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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 71

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 71 – Just Try It Out (1)


Qin Xiangnan was very disappointed with Xu Chang today. What he did today was a sign of distrust on her. She and Shen Zhiyang had long ended. She told him clearly, but he still didn’t believe her.


She was sulking in the room by herself, feeling calmer. Thinking of Xu Chang’s presence, but there was no movement outside, did he leave? Although Xu Chang was wrong today, she did have something wrong. When she met with Shen Zhiyang, she didn’t tell him, not because she didn’t find a chance to explain to him, she knew it was just an excuse, but because she was afraid to tell him. Later he will be angry, he will disagree. He would not understand her because she had to meet Shen Zhiyang because of work. She understood that if Xu Chang knew that she met him again, the problem would be very serious, so she took the fluke and thought she would not find anything if she did not say.


Thinking of this, Xu Chang was right to be angry. She was wrong first, but he was even more ridiculous today. Beating people first, and still be violent against her!


At ten o’clock in the evening, Qin Xiangnan wanted to go out for a shower, but in case he hadn’t left yet, she would say something to him.


After struggling for a while, she decided to look outside with a stinky face.


She quietly opened the door, protruding half of her body, and the lights were still on, there was no sound. She really found Xu Chang sitting there on the sofa, he had not left.


Qin Xiangnan walked over to him and saw that the ointment she gave him was placed on the coffee table intact. She said coldly, “Why don’t you leave ?”


She was even more angry. He didn’t say a word today. What does he mean?


“Don’t you want to talk to me anymore? Well, you are very good. You are so interesting. You will always be in a high position. You used to be and now you are. Are you used to others asking for you, Xu Chang, you don’t want to think about it. If you didn’t put on a stinky racket ten years ago, would I promise Shen Zhiyang? What do you think, you don’t tell me, how can I know? Is your Qing Gao so important?”


Qin Xiangnan saw that he remained silent, “I am tired today, but I feel even more tired because of you.”


After she finished speaking, she turned around, and after just two steps, she was hugged tightly from behind.


“You’re right…If I told you earlier that I liked you ten years ago, there would be nothing wrong with Shen Zhiyang. I’m such a strange person. I like you, but I dare not say it and hide it in my heart. Although I hate Shen Zhiyang very much, I really admire him. From the first time he saw you, he said he wanted to know you, he courageously pursues you, he makes you laugh and makes you happy, I can’t do all this. I know how cowardly and selfish I used to be, and everything is my own problem before I lost you. Fortunately, when I met you again, you are still waiting for me in the same place. Fortunately, you like me too.”


After a pause, he continued, “I pretended to be high, and the former me and the present me are still in a high position. I will not lose my way to ask others. But, I am different from you, you want me to do it. I’ll do anything. I know I’m wrong. I act very distrustful of you. It’s my duty to be punched by him today. I won’t be like this in the future. I know that you and him will be nothing. But I’m in my heart, there is always a thorn. This thorn existed ten years ago, and it hurts when you touch it. I feel pain when I think of you meeting with him. I also feel pain when I look at his information that day. I saw you standing today. Together, I can’t stand the pain any more.”


Qin Xiangnan listened to what he said, and her nose was sore. She broke free of his hand and turned back to hug him.


“Xu Chang, you are very good, you have been good to me before, but I was too stupid to realize your goodness. Because of you, I can be admitted to a good university, because of you, I can have confidence in myself. I know that when I was hospitalized, you spent several days organizing review materials for me, but I didn’t want to hurt your heart. I was really bad. I went to see Shen Zhiyang today, I should have told you earlier, I do not want to make you unhappy. I really only went to see him because of work, do not worry, we’ve made it clear. It won’t happen again.”


Her tears fell. Xu Chang held her face and wiped her tears one by one with his thumb. “I know. I won’t be angry even if he shows up again.”


She stopped her tears and felt much better.


“Xu Chang, your face seems to be swollen. I’ll give you some medicine.”




Qin Xiangnan carefully squeezed the ointment on her fingers and gently applied it to his face. He hissed.


“Does it hurt? I know it hurts. I was beaten last time, huh, huh. But I’m not you. If you swell into a pig’s head, I won’t say you are ugly.”


Xu Chang looked at her seriously, He smiled at the cute little dimple on her face, and her mouth was bitten because of his previous bite. At this time, she was red and swollen. Today she has a pill head, which is even more lively and cute.


He couldn’t help but put his lips on her lips, and Qin Xiangnan stopped the movement of the hand that was rubbing him.


Xu Chang pressed her against the sofa and kissed her tenderly. One hand slipped silently from under the hem of her shirt. Qin Xiangnan shivered and held his hand up from the shirt. .


Xu Chang left her lips and gently said in her ear: “Did you just scold me because of what I thought and never told you? I’ll tell you now, I want you, can I?”


She froze, her heart beating accelerate. After thinking for a moment, he said, “But… you don’t have any tableware.” [I think we all know what Xiangnan meant here ;)]


Xu Chang paused and instantly understood what she said meant with tableware. He smiled and said, “I have.”


She was dumbfounded. When he came, his hands were empty. Where is the tableware, is it hidden in the pocket?


Xu Chang saw her in a daze, and said, “The last time I left a bag of clothes here.”


Qin Xiangnan suddenly realized that last time he took a large bag of clothes like he was moving house. There were actually tableware in it.


“In the closet. Did you think about this last time?” She didn’t dare to ask.


He said in her ear with a very soft voice: “Of course.”


Qin Xiangnan took out a bag of clothes she had stored here from the cabinet, and Xu Chang really found a bag of tableware.


Her cheeks are hot and she dare not look at him.


“You go to take a bath first.” Xu Chang said.


She gave a cry. After thinking for a while, she said, “Let’s go first.” She remembered that last time because she took a bath first, she found out that he had washed his clothes last night and was too shy the next morning.


She added another sentence: “I’ll wash the clothes.”


“Qin Xiangnan, I’m going to tell you about this. The clothes should be washed every day, otherwise you know how many bacteria will be produced? Tens of millions of viruses and bacteria. Don’t you think it’s terrible? These harmful microorganisms will enter the human body and cause great harm to the human body.”




Can he not ruin the mood?