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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 66

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 66 – Her Entanglement (2)


She went back to the house and moved the quilt out, but she still wondered why Xu Chang even brought his clothes.


Unexpectedly, Xu Chang said the clothes are still a big bag. She was surprised. Is he going to move?


“I sometimes stay in the hospital, so I will prepare a lot.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded.


“You take a shower and go to bed early after washing.” Xu Chang said to her.


She gave another nod.


Qin Xiangnan glanced at him embarrassingly when he came out of the shower and said, “You go to wash, I have prepared towels and toiletries for you. I’m going to bed.”


She finished walking into the room and closed the door After thinking for a while, the door was gently locked.


“Qin Xiangnan, I won’t eat you, why is the door locked!” She was shocked, and this was heard by him.


Out of trust, the lock was opened again, and she shouted out: “No lock, let go.”


She got angry and got into the bed. Close her eyes and prepared to sleep.


But she couldn’t sleep anymore. She could not hear the sound of the water whizzing in the bathroom.


After looking at the time, it was almost eleven. She tossed and turned, unable to sleep. After thinking about it, she sent a message to Li Susu.


Qin Xiangnan: Li Susu, are you asleep?


Li Susu: Sleep.


Qin Xiangnan: Ask you a question, what if the boyfriend is not interested in the girlfriend?


Li Susu: F̲u̲c̲k̲! Do you have a boyfriend?


Qin Xiangnan: You answer my question first.


Li Susu: Who is it?


Qin Xiangnan: Never mind, goodbye


Li Susu: Wouldn’t it be Xu Chang?


Qin Xiangnan: Why would you think that


Li Susu: [Sprinkle Flower] [Sprinkle Flower] [Excited] [Excited]


Qin Xiangnan: [Embarrassed]


Li Susu: Men and women who are in love often like to pretend to be reserved, just get used to it. But if this person is Xu Chang, then it is not necessary.


Qin Xiangnan: What do you mean?


Li Susu: Think about it for yourself, take him down with your beauty. [Come on]


Qin Xiangnan threw her cell phone, come on. She thought that Li Susu, who had a lot of experience in love, had any coup. What’s more, her beauty no longer exists in these days, and Xu Chang really can’t stop facing the pig’s head.


It’s better to watch a funny little video to distract your attention. She was lying on her side, touching her face with her right hand, holding the phone with her left hand, and turning down the volume of the phone to the lowest level. When she saw the funny part, she couldn’t help but lower her voice and giggled twice.


When she saw it, she couldn’t hold it anymore. she buried it in the bed, wrapped it from head to toe, and even got a hair thread in, and gave herself a small safe space. She was dumb and giggled. She was overjoyed.


After seeing it for a while, she kept a posture uncomfortably, so she changed my posture. Because the left face was still swollen, she had to look up, holding the phone to her face with both hands, and continued to watch.


After brushing several funny videos in a row, her stomach hurt when she laughed.


“Don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you laughing at?” Xu Chang shouted outside, scaring her with a trembling hand and smashing her phone with her face. “Ouch”, it hurts.


“What’s wrong with you?”


“Nothing, the phone smashed into the face.” She rubbed and said.


“You can’t look at your mobile phone in bed. Lying on your left and right sides will exert the most pressure on your left and right eyes, which will cause deviations in your vision. It will also cause physiological curvature of the cervical spine. The most important thing is that the radiation received by the mobile phone signals will affect the human brain nervous system. Longer time will reduce intelligence, you are already stupid, do you want to be even more stupid?”


She was speechless and just looked at the phone. “Got it, go to sleep immediately.” She lowered her phone helplessly.


Unexpectedly, she just watched the video and passed the biological clock that she usually sleeps in. She opened her eyes and couldn’t sleep! She still can’t help but want to watch her cell phone, but it’s not okay to watch funny videos, so she’ll post on Weibo.


After a while, Xu Chang actually called her. Ok? Is it necessary to call just in one room? She picked it up.


“What are you doing and wasting phone bills?” she wondered.


“Qin Xiangnan, you answering the phone so quickly, are you looking at your cell phone again?”


She was fooled by him?


“I just can’t sleep.”


“Then, I will talk to you.” The suggestion is good.


“Okay, you speak.” She agreed.


“What phone bill do you waste, I’m coming in?” Huh? What does this mean?


When she reacted, she hurriedly jumped out of bed, straightened her hair, adjusted her pajamas, and turned on the lamp on the bedside table.


Quietly said: “Come in.”


When Xu Chang came in, he saw Qin Xiangnan leaning on the pillow, a look of sorrow, and the warm yellow table lamp shining on her half of the face was very beautiful.


“You just laughed so loudly now, now you’re showing a languorous look. What are you doing?”


Qin Xiangnan was pierced relentlessly by Xu Chang, her teeth tickled, and she wasn’t pretending.


She snorted coldly at him, “Say something soon.”


“It’s not that you can’t sleep. Let me speak with you.” Did she say that?


She couldn’t stand still while chatting. She took the initiative to move half of the bed, a pair of hands, patting the empty seat, “Sit!”


Xu Chang sat down with no mercy, no, it should be half leaned down, sitting on the bedside, leaning on her pillow.


Qin Xiangnan suddenly felt something was wrong, hey? Was she routinely used by him?


The woman in love is entangled. Qin Xiangnan, who had just been depressed by her boyfriend who was not interested in her, was upset at the moment.


But what she worried about disappeared in the next second.


“It’s late, I won’t talk to you anymore. Give me your phone. Go to bed again.” She listened to his close voice, feeling very at ease in her heart and handing over the phone obediently. Retract in the be


“Then when do you sleep?” she asked him.


“When you fall asleep, I will go out.”


She uttered a hum.


He turned off the lamp. The room was completely dark, they were not too close, they were in an extremely suitable distance, there was no noise outside, and the night was particularly quiet. Qin Xiangnan only heard her own calm heartbeat, slowly and regularly banging…


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang: I will lie down~