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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 63

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 63 – Jealous (1)


The last thing Qin Xiangnan saw was  Shen Zhiyang’s face, it was noisy around her, and then her vision gradually blurred, her voice disappeared and she fainted.


When she woke up, her face was swollen, hot and painful. She didn’t know where she was and her surrounding was very quiet. She slowly opened her eyes and the white wall, fluorescent light, a drip greeted her.


She suddenly felt her left hand was held tightly.


“Xiangnan, you’re awake.” It turned out to be Chen Xiaoqi.


Qin Xiangnan wanted to open her mouth and speak but she felt her left cheek was stinging. It took her a great effort before she could utter, “Xiaoqi, how?” After she spoke, it hurt so much that she did not have the energy to speak again.


Chen Xiaoqi seemed to know what she was about to ask and quickly said: “It was Mr. Shen who sent you to the hospital. He looks…”


She saw Chen Xiaoqi stopping and said gently: “He looked nervous…”


Qin Xiangnan was horrified. What should come is always coming…


Chen Xiaoqi continued: “I just notified your brother. He will come over in a while.”


Qin Xiangnan suddenly thought of something and panicked. Not considering the pain in her left face, asked in a vague voice: “Mr. Shen? Did he leave?”


“No. He went to pay the money and will come over in a while.”


Finished… now she can only hope that Shen Zhiyang will hurry up and go. She can only take on step at a time… she didn’t expect that Qin Xiangbei came first. Qin Xiangnan seemed to see a life-saving straw and held him tightly.


Qin Xiangbei was startled, “Qin Xiangnan, what are you doing? You haven’t died yet. You don’t have to be so nauseous…”


Qin Xiangnan really wanted to be mad at him, endured the pain, and said vaguely: “Xu Chang… don’t come…”


“What? Xu Chang? I knew you had forgotten your brother and you only know Xu Chang when you’re about to die. You can rest assured, he is performing surgery now. I have told his colleagues. He will come over in a while.”


Qin Xiangnan grabbed her brother’s hand and immediately hit the edge of the bed like a deflated ball. She scolded Qin Xiangbei in her heart… She hoped that the two of them wouldn’t meet… wouldn’t meet… She could only pray silently.


“Why are you hurt like this? Who hit you? Your face is swollen like  pig’s head, really ugly.” Qin Xiangnan glared at him but did not have the strength to refute him.


Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaoqi on the side opened her mouth again, “Oh. Sister Xiangnan saved the hero today. She took a punch for President Shen. This president is really young and handsome…”


Qin Xiangbei listened to Chn Xiaoqi’s endless talk, his ears hurt, and he interrupted her: “Stop. Who is this Shen?”


“Mr. Shen, just…”


“It’s me!”


When Chen Xiaoqi finished, Shen Zhiyang came.


Qin Xiangnan pretended to faint…


Qin Xiangbei stared at Shen Zhiyang suspiciously for a long time, and suddenly slapped his head. “F̲u̲c̲k̲! You are…” He didn’t dare to say the words, and hurriedly looked at Qin Xiangnan with her eyes closes in the hospital bed. Seeing her motionless, he looked at Shen Zhiyang suspiciously, his eyes flicking back and forth between the two, feeling that things were not good!


“You are Qin Xiangbei, I didn’t expect you to be a doctor.”


Qin Xiangbei felt that Shen Zhiyang actually recognized him and was flattered for a while.


“Oh, yes, I know you. You are Shen Zhiyang! My sister…” Realizing that he was about to go into trouble the next second, Qin Xiangbei immediately stopped talking.


Shen Zhiyang just smiled at him, walked into Qin Xiangnan’s bed, watched that her eyes were still closed, and said softly, “Xiao Nan.”


Qin Xiangnan was startled. Qin Xiangbei and Chen Xiaoqi both dropped their jaws.


Qin Xiangnan thought to never wake up again. Shen Zhiyang glanced at her.


Shen Zhiyang turned to ask Chen Xiaoqi: “Has she not woken up yet?”


Chen Xiaoqi thought for a moment, Sister Xiangnan had woken up earlier, why did she sleep again this time. What is the situation? Mr. Shen’s “Xiao Nan”, did the two of them know each other? Qin Xiangnan also behaved very strangely today. Always seemed to want ton escape. What happened to the two of them? Chen Xiaoqi felt that things must not be simple.


She thought that she could not betray Sister Xiangnan, and answered him: “Did not wake up.”


Qin Xiangnan gave her ten thousand praises in her heart!


Unexpectedly, Shen Zhiyang’s next sentence almost made Qin Xiangnan jump from the bed.


Shen Zhiyang said: “Then I will wait for her to wake up before leaving.”


“No need!”


This voice! Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt bad… The three turned around, of course Qin Xiangnan was still pretending to be asleep, and found Xu Chang standing at the door, his face green.