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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 68

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 68 – Brother’s Misunderstanding (2)


After three days of rest, Qin Xiangnan’s face not so swollen, leaving only a slight bruise, which could not be seen under the cover of the foundation. After restoring her beauty, she was not idle for a moment.


Recently, Mr. Pang, the leader, also focused on the last issue and continued to ask everyone to focus on the internet financial industry. Then began to arrange tasks for everyone, and by the way opened a commendation meeting.


“Well, I know that everyone is busy lately, but you can’t slack off. Recently, the situation outside is like this. The internet finance industry is booming. This month, the relevant departments have strengthened supervision, so many companies have fallen down. We must continue to follow up the reports, hitting the iron while it’s hot. This time I have to commend Xiao Qin and Xiao Chen. Although Xiao Chen has just graduated, she is full of energy. This kind of work is worth encouraging.”


Chen Xiaoqi was praised by name and was a little shy.


Leader Pang continued: “Also, Xiao Qin really worked hard for you this time. She was injured due to work and her spirit is commendable and worthy of praise.”


Qin Xiangnan quickly said that this is her job and should be done. But her heart was galloping.


“And, it is very important, because Xiao Qin took a punch for Mr. Shen of X company, the other party expressed apology, and also took the initiative to ask us to talk, want to use our “Daily News” to declare their company’s capital chain. The problem, by the way, to explain to the people that this is just a short-term difficulty. The company must quickly come up with a solution. This matter, continue to be responsible for Xiao Qin and Xiao Chen. You have done well before and continue to work hard. “


Qin Xiangnan choked, quickly rejected this errand.


“Mr. Pang, can I not take this job? You have to ask Brother Feng for help, he knows this piece better than me.”


Brother Feng quickly quit, “Reporter Qin, how dare I, Mr. Shen specified that they want you. I can’t afford to offend this person.”


Pang always thought of Qin Xiangnan as modest, continued to encourage and said: “No worries, Xiao Qin. I know you have experience. I will be assured to have you.”


“Mr. Pang, I really can’t do it. I rested for three days and there are still many things left unfinished. I’m afraid I don’t have time to take over this matter again.”


“It’s okay, Xiao Qin, you hand over the matter with Brother Feng. You should pay more attention to the company’s affairs. Just like that, if it’s okay, just let it go.”


Leader Pang did not wait for Qin Xiangnan to continue to refute, and he packed things up, and others also walked out of the meeting room.


Qin Xiangnan gritted her teeth and overtook him, “Leader Pang, I really can’t do it. I’ll tell you in private. That President Shen, knows me, we have a history.”


Leader Pang was surprised, “It’s it like that. Why did the assistant specifically ask you to go? Xiao Qin, have you misunderstood something?”


“I didn’t get it wrong, Mr. Pang, you still let Brother Feng go. Let’s not miss this opportunity in “Daily News”, Brother Feng knows this piece quite well. You see, I really have a problem.”


“Then, let me ask General Secretary Shen to change or not. We should respect others anyway. We can’t say that we can substitute people..”


Qin Xiangnan nodded and listened to the leader’s arrangement first.


Company X, Stella and Shen Zhiyang are reporting today’s work arrangements.


“Mr. Shen, your ticket for returning to country M has been booked for you next week.”


“Cancel, there are still many things to be dealt with, and I will notify you at a specific time.”


“Okay, there is one more thing…” Stella looked at Shen Zhiyang and said, “The Daily News just called and asked if it’s fine if reporter Qin will not come over and be changed to another person.”


Shen Zhiyang’s finger holding the pen deepened and his fingernails were pale. Put down the pen and looked at Stella.


“I’m afraid not. If it is not reporter Qin, then cancel it.” Shen Zhiyang said coldly, frowning slightly.


“Okay, I will tell them. Mr. Shen, there is nothing else on my side. Do you have any other arrangements?”


“Help me book dinner for Thursday night…”


When Qin Xiangnan learned that Shen Zhiyang refused, she was ashamed. Leader Pang encouraged her to do it with confidence, and it was so settled that she had to agree.


On the one hand, Chen Xiaoqi was also particularly curious about the delicate relationship between Qin Xiangnan and Shen Zhiyang.


“Sister Xiangnan, what happened to you and Shen Zhiyang? I think he is very unusual for you.”


Qin Xiangnan sighed slightly and said nothing.


Chen Xiaoqi began to guess: “Is he an ex-boyfriend?”


“Don’t gossip.” She still thought about how to smooth the matter, and she was not in a mood to explain to Chen Xiaoqi.


“It seems really an ex-boyfriend ah did not expect. Sister Xiangnan is really powerful. A doctor Xu, a president Shen, the two male god in my heart. I really envy you ah.”


Qin Xiangnan glanced at her: “Otherwise, I’ll give you one.”


“I don’t dare…” She quickly waved her hand.


To see Shen Zhiyang is already a matter of course. This is her job, it is impossible to give up work because of personal grudges, she has always been a dedicated person.


Then, she had to ask Xu Chang to talk good words and coax him, it should be fine. Just like last time, he was not angry when he discovered the “secret” of the computer. Xu Chang still speaks very well.


Qin Xiangnan found a hidden place, made a call to Xu Chang, and was quickly connected by him.


She began to greet and say something non-key.


“Well, are you busy today?”


“It’s fine. What’s wrong?”


She suddenly felt that it was not good, “I didn’t disturb you?”


“No, you don’t want to focus.”


“I just have, I’m going to tell you something. It’s more important. It’s… alas…how to say…” Her heart is full of twists and turns, and her tongue is often knotted.


“It doesn’t seem very important? I’m busy, let’s talk about it.”


“Ah? Then you are busy. That is to say, I’ll hang up.” When she hung up the phone, she was relieved and thought about it. She didn’t say anything about it. Forget it, find another opportunity.


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