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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 46

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 46 – He Is Going Abroad (2)


After he returned to school, he went to the downstairs of Qin Xiangnan’s dormitory without realizing it. Thinking that it was so late, she should have fallen asleep. But he couldn’t help but want to see her, just glance at it and he would be satisfied.


He called her and he was surprised that she hadn’t slept yet, and then let her get down, he waited for her downstairs.


After a while, Shen Zhiyang saw her running down in a thick coat. He thought she was so cute and could not help hugging her tightly.


“I’m really sorry today. I’m afraid my roommate will have a fever again, so I have to send her to the hospital.” She apologized to him.


Shen Zhiyang didn’t speak, just hugged her. He knew in his heart that she was not alone in their dormitory, but he didn’t want to question her, which would make her sad.


“Why don’t you talk? What happened to you?” she asked him.


For a long time, he let go of her and said, “Go up, don’t freeze.”


She said a goodbye, and when she turned around, Shen Zhiyang held her.


“Happy Valentine’s Day.” He said. Then took out the delicate box from her pocket, “I’m giving this to you, go up and open it.”


She took it and said thank you. Then entered the dormitory.


Although he still gave her the gift, he still felt a little empty in his heart.


In order to spend more time with her, Shen Zhiyang would accompany her if she went to study in the library. Although he didn’t say a word, he looked at her studying hard and he felt very happy.


Once in the library, they stayed together to read. Shen Zhiyang secretly stuffed a note to her: “Will have dinner together.” Qin Xiangnan glanced and nodded. He withdrew the note and wrote a few words on it and handed it to her, “I will go to the toilet first.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded.


When Shen Zhiyang left, she did not forget to plop twice on her head, she smiled lightly.


As soon as he left, the cell phone on the table rang, and the library was very quiet. With this sound, everyone around her looked towards her, and she quickly pressed Shen Zhiyang’s cell phone off.


Unexpectedly, it rang again in a while, and there was no way to do it again, and it might be called again in a while. She grabbed his cell phone and ran out. After running out of the library, she saw “Li Xinyu” flashing on the screen, and she picked it up.


“Hello, Shen Zhiyang is not here.”


The phone froze for three seconds, and after a while the voice of a cute and lovely girl came over. “Are you his girlfriend? I heard him mention it. I asked Brother Zhiyang to tell him about studying abroad.”


Qin Xiangnan was surprised. Does Shen Zhiyang want to study there? He never heard him mention it.


“Is he going to study abroad?”


“Why, it seems that you don’t know yet. This is the case. My family and Zhiyang brother’s family are friends, and the two of us grew up together. I plan to study abroad this year after graduating from high school. Brother Zhiyang was about to go out last year. I don’t know why he suddenly disagreed. But our two parents discussed it and he will go out with me this year. After all, I am a girl and they are not at ease when I’m alone outside. It’s much better for Brother Yang to take care of me. And…”


The girl named Li Xinyu paused and continued: “And, only when he goes abroad to study, Brother Zhiyang would have a better future. You as his female friends, won’t you object?”


Qin Xiangnan groaned in her heart. “Ofcourse I won’t object. If this is the best choice, I will respect him.”


“That’s the good. I still have a few words to remind you. My parents and brother Zhiyang’s parents are planning to let us get married in the future. Maybe he is just playing with you now. When we go abroad together, he should forget you soon. I advise you, don’t be too concerned about him now, otherwise in the future…”


Qin Xiangnan heard everything, she understood everything, no matter whether the girl said was true or not, Shen Zhiyang was really going to go abroad, she delayed him.


“I know, you can rest assured that I won’t stop him from going abroad. Other things, I don’t need you to remind me, goodbye.”


She hung up the phone, there was pestle there, something stuck in her heart.


“Xiao Nan, what’s wrong with you” Shen Zhiyang came back and asked her when she saw her standing at the door.


“It’s nothing. I just had your phone. I’m sorry, because I’m afraid of disturbing others. I answered it for you.” She handed him the phone.


He took it, glanced at the call log and panicked. “What did she tell you?”


“Nothing, you ask her yourself.” Qin Xiangnan turned and walked into the library.


Shen Zhiyang quickly pulled her, “Xiao Nan, I have nothing to do with her, I only like you, you have to believe me.”


Qin Xiangnan smiled slightly and said, “I believe in you.”


Although Qin Xiangnan said she believe him, he was still restless all day. But she seemed to have nothing, and continued to read her book. The more she did, the more he felt that something had happened.


Until he questioned Li Xinyu, he almost exploded.


This Li Xinyu likes to pester him since he was a child. What’s more annoying is that his parents like her too. He just treats her as a sister and doesn’t think about marriage at all. Li Xinyu actually said such things to Qin Xiangnan, he scolded Li Xinyu.


He became more and more angry, afraid that Qin Xiangnan would be cranky, so he asked her to come out and explain it well.


“Xiao Nan, you really have to believe me. I really have nothing to do with Li Xinyu, that is just her wishful thinking.” He hugged her tightly, fearing that she would leave in any second.


“Did I say that? I believe you.” She said quietly.


Shen Zhiyang still couldn’t believe it, “Are you really not angry?”


She shook her head, “Not angry.”


“Then… how can I still feel uneasy. Is there anything you haven’t tell me? Xiao Nan, if you don’t say anything, I will feel more uncomfortable.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at him and asked him solemnly: “Are you going to go abroad?”


The author has something to say:
I really like Shen Zhiyang. I feel bad.