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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 78

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 78 – Follow (2)


When she set off the next morning, she was excited and chose her best-looking coat, put a black slim sweater skirt inside, put on a makeup, looked at the mirror, and was very satisfied with her dress.


The weather in December was approaching the cold winter. It was a bit cold when going out in the morning, but her heart was warm.


After arriving at the airport, she met with Chen Xiaoqi. Chen Xiaoqi looked at her more and more strangely. “Sister Xiangnan, you seem to be very happy today. Can you really accumulate a lot of experience this time on a business trip. Did you often have such seminars for journalists before?”


Qin Xiangnan laughed twice and said, “This is also the first time I participated, I don’t know, it should be the cuts and the like, I plan to fish in the muddy water, haha. I will rely on you for these two days.”


”Ah? How does this work, Sister Xiangnan, since this. What are you going to do?”


Qin Xiangnan smiled and said nothing.


On the plane, Qin Xiangnan was still very excited. She had passed by Xu Chang last night. Today, she was in the city B hospital. She planned to give him a surprise.


Chen Xiaoqi fell asleep on the plane, Qin Xiangnan looked at her and covered her with a blanket. Then she took out a book, but she couldn’t read a word. She was full of thoughts waiting to see Xu Chang’s face.


After more than two hours, the plane landed safely. Qin Xiangnan became the first group of passengers eager to get off the plane. Chen Xiaoqi felt strange, she followed her quickly and squeezed to the front.


”Sister Xiangnan, what are you doing so fast? We don’t have much time yet?”


Qin Xiangnan handed the small box in her hand to Chen Xiaoqi: “Xiaoqi, please, please help me bring the things to the hotel. I’m going to a place first, you will go to the seminar yourself later, and I’ll come after finishing some things.”


Chen Xiaoqi suspiciously, “Ah? Where are you going? Didn’t you come to the seminar this time?”


Qin Xiangnana: “Well, I’m going to the hospital.”


Chen Xiaoqi startled, “Sister Xiangnan, what are you doing at the hospital, are you uncomfortable?”


Qin Xiangnan shook her head and whispered in her ear. Chen Xiaoqi suddenly realized: “No wonder, you look so happy, rest assured, I will go to the seminar first, you come slowly, I promise not to talk to Leader Pang.”


Qin Xiangnan gave her a satisfied look and hurriedly booked a taxi, went straight to the hospital where Xu Chang was.


This hospital used to be where Xu Chang worked for three years. She even thought about every brick and piece of land she had stepped on under her feet. Has Xu Chang stepped on it countless times? This sky, this tree, this side. Has this wall, this corner, been noticed and seen by Xu Chang?


She asked the sister of the front nurse in the orthopedic department at the hospital and learned that Xu Chang was now in the conference room. The younger sister at the front desk politely asked a little nurse to take her past. The little nurse is a quiet, unspoken girl.


Qin Xiangnan asked her: “Is Dr. Xu alone in the conference room? Will I bother him now?” The little nurse thought for a while and said, “Just now I know Dr. Xu and other doctors are having a meeting. This meeting is over. Other doctors have already come out, only Dr. Xu is still busy.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded and waited for the little nurse to arrive at the door of the meeting room. She thanked her, and the ensuing tension and excitement followed.


She took a deep breath, straightened her hair, and knocked on the door of the meeting room.


”Come in.” She heard a very familiar voice.


She took a deep breath again, opened the door, and smiled.


After opening the door, she was stunned.


In addition to Xu Chang, Lin Rui’er is also there.


The two of them sat close together, looking at the computer screen, as if discussing something.


Qin Xiangnan’s smile immediately froze.


They were sitting sideways to the door. After hearing the door opening, they turned to look at her.


At this moment, she deeply regretted why she came over today and why she came to visit him specially.


Xu Chang saw her and was surprised. She didn’t see the joy in his eyes, just surprised.


”Why are you here?” Xu Chang asked her.


She tried to keep herself calm and calm again.


She smiled, walked in, and said to him: “I just came here on a business trip today, and I came to see you by the way.”


Xu Chang said lightly.


Lin Rui’er saw her and said, “You talk slowly, Dr. Xu, then I will go first.”


Xu Chang nodded. Lin Rui’er went out and closed the door gently.


The two were speechless for a while, Qin Xiangnan said first: “You are busy, I just came to see, I will have something to do, I will go first.”


Xu Chang stood up and gently hugged her in his arms. “I haven’t seen you in two weeks. You seem to have lost weight.”


She didn’t answer for a while. After a long time, she broke away from his arms and said, “I’m going.”


”I’ll send you.” Xu Chang said.


”No, you are busy.” She said lightly.


She glanced at him, smiled slightly, turned to open the door, walked out, and closed the door gently.


The author has something to say:
Ha ha, Chang Chang, you are done