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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 69

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 69 – Goodbye, the boy in the sunset (1)


It was really not easy to find this opportunity. Xu Chang was too busy to see anyone in these two days, and she didn’t want to disturb him during working hours. Qin Xiangnan thought about meeting only because of work. She would never say a word to Shen Zhiyang in private. If it was discovered, Xu Chang could still take her.


The interview with Company X was scheduled for Thursday afternoon. Both Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi were preparing materials in the morning and made a list of questions. They gave Mr. Pang a glance. Mr. Pang thought that there was no problem and encouraged her to perform well.


Qin Xiangnan was originally open-hearted, but she still shrank from company X.


“Xiaoqi, otherwise, are you going in alone today? I said that I suddenly can’t come here temporarily. I think it’s all right now, and they can’t cancel it directly.”


“No, I can’t do it alone. I’m so nervous today. If you don’t go, I’m done.” Chen Xiaoqi begged her. Qin Xiangnan couldn’t stop her, so she went in awkwardly.


The lady at the reception received them politely and arranged in a meeting room.


Qin Xiangnan took a deep breath to keep herself calm. Today she wore a formal dress, a light gray blazer and an A-line skirt, eight centimeters of black high-heeled shoes, put her hair in a bun, and put on a light makeup, which made her look more capable.


It didn’t take long for the meeting room door to be pushed open, and Stella walked in first and nodded to the two. Then, Shen Zhiyang walked in. Today he still has a dark suit and tie, short and neat hair, handsome eyebrows, and a straight posture.


Qin Xiangnan stood up, smiled with workplace standards, exposed eight teeth, and extended her right hand: “Hello, President Shen. I am honored to be invited to your company for an interview today.”


Shen Zhiyang also extended his right hand and gently held it, he was indifferent. With a smile, “Hello.”


The four then sat down and Qin Xiangnan opened the recorder.


“Mr. Shen, can we start?” She showed a professional attitude.


Shen Zhiyang nodded slightly and made a please gesture.


“I would like to ask Mr. Shen, if your company’s E products cannot be redeemed as scheduled, have you taken corresponding measures…”


…… After an entire interview, Qin Xiangnan made no mistakes, and Shen Zhiyang responded calmly. She thought that she would feel a lot of pressure in seeing him this time. She didn’t expect that she would have been completely immersed in the interview in the later period except for the anxiety at the beginning. She had no other ideas at all. Just like his identity is only President Shen, and she is just reporter Qin


At the end, Qin Xiangnan also went to be courteous with him.


“Thank you Mr. Shen for taking time out of your busy schedule this time. If you have the opportunity next time, remember to call us “Daily News”. We will be honored.” Qin Xiangnan’s concluding remarks are generous.


“Sure.” Shen Zhiyang answered her with a smile.


Later, a few more polite words, they finally ended the interview. Qin Xiangnan was completely relieved.


After Stella sent Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi out, Qin Xiangnan made up her mind that they would never meet again.


Chen Xiaoqi admired her again. “Sister Xiangnan, you are really good. You can calm down in the face of such a handsome multinational company CEO. Moreover, I really can’t see that President Shen and you know each other.”


Qin Xiangnan smiled: “Just pretending to be like that. Come on. We have completed the task, and you can make a mission to Leader Pang, and we won’t be here in the future.”


They watched the time too early, and they went back to the company to organize the recording and write the manuscript.


After being busy for a while, Qin Xiangnan received a strange call.


“Are you reporter Qin?” The other party is a girl.


“Yes, who are you?”


”I’m Ms. Stella, Secretary of Shen Zhiyang. This is the case. After the interview today, Mr. Shen feels that some important details have not been clarified. He has already told me here. It’s clear, I’ll just ask you directly. You see, do you have time tonight?”


This sounds undeniable, but Qin Xiangnan really doesn’t want to go.


“Hello Stella, can I let my colleague go for me, I still have something to do at night.”


“I’m afraid it’s inconvenient. The details omitted by Mr. Shen are more important. I’m afraid that mistakes will cause a certain social impact.”


“That…” Qin Xiangnan still hesitated.


“Reporter Qin, I will send you the time and place on your mobile phone. I just have something to do. Let’s meet up and talk.”


Stella couldn’t think about it and hung up the phone.


Sure enough, within a minute, a text message came.


At seven o’clock in the evening, Qin Xiangnan came to the appointed place. This place is a western-style restaurant with an old-fashioned house on the riverside in the city center. She wondered why she had to ask for such a place when talking about things. She stepped on high heels and wore a formal dress, and it was a bit inappropriate to appear in this place.


Under the guidance of the waiter, Qin Xiangnan was taken to Stella’s private room.


The whole style of this restaurant is dim, accompanied by soothing violin music, suitable for candlelight dinner for young couples.


When she stepped into the private room and found that there was no one inside, what attracted her was a huge floor-to-ceiling window in front of her, and the scenery outside was imprinted into her eyes. You can see the colorful neon lights on the other side of the river, the high-rise buildings with lights, and the twinkling ships in the winding river. It is really beautiful.


This scene reminded her of the days when several young boys and girls aged 17 or 18 were dreaming, facing the same night scene, waiting for the moment when the o’clock sounded. The fireworks that bloomed that night were as bright and beautiful as the bright stars tonight.


“Xiao Nan.” Shen Zhiyang’s voice made her pull back from her memories.


She turned around and panicked, “Why are you here, what about Stella?”


He didn’t answer.


She understood that this is a trap.


She wanted to leave, but he grabbed her arm, she shook her hand, he would not let go. The two did not say a word and struggled for a moment before she gave up.