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Fortunately, You Like Me too Chapter 75

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 75 – Parting Taste (1)


Qin Xiangnan leaned against the door frame, folded her hands over her chest, and looked at him with a smile, a look of self-satisfaction.


“Dr. Xu~” she shouted intimately.


Xu Chang looked up and saw her. Surprise appeared in his eyes, gradually becoming angry.


“How can you… occupy public resources and come to see me?”


Qin Xiangnan didn’t understand what he meant at first, and it took a long time to understand, “Xu Chang, what are you talking about? Am I so idle? Hurry and come over. Help me!”


Xu Chang was surprised, it seemed that she was really hurt. Quickly got up and helped her.


The treatment of this patient is really extraordinary. Qin Xiangnan became the queen mother in seconds. It is estimated that it was Xu Chang’s first time in his career.


“What’s the matter with you?” Xu Chang asked her angrily.


“It’s a long story. Hey, you can’t do it slowly, help me sit down.”


After Qin Xiangnan sat down, she tilted her injured leg directly on Xu Chang’s leg. Look, the person in love is afraid to do anything… “Dr. Xu, look at my ankle. Is it broken?”


Xu Chang squeezed it arrogantly. Qin Xiangnan felt pain, “Oh!”


“Dr. Xu, do you treat patients so rudely?” She cried in pain and patted him with both hands.


“You don’t want your feet anymore. Do you want to be disabled to be satisfied! What did you do today?” After that, he squeezed her again.


Qin Xiangnan had just thought that she was the best-treated patient of Dr. Xu, but did not expect to be subverted in an instant. She was obviously the poorest patient


“I was a Superwoman today, do you believe it or not.” She looked proud.


Unexpectedly, he sneered, “Is it Superman of Salted Eggs? Fool’s “egg”.”


She was so angry that she pinched his neck.


“Qin Xiangnan, how dare you… murder a pro-husband…”


Qin Xiangnan blushed, let go of his hand, and stopped making trouble with him. “Dr. Xu, don’t you think I’m fine? Is it OK to go home?”


“It looks like it’s okay. Let’s go take an x-ray.”


“I don’t want to go, I believe Dr. Xu’s judgment.” .


Xu Chang immediately gave her an glare: “Will you go?”


She shivered: “Go, hurry up. Help me get up!”


This is still a false alarm. According to Dr. Xu’s judgment, a few days off  is needed.


Qin Xiangnan flirted with scorn in Xu Chang’s office, so as not to affect his work, she insisted on going by taxi.


Unexpectedly, when she walked out of the clinic, she met Lin Ruier who was approaching.


Qin Xiangnan struggled: If Lin Ruier greeted her, she will pretend to be polite, and if Lin Ruier ignored her, she will pretend not to see.


“Why are you here?” Lin Ruier saw Qin Xiangnan’s embarrassment and seemed to understand: “Your foot is injured? Come to Dr. Xu?”


“Well, yes, hello, Dr. Lin.”


Lin Rui’er was blank. Glancing at her expressively, she said, “Are you Qin Xiangbei’s sister?”


Qin Xiangnan nodded.


“I didn’t know it until I heard Dr. Qin say it. You and Xu Chang have known each other for a long time?”


She nodded again.


Lin Ruier paused for a moment, her eyes didn’t stay on her, and said, “Then bless you.”


After that, she bypassed Qin Xiangnan and walked away without looking back.


Qin Xiangnan could not know whether this Lin Rui’er really blessed them or still had a hint of fantasy. Look at her proud eyes, just like Xu Chang before. If you didn’t know Xu Chang yourself, maybe they were the perfect match. The same university, the same hospital, the same department, the same career, have the same language, get along together every day, and can even fight side by side. Qin Xiangnan herself has an insurmountable gap with Xu Chang. He always thinks she is stupid. She also knows that she is indeed inferior to Lin Rui’er. If she is not, Xu Chang should have been with Lin Ruier. .


Qin Xiangnan was injured again this time, and began to wonder whether he always did so.


She felt annoyed and sent something to her circle of friend: who can find the curve of my ankle. She took another photo of her ankle, swollen like a bun, and clicked to send it.


Friends liked and commented a lot, and Qin Xiangnan remembered these friends. There are also some excessive comments, such as Li Susu’s “A Beautiful Pig’s Trotter”.


Qin Xiangnan looked smiling and angry.


At the same time, she also sent a serious statement on Weibo: her foot was injured, she rested at home and was unable to work for three days. The picture is a funny picture of her work. Weibo is much more friendly than friends, and fans have expressed their concern. The fan named “Jiangyang Bandit” also commented below: Take a good rest.


These simple four words, just like the previous “Come on”, Qin Xiangnan has always been curious about this “Jiangyang Bandit”. She clicked his Weibo again and found that he also updated Weibo two days ago S city airport, the picture is the airport photos. A simple line of text description:


Goodbye, my eighteen.


Qin Xiangnan repeatedly looked at it, reminiscent of the Weibo he had located in country M six months ago, and suddenly understood who the “Jiangyang Bandit” was. She wanted to keep this secret in her heart, not to delete him, nor to tell Xu Chang, so she let the “Jiangyang Bandit” appear silently on her Weibo fans. Occasional comments like it.


In the evening, she finished her meal and sat in front of the computer busy with her affairs. Someone knocked on the door, and she guessed Xu Chang was coming, knocking on the door, and it turned out to be true.


“Have you eaten?” she asked him.


“Eaten.” Xu Chang walked in, put down his things, opened his bag, took out the computer, put it on the table, turned on the phone, sat down, and started working.


Qin Xiangnan was surprised, he really regarded this as his home, even brought the computer.


Well, it happened that she also had something to do. The two sat face to face, each doing their own work.


After being busy for a while, Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but peek at him and saw him look very serious, and became more and more fascinated, especially wanting to knock him down. She began to make some sound intentionally to let him find out.


She got up, took one cup after another to pour water, deliberately swayed in front of him, seeing that he had no response, and sat down with disappointment.