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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 41

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 41 – Confession (1)


Before returning to the room, Li Susu said, “I will build a group of us and send the photos we took today.”


Qin Xiangnan agreed and they went back to rest.


There are three floors on the villa. The lower floor is the living room and kitchen, the second floor is the function rooms, the KTV, chess room is on this floor, and the third floor is their rooms. There is a total of four rooms on the third floor. Li Susu and Su Mingxuan will naturally share a room. Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang each have one room.


Qin Xiangnan returned to her room, took a bath, changed into her pajamas, and was ready to rest. In the past, she deliberately bought conservative pajamas to prevent situations from happening like last time.


She went to bed, leaned on the pillow, and looked at her phone. She found that Li Susu has already built the group chat and sent today’s photos.


Qin Xiangnan laughed when she looked at it. Li Susu actually took pictures of her and Xu Chang while they were cooking, as well as when they were playing tennis and singing. And a selfie of the four of them when they were eating together. In the photo, she and Xu Chang were sitting close together, and they both laughed happily.


After looking at her phone, Qin Xiangnan planned to turn the lights off and sleep. At this moment, she seemed to hear something.


It came from the next room. She went on her sideways to clearly hear it. While listening, she suddenly understood something.


Li Susu’s room was next to hers. When she understood what was happening, she blushed. She hurriedly covered her ears with a pillow, but didn’t expect that the movement was getting louder and louder. She was annoyed, this Li Susu, didn’t she know that her mother in the next room has been single for so many years, how can she bear this kind of sounds?


She had to pull the quilt up and covered her head.


At 10 o’ clock in the evening, Xu Chang still did not take a shower and did not sleep.


The alcohol he drank irritated his internal organs and made his stomach tumult.


He certainly heard the movement in the next room, and he felt like he was going crazy with her now. Today, he was astonished to see her well-dressed appearance. She was only the woman in the world who made him feel love. He liked her so much that he wanted to eagerly hug her, but he didn’t dare to do or say anything.


He hasn’t said it for so many years. Is he still a man?


He remembered back in high school, many girls liked him. It was not that he had a heart of stone, but none of those girls could make him feel something.


Except her, the one who worked hard. She can fight for her ideals, and she is optimistic and strong. In fact, in his heart, she looked very beautiful. The dimples that shows when she’s laughing was so charming and how cute she looked when she was angry at her brother.


He wanted to tell her that he liked her, but he didn’t dare. He was afraid to disturb her studies. She worked so hard to achieve her ideals. If she was distracted, her would regret it his whole life.


What he never expected was that someone would actually appear in her life, blocking him and her.


The man named Shen Zhiyang actually liked her. But he was much braver than him, and he confessed to her.


And he himself dared not do anything.


How cowardly he was. He hated himself back then. But everything was too late, she had Shen Zhiyang by her side.


When he learned that she was hospitalized, he was very worried. Thinking of how she was always desperate and worried about the homework that she left for two weeks, he sorted out a reviewer for her for a few days.


When he went to the hospital to find her, he found that Shen Zhiyang was also there. He heard how happy she and Shen Zhiyang were. This kind of laughter is something she will never do with him. He also knew that he didn’t have the ability to make her smile so happily. He was a failure.


He stood at the door of the ward and felt his heart ache that he was unable to breath. He never had the courage to go in and hand the review materials.


The next day, he didn’t know why Zhao Cancan was rumored to be his girlfriend at the school again. He didn’t bother to clear it out as he didn’t really care. To Zhao Cancan, he has no feelings, just like all the other girls.


She was finally discharged from the hospital. He took advantage of the tutoring and gave her the review materials he had collected for a few days and nights but she somehow got angry and told him that she did not need his materials and did not need him. She can go to college without his help. He certainly knew that with her own efforts, she would be able to go to college. But her words hurt him deeply.


It turns out that these things he did for her were not worth mentioning at all, is this Shen Zhiyang guy really so good? He was very angry that day, but it was more of a heartache.


When Zhao Cancan ran over and asked him to borrow his review materials, his instinct told him to refuse. But when he saw Qin Xiangnan looking at him, he didn’t know what happened. He actually lent the information originally intended for her to Zhao Cancan. And even promised her that he would teach her how to play the guitar on the weekend. Only by doing so did he feel better in his heart.


In fact, he knew that he will never go that appointment. That weekend, he went to Qin Xiangnan’s house without thinking. But when Qin Xiangbei told him that she went on a date with Shen Zhiyang that day, he suddenly felt like his heart was blocked by something. Later, he had no mood to tutor Qin Xiangbei. He was confused and didn’t want to think about anything.


He felt like he was finished. Because of his cowardice, he lost her.


On the eve of New Year’s Day, Su Mingxuan asked him to go to New Year’s Eve. He didn’t want to go but Su Mingxuan revealed that Qin Xiangnan would also go, and he agreed,


He knew that she no longer belonged to him, and still couldn’t help but want to see her. He had a little luck, and if he had the chance, he would surely seize it.


However, he did not expect that Shen Zhiyang would also come. He saw with his own eyes that wen new year came at midnight, Shen Zhiyang kissed her.


How brilliant the fireworks that bloomed that night, but his heart was completely broken.


When the fireworks burned out and the noisy crowd dispersed, he stood alone by the riverside and thought about it all night.


Thinking about how he lost her.


No matter how people say that he’s good, he knows that he is not as perfect as others see him. He was aloof when he was young, and chose to hide when facing his feelings. He was weak and selfish, he didn’t dare to say anything.


In the past ten years, he had always wanted to forget her, and in the face of Lin Ruier’s strong pursuit, he tried to open his heart and slowly accept Lin Ruier, but he still couldn’t do it. In this world, there is only one girl than can make him feel love, and that is her, Qin Xiangnan.