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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 73

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 73 – Little Superman (1)


Before going to see Li Susu, Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang were going to the mother and baby store to buy a gift for her. The two of them were dumbfounded when they saw a wide variety of maternity and baby products.


A young clerk came over and asked them: “How are you, how old is your baby what you want to buy??”


“Just over six weeks, I do not know what to buy, recommend us the things in your shop.”


“Mother&Child is a one-stop shop supplies for everything from children’s clothes, diapers, milk powders, and toys. You two can choose at will. Or buy the things that should be bought, and feel comfortable waiting for the baby to be born.”


Qin Xiangnan thought that this sales person is really good. She just want to buy a gift, and she must buy all?


She turned to Xu Chang and said, “Why not buy a small suit.”


“I’ll listen to you.”


The two picked a suit each and found that Qin Xiangnan picked the blue baby boy’s suit, and Xu Chang picked the suit that is for a girl that is pink and also has lace skirts.


Qin Xiangnan asked him: “Dr. Xu, why does our country not allow children’s sex to be checked in the stomach, but the clothes of newborn children are divided into male and female babies. Isn’t this unscientific?”


Xu Chang answered her: “It’s safe to say that you are stupid. You don’t know men and women, you need to buy two sets. Isn’t the business the happiest?”


Qin Xiangnan suddenly realized.


Then the two of them took a suit and went to check out.


The salesperson looked at their little clothes and smiled and said, “It seems that the father likes a daughter, and the mother likes a son.”


Qin Xiangnan just wanted to explain what she heard, Xu Chang said, “The daughter is better.”


She was stunned. Why? Xu Chang’s face did not change..


With a baby’s gift, they came to Li Susu’s house. Li Susu realized her dreams when she was young. When she became a big boss, her family was also quite luxurious. It was a three-story villa.


Qin Xiangnan was so excited when she saw Li Susu that she became curious about baby. Staring at Li Susu’s flat stomach, wondering if there is a baby in it?


“Will he kick you?” Qin Xiangnan asked her.


Xu Chang, with a black line on the side, “Fetal movement usually only occurs in 16 to 20 weeks.”


Qin Xiangnan glanced at him: “You are not a gynecologist and obstetrician. You need to talk more.”


“Isn’t this common sense? ?”


Li Susu was amused by the two.


Su Mingxuan, a prospective father, was also happy. He ridiculed Xu Chang, “When would you also have a child, we will pair our babies.”


Xu Chang ignored him, Qin Xiangnan felt strange, he was not blushing and not beating when he was in the mother & baby store when the sales person thought that he was a prospective father. When faced with Su Mingxuan’s problem, shouldn’t he follow Su Mingxuan’s question to make her angry? Isn’t this his usual style?


Qin Xiangnan and Li Susu chatted for a while and studied the two little clothes they just bought. They laughed like two twenty-eight-year-old fools and said that they were so cute.


Su Mingxuan and Xu Chang poured out bitter water: “You really don’t know, a woman can do it when she is pregnant. I will be sent to ask to do this, and I will do that. She will be hungry in the middle of the night and tell me to go out and buy food “. “


“How do I think that you seem to enjoy it.”


Su Mingxuan touched his head, embarrassed: “Hey, indeed I am willing. In fact, a woman being pregnant is hard. She might look happy now but during the morning, she will suffer and vomits even if she doesn’t do anything.”


Xu Chang smiled and said nothing.


In order not to disturb Li Susu to take a good rest, Qin Xiangnan sat for a while and left.


On the way back, Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help her curiosity and asked Xu Chang:


“Why did Su Mingxuan just ask you if you want pair the babies? You didn’t answer?”


Xu Chang paused and said, “Because you are too stupid.” .”


Qin Xiangnan didn’t seem to understand. “Why do you always think of scolding me and calling me stupid. Besides, what does this have to do with babies.”


“Of course, because you are stupid, I am clever, then future children may inherit your IQ. Su Mingxuan and Li Susu are both stupid, and their children must not be clever. I don’t want to push my daughter into the fire pit.”


Qin Xiangnan was speechless for a while. What a magical brain circuit he is, even the children’s IQ inheritance is considered. She sneered twice.


Within a few days, Qin Xiangnan experienced another thrilling event.


This happened in her community. When she went to work in the morning, she saw five or six aunts and uncles gathered around her. She was terrified and kept looking upstairs. Qin Xiangnan hurried over to see that there was a child hanging from the balcony on the third floor of the building.


Why is it hanging? This little boy happened to be stuck between the two clothes rails on the balcony. He supported the rail above the clothes, and his legs were swaying in the air, pedaling incessantly. But strangely, this little boy about four or five years old, in such an extremely dangerous situation, did not cry or make noises, and was very calm.