Ruier pretended to be casual and said, “Oh, I came to see Dr. Xu for dinner. He was just called out and will come back soon.” after that, she bent over to pick up the phone on the ground.


Qin Xiangbei looked at the movements on her hand, and was suddenly taken aback, “Wait!”


Lin Ruier was startked by him again, and said guiltily: “Oh, this is not what it seems like. The phone fell to the ground when I was startled.”


Qin Xiangbei looked at the cell phone on her hand and asked her: “Is this Dr. Xu’s cell phone?”


“Well, yes.”


Qin Xiangbei grabbed the cell phone from her hand and looked up carefully. “Huh?” He exclaimed with a cry.


Lin Ruier was puzzled for a moment and asked him: “What are you doing? It’s not good to peek like this.”


He smiled. “Well, peeping is not good, especially when caught red handed.”


She looked at Qin Xiangbei.


At this time, Xu Chang came back and saw Qin Xiangbei. He asked him, “Dr. Qin, you also came to look for me?”


“Yes. I had a few academic questions to ask you.” Qin Xiangbei handed him the phone and said, “Dr. Xu, your phone accidentally fell and was on the ground and I accidentally saw it~” When he said this, he also flicked his eyebrows deliberately, with an evil smile on his face.


Xu Chang put away his phone away, looked at him and smiled, saying nothing.


Lin Ruier was relieved to see that Qin Xiangbei did not say that she peeked at Xu Chang’s phone.


“Dr. Qin, Dr. Xu and I are going to have dinner, if you have something to ask him, come back later.”


“It’s a coincidence that I haven’t eaten yet. Let’s go together.” After that, Qin Xiangbei and Xu Chang walked out the door.


Behind them, Lin Ruier jumped angrily, wishing that she could smack Qin Xiangbei’s head.


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