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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 74

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 74 – Little Superman (2)


“Uncle, how could this kid run to the balcony?” Qin Xiangnan asked an uncle beside her.


“Probably the adult is going out, leaving the child at home alone, the window is not closed, the child is naughty, climb out curiously.” Uncle shook his head eagerly.


“Have you knocked on the door? Is nobody really home?” she asked.


“No one, alas, the fire call has just been called. Why is this adult so careless.”


“Yeah, I’m really worried,” said an aunt beside him.


“Such an adult shouldn’t have a child.”


Qin Xiangnan watched that the child was still hanging on the clothes rail and his feet were still kicking. She felt that if she continued to pedal like this, it would be bad if her body fell out of control, or if the clothes rail became loose. She ran up to the flower bed and shouted at the little boy stuck in the air.


“Child, don’t move, be careful and don’t fall down, wait for your uncle and aunt to rescue you.”


Unexpectedly, the child listened to Qin Xiangnan’s words and his answer almost made her spit blood.


He said: “I’m Superman, I want to fly.”


“Child, Superman wouldn’t do such a dangerous thing. Tell Auntie, how did you get stuck on this?”


“I flew from above. “


Qin Xiangnan was surprised. It turned out that this little boy had such a skin. Fortunately, he was stuck on the clothes rack on the third floor.


“Then you can’t fly anymore now, you are already Superman. Superman can only be one time. Don’t move, be obediently.”


“Why does Superman can only be one time, I haven’t flew enough.”


Qin Xiangnan really wanted to immediately kick him fiercely, and the beat him to be honest.


“Because…because Superman has only one mana, you have just used up the only mana, so you are fine. If you fly again, you will definitely fall, you will fall, and your ass will be battered. It hurts very much.” She didn’t know what she was talking about nonsense, but she also pretended to look very pained.


“Really? Will it hurt when I fly again?” The little boy was a little scared after listening to it, and his feet weren’t pedaling.


“Of course, you don’t want to drop your ass and bloom, so stop moving.” She threatened him.


After a while, the child may feel a little bit of pain. “Auntie, I’m tired, it hurts so much. Why don’t you come to save me?”


“You insist on it and I will come immediately.” She was also anxious, in fact, it didn’t take five minutes, but the child did not bear it.


At this time, an uncle onlooker suddenly shouted, “Ah, how did one of the child’s arms come out.”


Qin Xiangnan was surprised, and looked up to find that the child had two creaks stuck on the balcony pole. Put it down, and now there is still one hanging on it, and now the whole body is crumbling.


“Little Superman, hold your hand fast, or your ass will be battered soon.”


“Auntie, it hurts.”


“Hold on.” Qin Xiangnan was anxious. Thinking of something to catch, she hurriedly shouted to the uncles and aunts: “Everyone can help, who can bring a bed sheet, he can’t hold it anymore.”


An aunt heard it and hurriedly answered: “I’ll go get it, I’ll go get it.”


Qin Xiangnan still comforted him while preparing for the possibility that he could fall at any time. She stood on the flower bed, thinking that if he fell, she could pick him up faster.


“Auntie, I really can’t hold on, my hand hurts. I’m not a Superman anymore.”


“Little Superman has been very powerful, and has been persisting for so long, if you persist, you will be even more powerful.”


Just finished this sentence, Qin Xiangnan saw that child’s other hand was slowly sliding down, falling a little bit, and almost completely detached.


In an instant, the little boy fell down, and Qin Xiangnan quickly found the right direction to pick him up. Fortunately, the little boy first fell on the clothes rail on the second floor, there was a buffer, and then fell from the gap, she caught him. The gravity of the little boy, made both of them fall in the flower bed.


The aunts and uncles rushed over quickly.


“Oh, girl, you’re really too powerful, are you okay ?” Qin Xiangnan eased from the panic and released her hand holding the little boy tightly, “Little Superman, are you okay?”


The little boy was originally scared. He had to close her eyes tightly and slowly opened his eyes when he heard her words: “Auntie, I seem to fly again, I’m really superman.”


Qin Xiangnan vomited blood again, resisting the urge to hit people and smiled. She touched his face: “You are Superman, but you must remember that you can’t do it again in the future, it’s really dangerous, you know?”


Little Superman nodded and climbed up from the ground. What did it look like? Nothing happened.


The aunts also lifted Qin Xiangnan, and she felt that her right foot was sore, and she could not stand steadily. She might have just saved her heart and sprained her foot when she flew over.


“Oh, girl, your foot is probably injured. It really scared us to death, but it’s fortunate.”


After a while, the fire brigade and the superman’s mother also came one after another. Everyone was relieved when they saw the false alarm.


Little Superman’s mother thanked her, and at the same time expressed her apology. Qin Xiangnan still severely criticized her for not being so heart-warming in the future.


The problem that followed was that she sprained her foot again, which meant that she had to, again, go to the hospital.


When she jumped around like a frog and registered in line, she realized that this scene was so familiar.


A few months ago, she appeared so embarrassed in front of Xu Chang. They still pretended not to know each other that day, one was tall and the other was stupid. Unexpectedly, a few months later, right and wrong, her relationship with Xu Chang has developed so close.


History is always strikingly similar. Perhaps this is Murphy’s Law. Today, Xu Chang happened to be in the outpatient clinic, and Qin Xiangnan happened to be in his clinic.


She began to tremble, would he be angry again for a while.


This time the tension is different from the last time. Last time when she saw Xu Chang’s name, she was surprised and did not believe it. The person named Xu Chang had been gradually cleared from her memory. Unexpectedly, she was pulled back in an instant. Maybe she never forgot. However, it was just that she chose not to remember. Just like she clearly liked him ten years ago, but hid this kind of love, even she could not find it. There is a place for Xu Chang in her memory, but she deliberately sealed the dust.


Fortunately, destiny tied the two together again.


Her name flashed on the screen, and Qin Xiangnan jumped in one leg…


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