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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 70

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 70 – Goodbye, the boy in the sunset (2)


“What the hell do you want?” She was angry and blushed.


“Aren’t you here to talk about business, so can I.” His words didn’t sound like a lie.


“Then let me go first.” She glared at him.


He let go. Pulled a chair and let her sit. She did not resist.


After he sat opposite her, Qin Xiangnan took out the recording pen and opened it, “You say it.”


Shen Zhiyang didn’t speak.


Qin Xiangnan was angry, “If you don’t say anything, I’ll go.”


He said slowly: “I was here for you on Valentine’s Day that year, but you didn’t show up.”


She froze…


He continued to say: “I bought a bunch of flowers. I remember it was a big red rose. I imagined how happy you are when you see it. But I didn’t wait.”


She saw that his eyes were lost, melancholic, as they are back to the bloody and flesh-like Shen Zhiyang who was laughing, angry and worried again instead of the ever-growing expression of Mr. Shen.


“I’m not here to hear you say this.” She interrupted him.


“I want to make it clear, otherwise, I can never let go of it in my heart.” His words seemed to be a request, and she couldn’t bear it.


She thought, since he wants to make it clear, then make it clear, and there will be no trouble in the future.


“Shen Zhiyang, I’m sorry, I used to be wrong. I really didn’t like you back then, and I was with you because… I liked Xu Chang at that time, but I didn’t know, I was too mad him. So, when I was knew that you gave up the opportunity to study abroad because of me, I was guilty. You shouldn’t have made sacrifices for me. You are right, I will not be sad if you left, will not be jealous, angry, or  make trouble just because I don’t like you. Fortunately, in the end you made the most correct decision. I’m glad to see you succeed like this now.”


“If you were really staying because of me, maybe you wouldn’t be able to become the person you are now, and I, will be guilty for a lifetime. Even if we are together, neither of us will be happy.”


He was silent for a while.


“Shen Zhiyang, you are so good, you will definitely meet someone more suitable for you.”


After a long time, he laughed, a bitter but also a relief smile. “I see. Xiao Nan, you are cruel.”


“I’m sorry.” She can only say to him, only these three words.


“I’ll be back in country M next week. If we can, can we still be friends?”


“No,” she said surely.


Hearing such an answer, he smiled bitterly again. “Then at least today.”


“Well, only today.”


Shen Zhiyang and Qin Xiangnan ate the last supper. He told her how he worked hard step by step in the past few years, and she listened to him seriously.


She knew that Shen Zhiyang had too many experiences, and he was no longer the young man who didn’t care about anything and said that he didn’t want to have a future but love, and the responsibility he carried on him allowed him to grow. Even if Qin Xiangnan left him with a scar, she believes that Shen Zhiyang now has the ability to heal the scar.


In Shen Zhiyang’s heart, Qin Xiangnan has always been the best memory in his heart. He still remember the silly, stupid opponent who spoke at the first sight. He also remember the girl who was talking to her in the ward with cold jokes and no trouble. Remember the pretty girl in the school uniform and ponytails walking out of the school gate in the sunset, remembering the joy he had when she promised to be his girlfriend. Remembering the cute face that was shy every time he hugged and kissed her, even if she would not reciprocate, unable to touch, unable to see, he was also satisfied.


He will hide this feeling in his heart, forever…


This evening, both of them were relieved.


Qin Xiangnan said goodbye to him in her heart.


Goodbye, Shen Zhiyang, the proud boy at the gate of the school in the sunset.


Shen Zhiyang insisted on sending Qin Xiangnan home, she agreed, and she also believed that Shen Zhiyang had completely let go of her, so she didn’t have to refuse. They were the purest friends without any burden tonight.


He took her downstairs. Under the dim street light, he looked calm and said to her, “Xiao Nan, goodbye.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at him with a smile, “Shen Zhiyang, goodbye.”


She turned around and Shen Zhiyang got on the car and found a recording pen on the co-pilot.


“Xiao Nan, you forgot your things.”


She turned around and found him holding her voice recorder in his hand. She ran over and took it. “Thank…”


She didn’t expect the word “Thank” in the back to be spoken. Qin Xiangnan suddenly saw a figure flash in front of her, followed by a bang. He punched him freely.


“Xu Chang, what are you doing?” She looked at Shen Zhiyang who was knocked to the ground by Xu Chang, bleeding from the corners of his lips.


Shen Zhiyang slowly stood up, rubbed the corners of his mouth with his hands, then smiled coldly at Xu Chang, then, with a bang, Shen Zhiyang gave him a punch in the same way.


“Ah, Xu Chang!” Qin Xiangnan looked dumbfounded and hurried to see Xu Chang.


Shen Zhiyang laughed, “You remember, use this method to protect her in the future!”


After that, Shen Zhiyang got on the car, started the car, and drove away.


Xu Chang was stunned…


Qin Xiangnan was distressed and angry, “What are you doing, don’t ask clearly, then come up to beat people.” She lifted him up and wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth. “I and he have made it clear that he will not come to see me again in the future, he will leave next week.”


Xu Chang said nothing, and the two went upstairs.


Qin Xiangnan was still angry, she really didn’t expect Xu Chang to beat people indiscriminately, and had no confidence in her. She grunted and looked for the key in the bag. She couldn’t find it for a long time. The more anxious the more she couldn’t find it. She also blamed this emotion on Xu Chang and glanced at him. The key was found below.


Opening the door, she habitually turned on the light. Unexpectedly, Xu Chang suddenly stopped her hand to turn on the light and pressed her whole person against the door. She was slammed into the door with the back of her head. In the darkness, followed by his crazy kiss, it seemed to devour her entire person. She was pressed between him and the door panel, oppressing her to be breathless. She pushed him away hard, but did not expect that he would bite harder.


She was very angry, obviously he was wrong, why did she seem to do something wrong, she lifted her feet and kicked his calf heavily with high heels. Xu Chang finally let her go. She gasped for a long breath and rubbed the lips he had bitten. She turned on the light and saw his expression clearly, looking sad and pained.


She ignored him, rummaging through a locker in the living room for a while, took out a box of medicine and stuffed it into his hand, “Medicine for last time I was beaten, you go back and apply it.”


He didn’t seem to hear anything, stunned.


She was still angry and said to him: “You can go back. Anyway I don’t want to care about you now.”


Then she went back to the room and slammed the door!


The author has something to say:
Continue to be distressed for Shen Zhiyang