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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 62

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 62 – He is back (2)


After Shen Zhiyang finished his speech, Stella walked over to the microphone and said a sentence: “You are now free to ask questions, everyone with questions, please raise your hands to ask, and President Shen will answer them one by one.”


Chen Xiaoqi pushed Qin Xiangnan next to her and whispered: “Sister Xiangnan, take this opportunity. Come up with a good question ah, this will depend on you.”


Qin Xiangnan shook her head, with a concealed book, she said:” I have no question. “


Chen Xiaoqi felt strange for a moment, such a good chance, why won’t her sister Xiangnan take advantage of it. What? No matter, Qin Xiangnan is not going, let her come.


Chen Xiaoqi raised her hand to prepare a question, Qin Xiangnan saw it, and quickly pulled her to stop. Chen Xiaoqi looked at her suspiciously, between the two struggling, Chen Xiaoqi finally raised her hand, Qin Xiangnan accidentally dropped the notebook on the ground.


“This beauty, what’s the problem, say it.” Stella looked at Chen Xiaoqi.


Chen Xiaoqi quickly released Qin Xiangnan’s hand that was blocking her, and stood up. Qin Xiangnan felt awkward and quickly picked up the notebook on the ground to cover the lower half of her face, her heart pounding.


She secretly looked at Shen Zhiyang. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to find anything, and his expression was calm.


Chen Xiaoqi stood up and introduced herself first: “Mr. Shen, I am a reporter from “Daily News”. My name is Chen Xiaoqi. I am honored to participate in today’s press conference. I would like to ask Mr. Shen, in recent years, does the company have a listing plan?”


Shen Zhiyang paused slightly and said, “The company does have a listing plan. For this plan, it has been prepared for a long time…”


Chen Xiaoqi listened to Mr. Shen’s answer and said thank you and sat back. She looked at Qin Xiangnan suspiciously and asked her in a low voice: “Sister Xiang Nan, why didn’t you just let me ask questions?”


“Nothing, anyway, you also asked, just like this…” she whispered.


Chen Xiaoqi still thinks she is strange, why should she keep covering her face? Has she got acne today?


Immediately afterwards, several reporters raised many questions, and Shen Zhiyang responded calmly.


After the reporter asked, some investors started asking questions.


Stella asked a middle-aged man who seemed to be around forty to ask questions. The man stood up and had a bad attitude.


“Mr. Shen just said that the company will survive this difficulty, then I would like to ask Mr. Shen, when will the company be able to get through the difficulties, and when will my money be withdrawn?” His voice was very loud, as if questioning .


Shen Zhiyang still calmly replied: “At present, the company has taken corresponding measures, the specific measures are not convenient to inform, I believe there will be a turnaround soon, please give more time and trust.”


The middle-aged listened to his answer obviously not buying the explanations, still said with great force: “Is your company using this method to deceive us? When will there be a turnaround? I have been waiting for several months. When will my money be returned to me? My child is waiting. Do you still have a conscience to pay for the tuition?”


Stella saw that the investor was out of control and quickly called the security guard to persuade him to leave. Shen Zhiyang was silent.


The security guard asked the investor to leave. The middle-aged man was still yelling, and the other investors started to speak:


“This big brother is right, when will our money be returned to us? I have to wait for this money to buy a house and pay the down payment. I will wait for it. The house prices have gone up. I don’t know how many times? Will you compensate?”


“My son is still waiting for my money to get married. Now my wife is running away, I haven’t got my money yet.” An uncle also participated.


“Yes, this money is the money for our old couple to provide for the elderly, it is the savings that we have saved for a lifetime.”


“Mr. Shen, you’re so grand, please come up with a substantial plan!”


“Yes! Today we can’t listen to your words and just leave. We need to know when we can withdraw the money!”


“Please ask Mr. Shen to give us a clear answer!”


“I will see the money today, otherwise I will not leave !”




The scene was out of control at this moment, and there were a total of three security guards on the scene. Everyone said a word, and was emotional. Stella was on the stage and shouted: “Please be quiet, if you do this, I will call the police.”


Who knows, a group of people heard her saying that she wanted to call the police, they became more angry .


“Okay, call the police, check your company’s details, is it a fraud?”


“Yes, let the police come! Enforcement to return the money to us!”


The more these people speak, the more they crossed points. Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but glance at Shen Zhiyang, seeing him with dignified expression, and said nothing.


At this time, she didn’t know who, and there was a conflict with the security guard, and the two were fighting together. After all, the security guards were not vegetarians. They beat people down three or two times. Everyone saw that someone was beaten and they exploded. The young and strong men of blood and flesh got up directly and start attacking the three security guards.


Chen Xiaoqi saw that the scene and was suddenly confused, and when she was panicking, she did not forget to take out the video camera and record it.


Seeing the scene, Stella couldn’t take it back. She said a few words in Shen Zhiyang’s ear, and it was estimated that he should leave quickly. After listening to her, Shen Zhiyang got up and prepared to leave.


Who knows who discovered the move on the stage, and immediately shouted: “Mr. Shen can’t go, you have to give us an account today.”


Everyone agreed again: “Yes, Mr. Shen can’t go. We must see our money today.”


Shen Zhiyang hesitated and paused there. Stella saw it, and immediately she was leaving with him.


Everyone was angry now, and all stepped forward to stop him. Chen Xiaoqi also took the camera and prepared to step forward. Qin Xiangnan stopped her: “Xiao Qi, don’t go, let’s stop shooting.”


Chen Xiaoqi was puzzled: “Xiangnan, what’s wrong with you today.”


She didn’t care about Qin Xiangnan, squeezed in the crowd and rushed forward, unexpectedly as soon as she got on stage, she was overthrown by someone. Ouch, the camera rolled down on the ground.


Qin Xiangnan hurried up to help her. Too many people were too chaotic and almost stomped their cameras.


Chen Xiaoqi didn’t care about herself, picked up the camera, and squeezed into the crowd one by one, finally squeezed to the front and fell again. Qin Xiangnan was anxious for a moment, didn’t think so much, and squeezed inside to help her. At this time she heard someone shouting:


“Mr. Shen, you can’t go. You have to give us an explanation.”


Qin Xiangnan looked over, and Shen Zhiyang was in front of her, separated by about two people.


Stella stopped in front of her and shouted, “Please calm down, the police will be here soon.”


The man in his forties, who was in his anger, squeezed in and was about to hit someone with his fist, Stella stopped in front, Qin Xiangnan was pushed away by him, and Qin Xiangnan was squeezed by the crowd behind him, and he stepped forward two more times. Qin Xiangnan exclaimed when she saw that the forty-year-old man’s fist was about to fall on Shen Zhiyang’s face. She raised her hand to stop the fist. Unexpectedly, who stepped on her feet stepped forward and threw it up, which happened to fall in Shen Zhiyang’s arms and was also hit with a fist. Her face was hot and painful, and she felt a bloody smell overflowing from her mouth.


“Xiao Nan!” Shen Zhiyang shouted.


The author has something to say:
*Distressed* Shen Zhiyang, he is really good