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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 64

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 64 – Jealous (2)


Qin Xiangbei thought it was over, the former and the current meeting, it is necessary to fight.


Chen Xiaoqi looked suspicious. Did Dr. Xu also have a relationship with Sister Xiangnan?? What happened? She was almost confused.


Shen Zhiyang looked at Xu Chang coldly. He recognized him. He was Qin Xiangnan’s classmate. He remembered the debate in high school. When Qin Xiangnan was in distress, she asked him every time. He still remembers the New Year’s Eve, and he was there too. Qin Xiangnan seemed to care about his existence.


Xu Chang said to Shen Zhiyang: “She is my girlfriend, please leave!”


Shen Zhiyang looked blankly at Xu Chang without a word.


Qin Xiangnan’s palms were cold and sweaty, and the whole person was stiff, and her heart was chaotic.


After a while, Shen Zhiyang turned around and looked at Qin Xiangnan, who still had her eyes closed, and said to her: “Xiao Nan, I will go first. I will come to you when I have time.”


After he finished, he turned and walked to the door. When he passed by Xu Chang, he paused, did not speak, and then stepped out.


Qin Xiangbei told himself with a man’s intuition that the murderousness just now was too great. He took a long breath, which was terrible.


Xu Chang’s face was still ugly. He walked to the bed of Qin Xiangnan and said, “I know you’re awake, when will you stop pretending?”


She opened her eyes in fear, afraid to look at Xu Chang.


“Say, what’s the matter?” He seemed angry, Qin Xiangnan didn’t say anything, and didn’t go to see him.


“Look at me and talk!” His voice was almost roaring.


Qin Xiangnan slowly looked at him, seeing his iron-green face, thinking that he was so fierce to her, an inexplicable air rushed toward her chest, and then turned to the tip of her nose, her lips pursed, tears fell off.


At this moment, Xu Chang suddenly panicked, he did not expect him to scare her. Qin Xiangbei and Chen Xiaoqi were also embarrassed, and they were like two pieces of wood. Qin Xiangbei scratched his head and said to Xu Chang: “I still have something, I will go first.” After he finished, he ran away with his legs open, and Chen Xiaoqi also said that she had something to followed Qin Xiangbei When she got to the door, she did not forget to close the door quietly.


There were only the two of them left in the ward, it silent for a moment. Qin Xiangnan felt more and more wronged in her heart, her face still hurt, Xu Chang was so fierce in front of others, tears rolled down.


“Don’t cry, I was wrong.” When she cried, his attitude improved and he gently held her hand. Unexpectedly, Qin Xiangnan turned away. She turned her head away, not looking at him.


Xu Chang held her hand tightly again, not letting her break free. “I was worried about you. When I heard you were hurt, I was really scared. Fortunately, you are fine.”


Seeing that she still ignored him, he only twitched her nose. He sighed softly, “You have a good rest, I still have things, I will come to see you again later. I won’t scold you anymore, don’t cry.”


After that, he gently grabbed her hand. He kissed the back of her hand, then slowly lowered her hand, gave her a glance, and turned away.


When he went out, she found that Chen Xiaoqi was still at the door. She saw Dr. Xu coming out and hurried forward, and said to him: “Dr. Xu, you and Sister Xiangnan are a pair. I just found out, I think you are very worthy “


Xu Chang hooked his lips and asked her, “What the hell happened today?”


Chen Xiaoqi said the matter originally. Of course, in front of Xu Chang, all the praises of Shen Zhiyang were omitted.


Xu Chang listened to her and looked calm. “I know, would you take care of her for a while, I would see her in the evening after work. Thank you very much..”


Chen Xiaoqi quickly said no trouble.


After Xu Chang left, Chen Xiaoqi came in to see her and saw that she was in a grievance, comforted her a few words, and sorted out today’s information next to her.


Qin Xiangnan lay alone in bed, thinking about what happened today. She didn’t expect that she would meet Shen Zhiyang today, and she got a punch for him by mistake. She just reacted instinctively to save people, who knew she would put herself in it. She did not know what Shen Zhiyang would think, would he think she would not forget him. But she was even more worried about Xu Chang. If he knew she was punched for Shen Zhiyang and then she became like this, he must have exploded.


Alas, why did this happen? So tiring. Thinking about it, she felt sleepy, her face hurt, and she simply slept, forget about her troubles.


She didn’t know how long she slept until she woke up. She felt that her face didn’t hurt so much, but she was a little hungry. Leaning her head, she met Xu Chang’s eyes.


“You finally woke up, little lazy cat.” He didn’t seem to be angry, and she was relieved in her heart.


“You must be very hungry, drink some porridge, your face is still swollen, and your mouth can’t be too open.”


Qin Xiangnan sat up and watched Xu Chang gently scoop a spoonful of white porridge with a spoon. And then put the spoon close to her mouth, asking her to open her mouth.


Suddenly, she felt a warm current flowing through her heart, squeezed her lips, choked her tears back, opened her mouth and drank the white porridge he fed her, until after a mouthful was drunk by her, he wiped her with tissue and cleaned her mouth.


She has many things to say to him, and wants to tell him that she accidentally encountered Shen Zhiyang today. She didn’t deliberately get a punch for him. She hoped he won’t misunderstand.


She opened her lips slightly and thought a lot, but at last she said only three words vaguely: “I’m sorry.”


He smiled slightly and said to her: “I know. You did not want to see him nor would take a punch for him. Today’s things are coincidences, you don’t need to apologize.”


Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect him to understand her so much, she was really moved.


Xu Chang continued: “However, in the future, you are not allowed to see him again.” He said in an orderly tone.


She nodded and agreed. Although she promised not to see Shen Zhiyang without hesitation, Xu Chang felt a little uneasy in his heart.


This night, Qin Xiangnan slept peacefully in a hospital bed, and Xu Chang sat beside her bed and looked at her, staying up all night.


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang is really angry