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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 61

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 61 – He is back (1)


After dinner, Chen Xiaoqi came to her to report to work.


“Sister Xiangnan, there is a situation! There is a situation!” She was startled by the phone.


“What happened, after I left, how long did that group of people wait?”


“Unexpectedly, as soon as you left. The CEO came. Sister Xiangnan, too bad you didn’t see it. Their CEO is so young and handsome!” Chen Xiaoqi was guilty of nympho.


“Xiaoqi, say the point.” She couldn’t stand it.


“Oh, later. The CEO told them that there were some small problems within the company, and he guaranteed that their money would be taken out. Then, he explained that Tianhui would hold a press conference, and then he would tell the solution specifically. You really don’t know, Sister Xiangnan, this CEO is particularly graceful. It’s not at all the image of the diamond king I imagined. It’s really handsome, young, and gold…”


“Cough, well, I know. Which place would they do their press conference tomorrow?” Qin Xiangnan interrupted what she continued to say, and she couldn’t really listen.


“At one o’clock tomorrow afternoon, the address will be sent to you later. Am I doing another great job this time?”


“Yes, you are really good. You just turned right and behaved awesomely. You will follow me later.”


Chen Xiaoqi sneered at the phone.


The next morning, Qin Xiangnan went to the unit to attend a meeting, and was so busy that she hurriedly ate lunch. She hurried to the place where Chen Xiaoqi said yesterday to attend the meeting.


It was a high-end business hotel. When Qin Xiangnan arrived, Chen Xiaoqi had already occupied her a seat. She was in the first row. The location was very good. Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but praise her.


In addition to the group of people she met at the door of their company last time, more investors were present, and some seniors brought their children. She glanced roughly, it is estimated that there are one or two hundred people.


Qin Xiangnan looked at the time. Twenty minutes before the start, the company executives had not yet come. Because she have been busy with other work all morning, she had no time to check the background information of this company. She was going to secretly check the internet while it hadn’t started.


She looked closely. The company was founded two years ago and registered in country M with a registered capital of 20 million US dollars. The head office is set up in country M, and more than a dozen branches have been set up in the country, spread over a dozen cities. In just two years, the number of employees has expanded from three hundred to more than three thousand today. This industry is really fast, Qin Xiangnan thought. Moreover, their company’s products are well received, with high returns, and have never been postponed. This time it may really just be an accident.


She clicked on the company executives to introduce and study. When she saw the first CEO profile, she suddenly froze…


“Xiao Qi, what is the name of the CEO you saw yesterday?” She was in a panic.


“I don’t know the specific name. I seem to hear that others call him President Shen…” Chen Xiaoqi recalled.


Qin Xiangnan heard her answer, her face was stiff and her back was cold.


“Xiaoqi, it seemed that there was still another thing I need to do. It’s very urgent. I have to go. Let me leave the matter here.” Qin Xiangnan immediately got up and left.


Chen Xiaoqi pulled her off: “Hey, Sister Xiangnan, you’re kidding, there’s still five minutes to start. You just leave. What else is more important than today’s things, you let other colleagues go. President Pang has said that it is time to pay attention to the internet finance industry at all times, so you can be at ease.”


Qin Xiangnan was pulled down by Chen Xiaoqi and she always felt uneasy. “So, let’s sit in another place? Sit back, okay?”


“Xiangnan, what’s the matter with you? You just praised the position I picked, and I finally grabbed it. You see that the back is full now, what space is there?” “


Qin Xiangnan turned back and looked around, she did not find a vacancy, she was anxious red in the face.


At this time, a beautiful woman in formal wear came on the stage and adjusted the microphone volume after sitting down.


“Everyone, please sit down and be quiet. Today, everyone is busy. Thank you for attending our press conference. I am the company’s public relations department manager and the secretary of the general manager. You can call me Stella. For the related issues after the expiration of product e, today, we will invite the CEO of the company to give a solution. Next, let our CEO and founder Mr. Shen to come and explain the situation to everyone…” Stella stood up and prepared to give way to Mr. Shen.


Qin Xiangnan held her breath. Did the person she didn’t want to see really appear in front of her?


As everyone’s applause sounded. Qin Xiangnan saw him, the young man in her memory, Shen Zhiyang…


He was wearing a dark suit with a long and slender figure, and his youthful vibe has disappeared. Now he is mature, steady, and extraordinary. But he was as handsome as he was when he was young, and he showed confidence in his bones.


Qin Xiangnan narrowed her neck slightly, covering the lower half of her face with the notebook in her hand.


Seeing him nod to everyone present, he sat down and adjusted the height of the microphone.


“Thank you very much for attending this press conference. I am the founder of the company, Shen Zhiyang…” His voice was low and full of magnetism. Qin Xiangnan suddenly remembered this familiar voice. She heard it inadvertently. She secretly looked at him and saw that he looked serious, completely without the shadow of being with her before.


After so many years, people will still grow up. At that time, she asked him to study abroad. For his future, she didn’t like him. She always thought that the decision was right. Now he looks very good.


“First of all, I would like to apologize to you all. The current difficulties faced by the company stem from the improper prediction of the policy situation and the development of the industry. After the “thunder tide” in this industry, the regulatory authorities have put forward the requirements for downsizing of stores. The situation of the online loan industry have undergone major changes, and the company’s previous layout has become very heavy…”


“So this time the company will face a severe test, thank you very much for your perseverance. After that, we will carry out a comprehensive strategic transformation, including business scale, management team, online and offline layout, etc…”


“I believe that after this test, the company will definitely survive the difficulties, and everyone here must also believe in us and give us some time…”