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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 45

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 45 – He Is Going Abroad (1)


The three came to the hospital cafeteria for dinner. Lin Ruier was unhappy because of Qin Xiangbei’s presence. Qin Xiangbei regarded her as a transparent person, a wall between him and Xu Chang.


Qin Xiangbei kept on talking so she couldn’t say a word.


“Dr. Xu, your hands are fine now. I only learned that you were on Weibo’s hot search a few days ago. I really hand it to you.” Qin Xiangbei made a joke, “It’s a pity that the doctor in our hospital, and a group of small nurses had a cheap mouth.”


Lin Ruier inserted herself into the conversation as soon as she heard this, “Dr. Qin, did you see me on the hot search?”


Qin Xiangbei looked at her, looking puzzled, “Really? I did not see.” and then turned to Xu Chang and said: “Dr. Xu, when will you be free to answer my questions.”


Xu Chang answered that he was free.


Lin Ruier blushed due to anger. She said again: “Dr. Qin, why do you only care about Dr. Xu. I was also on the hot search, didn’t you see it. Do you know what the netizens say? They said that I was Dr. Xu’s girlfriend. These netizens are so funny, and their imagination is too rich. I was embarrassed to see it.”


Qin Xiangbei snorted. “You also know that the netizens are rich in imagination, don’t take it too seriously.”


“Qin Xiangbeui, you!” Lin Ruier was choked by Qin Xiangbei’s words. This university classmate always sneered at her, not knowing what she did to offend him. “I don’t want to tell you. I’m full, so I’ll go first.” After that, Lin Ruier sighed with anger, glared at Qin Xiangbei, and walked away.


Xu Chang put down the tableware and said, “Why do you always aim at her, has she offended you?”


“I just see her as someone unpleasant.”


Xu Chang sighed lightly, his tone was helpless.


Qin Xiangbei remembered something and smirked, “Are you doing well with my sister?”


Xu Chang listened to this question, and he felt a bit lost. ‘No, your sister doesn’t like me.”


“She has a problem with her mind! I really want to smack her!” Qin Xiangbei exploded.


“You dare to smack her, I’ll smack you first.”


Qin Xiangbei understood that Xu Chang was really tsking his sister seriously, and he would not dare to say bad things about Qin Xiangnan again.


“I’m not angry. Besides, she’s the one who bullies me. How would I dare beat her.”


Qin Xiangbei shuddered at the thought of his sister’s scolding. He also said” “However, she is stupid. I don’t think she doesn’t like you.”


Xu Chang was surprised.


Qin Xiangbei continued: “Do you know how she and Shen Zhiyang broke up?”


After Qin Xiangnan and Shen Zhiyang were together, they both went to the same university. Qin Xiangnan studied journalism, while Shen Zhiyang studied finance.


In high school, Li Susu told her that Shen Zhiyang would go abroad in the future. She never asked Shen Zhiyang about this question. Why did he not go abroad but chose to go to a domestic university.


She and Shen Zhiyang have been together for more than a year, and have never quarreled and fought. Qin Xiangnan is very sensible and will not let Shen Zhiyang help when she encounters things. She will find a way to solve it herself.


Because of this, Shen Zhiyang felt that Qin Xiangnan was particularly alienated from him. He really likes her very much, and hopes to stick with her every day, but Qin Xiangnan is very fulfilling every day, and Shen Zhiyang plays such an indispensable role.


Shen Zhiyang’s parents always wanted him to study abroad, but he met Qin Xiangnan in his third year of high school. In order to stay with her, he gave up going abroad and was admitted to the same university as her.


Shen Zhiyang, like Xu Chang, is the spotlight in school, and there are many rotten peach blossoms (other girls), but he only has Qin Xiangnan in his heart, and all the girls are rejected by him one by one.


One time later, it was Valentine’s Day, just shortly after the first half of the semester. Shen Zhiyang asked Qin Xiangnan to have dinner together, and Qin Xiangnan agreed to him.


Shen Zhiyang has set the date to a high-end western restaurant in downtown S. He chose a private room with a very good location. From this window, he could see the riverside view. Once there, they celebrated New Year together, he kissed her for the first time. Shen Zhiyang thought of it very sweetly.


He prepared a bouquet of roses, it was glamorous, and there were fresh drops of water on the petals. Also, he opened a delicate box with a silver-white necklace and a cute pendant with four-leaf clover and diamonds. He was very satisfied with his present. Qin Xiangnan must also like it very much when she sees it.


Shen Zhiyang was excited when the appointment time was about to come. Thinking of whether she would dress herself up carefully today, and remembering her beautiful and cute smile, he unknowingly raised the corner of his mouth. But he waited a long time, and an hour had passed, she still didn’t arrive.


A little worried about her, he called her.


The phone was picked up by her, and he pretended to be angry, “Qin Xiangnan, you let me wait so long.”


He did not expect her to say: “I’m sorry, I can’t come today. My roommate has a fever today, and I have to take care of her.”


Shen Zhiyang listened and was very disappointed. Why did this roommate get sick today? But he still said to her, “Well, then you take good care of her. We will make an appointment next time.”


“Shen Zhiyang, I’m sorry, don’t be angry.”


“I’m not, you can rest assured, how can I be angry. Xiao Nan, you take care of yourself, be careful not to catch a cold.”


Qin Xiangnan said okay and the two hung up the phone.


In fact, he was really angry, and the bouquet of roses was thrown into the trash bin with a slam.