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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 77

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 77 – Follow (1)


After Xu Chang left, Qin Xiangnan was lying in bed and could no longer sleep, staring at the ceiling until seven in the morning and waking up.


After seeing her get up, potato “meowed”.


Qin Xiangnan poured some cat food for him and talked to him: “Your master is gone. I have been wronged. You stay with me for a few days.”


She took three days off, and her legs had not completely swollen, so these three days, she stayed with the potato without going anywhere. The refrigerator at Xu Chang’s house was full of delicious food, enough for her to eat for a few days.


On the first day, she was busy with a day’s work, and Xu Chang only sent her a WeChat to tell her that he had arrived in City B. Because of her busy work, she did not miss him.


The next day, she finished most of her work, holding the cat and lazing in the sun on the balcony. “Potato, do you miss your master?”


”Meow,” Little Potato answered her.


”Since you miss him too, I will send him a WeChat.” She sent Xu Chang a selfie of herself and Little Potato, looking forward to his reply. After a long time without seeing him reply, she was slightly lost.


”Your master is too busy to take look at you. Don’t be sad, I’ll accompany you.” She touched the potato’s neck, and the small potato narrowed his eyes comfortably.


After dinner, when she was going to sleep, she finally waited for the phone call she had been expecting for a long time.


”Qin Xiangnan, have you eaten well and rested well?”


”Of course, I have taken good care of your cat. Are you busy these two days?” she asked him.


”Well, just wait a few days. Are your feet better?”


”It’s much better, just rest for another day.”


”Well, okay.” The two of them suddenly seemed to have nothing to say.


”There’s nothing else, I’ll hung up.” Xu Chang said.


”OK, bye.”


Qin Xiangnan, who hung up the phone, was lost again. Xu Chang was busy every day. She even had a terrible idea in her mind. If she followed her parents’ arrangements and was a doctor, she would be able to become a colleague like Lin Rui’er and work with him to discuss issues together.


On the third day off, Qin Xiangnan panicked and began to clean Xu Chang’s house. At that time, she only told Xu Chang that she only talked about taking care of potato.


Mopping the floor and wiping the furniture, she was very busy. After finishing these tasks, she began to sort things, and she put everything back into place after finishing.


While organizing his bookcase, he found many photos piled up together and sandwiched between books. Qin Xiangnan was as excited as she was when she discovered the treasure. Although he knew that peeping was not very good, this was really attractive to her.


She read a few photos and found that this should be a picture of Xu Chang when he was in college, a group photo with his classmates, a graduation photo, and something like the photos he took when he won the research award. Qin Xiangnan looked at them one by one, and felt that Xu Chang at that time was more shining than in high school. Every photo he took with his classmates, she could catch him at first glance. She was like peeping through Xu Chang’s time when he didn’t have her.


She was a bit sour. It turned out that she hadn’t appeared beside him in those years. He had a good life. He would laugh and be happy. This inexplicable sourness made her feel ashamed. She asked herself if she hoped Xu Chang would have a bad time in those years. The answer is no. Maybe she just regretted that she did not stay with him in those years throughout these experiences.


After reading several photos, a sudden photo made her tremble abruptly. The two people above laughed so happy. Besides Xu Chang, there was another person whom she knew, Lin Rui’er.


They seemed to be sitting in the classroom, there were some people beside them, but the background had been blurred, only the two of them were left, and they laughed so happy, Lin Rui’er’s eyes were full of Xu Chang, the kind where she clearly liked him very much. Xu Chang looked at the camera and it was estimated that someone was shooting them and was discovered by Xu Chang. What were they talking about? Why do they laugh so happily?


Qin Xiangnan held the picture tightly, her heart was dull and heavy. After calming down for a moment, she rearranged the pile of photos and stuffed them into their original positions.


The little potato clapped up again, and “meowed”.


”Potato, are you hungry again, then let’s go to dinner, and I am hungry too.”


After three days of vacation, Qin Xiangnan entered the normal working track again. Every day’s busyness, exhaustion after getting off work makes the time pass extremely fast, and two weeks have passed since Xu Chang went to City B. In the past two weeks, Xu Chang occasionally called to greet her and potato, and Qin Xiangnan would tell him what she encountered when she went to work. After that, the two will be silent again. She missed the sentence when she missed him. She thought he was so busy and thought she would become his burden.


On the same day, Leader Pang held another meeting. Following the last storm in the Internet finance industry, the industry has stabilized a lot during this period. Many enterprises have been eliminated. The rest are enterprises that have no problems after being reviewed and monitored by relevant departments. Of course including Shen Zhiyang’s X company.


”Everyone suffered during this time. I just received a notice that a full-time journalist seminar will be held in City B next week. It will take about three days. Tomorrow, we need to send two representatives to pass. I know everyone during this time are busy, not really want to travel, so who wants to go?”


Qin Xiangnan heard his “B city “, the eyes are bright, “Brother Pang, I’ll go. “


“Xiao Qin, you are still injured. Just take a good rest, don’t run around. I’ll ask others to go.” Leader Pang is still very concerned about her.


Qin Xiangnan was anxious, “Leader Pang, I’m okay. That’s it. I’ll go home to organize things today, and I will start on time tomorrow.”


Seeing her being so positive, Leader Pang couldn’t say much.


”So there is still a quota, who can take the time to spare?” Leader Pang asked.


”I’ll go, Leader Pang. This is the first time I have participated in this seminar. I need to accumulate some experience.” Chen Xiaoqi smiled.


”Okay, then Xiao Qin and Xiao Chen should be well prepared. Adjourned!”


Qin Xiangnan did not expect this trip to be so clever and so wonderful that she could not help but snicker.


Chen Xiaoqi was confused, “Xiangnan, what are you laughing at? Are you so happy going on a business trip?”


”Of course, you didn’t say that, can you accumulate experience?” She smirked in her heart.


”Oh.” Chen Xiaoqi nodded thoughtfully.


That night, Qin Xiangnan sorted out her simple luggage and went out to find a pet store, where she deposited potato.


Before leaving, she touched the potato reluctantly. “I’m sorry, Little Potato, I’m going to find your master tomorrow. I can’t accompany you in these two days. When I come back, I must come to pick you up as soon as possible .” The abandoned potato “meowed” and stared at her. Qin Xiangnan said goodbye to it and left with some guilt.