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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 65

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 65 – Her Entanglement (1)


The next day, Qin Xiangnan was allowed to leave the hospital. Although she still had a half swollen face, it was better to go home than to stay in the hospital.


Qin Xiangnan looked at herself in the mirror, and her face was completely ruined, and she didn’t know how Xu Chang could see it. With this ugly face on, she stopped going to work and took three days off for a good rest.


Although she said she was on leave, she was not at home and was busy writing articles every day. Chen Xiaoqi also sent a lot of files and videos that she needed to watch, waiting for her to modify.


After the last encounter with Shen Zhiyang, Qin Xiangnan told Chen Xiaoqi that she would not take care of the affairs of Shen Zhiyang, but the last press conference would be very important to Chen Xiaoqi. She has now sorted out the first draft and Chen Xiaoqi begged her for help modify. She thought that it was just to help revise it, but instead of meeting with Shen Zhiyang, she agreed.


On the second day of vacation, she was busy looking at other manuscripts during the day. She looked up at five o’clock in the evening, and Chen Xiaoqi urged her to revise the manuscript of Shen Zhiyang company. She thought about cooking after reading it.


Looking at it, she was curious about why their company’s capital chain broke this time. She started to check their company’s profile on the internet. There are also various posts. Don’t miss it. Look at the investors about this company and their products. Did not know what to order, the page jumped to the company executive introduction.


The first introduction on the page that jumped out was CEO Shen Zhiyang, and Qin Xiangnan instinctively wanted to turn it off. But he still couldn’t help her curiosity, thinking of her promis to Xu Chang. This is not a meeting if she look at the introduction. And she was really curious. At that time, she let him go abroad, what did he experience, at least now he looks very good.


She glanced at Shen Zhiyang’s resume. It turned out that after graduating from the M School of Finance, he entered a well-known financial company in M Country. After that, his career became prosperous and became an executive. Two years ago, he also established his own company. Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect Shen Zhiyang to be so powerful. Maybe she didn’t know much about him before. For more than a year with him, it seemed that she didn’t care much about him, and she never asked him anything. .


At that time she thought she liked him, and now thinking about it, just used to feeling that he was there.


Thinking about it, she was fascinated. At this time, someone knocked on the door, Qin Xiangnan came back, and ran to open the door.


Unexpectedly, Xu Chang was standing outside the door, and Qin Xiangnan was shocked and happy.


“Why are you here?”


“I came off work early today to see how your face is.”


Qin Xiangnan hurriedly covered her left face. “It’s too ugly, don’t look at it.”


Xu Chang broke her hand away. “It’s pretty ugly, so I’ll get used to it.”


She was angry and hammered his chest with a small pink fist .


“I’m going to cook, haven’t you eaten yet?” she asked him.


“Well, I’m very hungry. I haven’t eaten the the food you cooked. But look at you so stupid, it should not be good to eat.”


Qin Xiangnan was so angry that she pinched his neck and finally dropped a sentence. “Love to eat or not to eat!” She ran to the kitchen to do her big project.


Fortunately, the refrigerator was full of food a few days ago.


She peeked at him in the kitchen and saw him bored, and said, “I’ll take a while, do you want to watch TV.”


“No, can I borrow your computer, I just want to check some information.”


“Yes, it’s on the table.” After she said this, she suddenly remembered something. She immediately threw a vegetable in her hand, and ran out.


In front of Xu Chang, she snapped the computer on the table.


“What are you doing?” Xu Chang was surprised, looking at her move inexplicably.


“Oh, I forgot, my computer is broken. You should watch TV.” She blinked and pulled him to sit on the sofa.


Xu Chang is suspicious.


She pressed him on the sofa and turned on the TV remote control. Said a sentence: “Don’t move. I’ll cook.”


Then she walked into the room with the computer, ready to hide it.


“Qin Xiangnan!” Xu Chang stopped her, she was stunned.


“The computers are broken, what are you doing hiding?” She was stumped by him. “Have you ever heard the words to hide a head and show the tail?”


She suddenly panicked. “Why can’t I understand what you’re talking about?”


“Here !” He reached out.


“No!” She could not give it to him.


“I think you have a problem.” Xu Chang’s face sank.


Qin Xiangnan’s guilty conscience, thinking of any way to let him give up? He is so clever, it is futile to compile any reason at this time. She sighed, and felt uneasy.


“You promise first, you will not be angry after you read it, and you are not allowed to be violent to me. Also, what you see is by no means what you think. I won’t lie to you.”


“Okay. I promise,” he answered.


She nervously handed him the computer. He took it, put it on the table, and turned it on.


Shen Zhiyang’s resume jumped out of the webpage that Qin Xiangnan looked at before.


Her heart beat faster and she dared not look at him with her head down, ready to accept the roar from Xu Chang to herself. Unexpectedly, after waiting for a long time, Xu Chang said nothing.


She looked up at him and found that he was seriously looking for his medical information. She was surprised.


“Xu Chang, are you angry?”


“Didn’t I promise you?” he said calmly.


“Oh.” But she was still afraid that he would suddenly erupt afterwards.


“What are you doing, don’t cook, do you want to starve me to death?”


She said well, and ran to the kitchen tremblingly.


She still kept peeking at him afterwards and found that he was still busy with his business, and she was relieved.


In the evening, she showed her cooking skills and made three dishes and one soup. Xu Chang, who was always picky, praised her, and she was complacent.


After dinner, Xu Chang was busy looking up the information. Qin Xiangnan swiped Weibo on the sofa. When she saw the fun, she giggled and made Xu Chang look at her from time to time.


When it was almost ten o’clock, Qin Xiangnan felt tired, and she began to order him.


“Xu Chang, you should go back.”


Xu Chang looked at the time and said it was too early.


She said oh, then watch another funny video. She looked at him and laughed from time to time, and this time she laughed back and forth.


Xu Chang closed the computer and said to her, “You are too noisy. I can’t work anymore.”


She saw that her computer was closed. Presumably, he had to leave, and quickly got up and gave way.


“Then you go back early, I am also sleepy.” She stretched her waist.


Xu Chang was pushed out of the door by her, said goodbye and be careful on the way, just about to close the door, he propped up with one hand.


Qin Xiangnan wondered, “What are you doing?”


He suddenly smiled evilly at her, “I don’t want to leave today.”


She was surprised, what does that mean? Ask him: “Are you not going to work tomorrow?”


“Go to work.” He answered.


“Then why do you still need to check the information overnight?”


He suddenly laughed out loud, “Who said I want to check the information overnight?”


Qin Xiangnan suddenly realized, blushing slightly: “No… I… I’m not ready… …”


He squeezed her slightly hot face, “Where do you want to go?”


She was embarrassed, “Then what do you mean, you bullied me again.” She snorted, trying to close the door, he held the door again.


“I’m serious, I’m going to the car to get my clothes, prepare to put the quilt on the sofa.” He finished and went downstairs.


Qin Xiangnan just reacted. He was about to sleep on the couch tonight, and she was relieved.