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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 80

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 80 – You Are The Best (2)


After a moment, Xu Chang let go of her, looked at her sullen expression, and asked her: “You can tell me now, what’s wrong with you?”


She pushed him away and sat up. She was very angry and asked him: “Xu Chang, do you… do you always think I’m stupid and think I’m not worthy of you?”


He was surprised why she asked this question and hugged her in his arms, saying: “Stupid. You’re a bit stupid, but when did I say that you don’t deserve me?”


She took a deep breath and asked him: “Are you really busy these days?”


“Yeah, very busy.”


“Then you are here. What are you busy with? Do you think I won’t understand it, only Dr. Lin can understand it?”


“So, are you still angry with Dr. Lin?” he asked her.


“No, no matter whether it is Dr. Lin, or Dr. Wang or Dr. Qian, you will only tell them things, not tell me, right?”


Xu Chang does not understand.


Qin Xiangnan was mad, in fact, she did not know what to say. How would she make Xu Chang understand what she feels.


Then she asked a question: “If I didn’t know you first, would you be with Dr. Lin?”


He thought about it and answered her: “This hypothesis does not exist. If I don’t know you, then someone will not ask me this question.”


Qin Xiangnan still spat blood, and she finally concluded to him: “I think only people like Lin Rui’er can deserve you. You and her are classmates and colleagues. You work together, study together, she understands your ideas, you also understand her ideas. You have a common language, you can work together. You are proud, you are a match made in heaven.”


Xu Chang listened to her words. Paused, then he seemed to understand something. He laughed twice. Qin Xiangnan was angry that he could still laugh at this time. Does it mean that she’s right?


Xu Chang lifted her face and asked her to look at him, saying, “Qin Xiangnan, don’t you want to be arrogant? What do you mean by being this inferior? In my eyes, you are the best, you are the most beautiful, the most lovely. Although you are a bit stupid, but you work hard, you have your advantages. Even if Dr. Lin is good, what does she have to do with me? I only like you, even if she is good, I will not look at her more. Do you understand? ?”


Qin Xiangnan blinked, she asked incredulously: ”Are you saying the truth?”


“Of course,” he said with certainty. “I have been really busy these past few days and I have ignored you and made you uncomfortable. What is the mess in your little head?”


“Xu Chang, I have something to tell you. I accidentally saw the photos of you in college, only to realize that you have not lived with me in these ten years. So I have been thinking, if we did not meet again, will you be with Dr. Lin, or any other girl, if you haven’t known me yet?”


Xu Chang thought for a while and said, “Your hypothesis is not right.”


“I mean if.”


He thought for a moment and said, “If I didn’t meet you again, I won’t be with Dr. Lin or other girls.” He paused and said gently in her ear: “If there is no reunion, I will go to you. Even if you are already with someone else, I will snatch you.”


“So, destined to be together, we will be together.”


“For you, I am willing to change my life.”


The next day, after waking up, Qin Xiangnan found herself lying in Xu Chang’s arms. Yesterday’s sweet words still echoed in her ears, she suddenly smiled shyly. Looking at Xu Chang who slept so well, she couldn’t help but reach out and touch his handsome cheek. Xu Chang seemed to be awake and said, “Qin Xiangnan, I’m not going to work today, don’t quarrel with me.”


She looked at the time, at eight o’clock, she remembered to continue to participate in the seminar at ten o’clock today. Yes, there is still some time. She continued to stare at him for a while. Presumably he was really tired these days, she suddenly felt distressed. Yesterday, she still had trouble with him, quarreled with him, and he… she blushed and was embarrassed again.


After lying down for a while, she was ready to get up. She crept up and went to the bathroom to wash.


The phone next to the pillow rang. Xu Chang fumbled for a while, found the phone, and pressed the connect button.


“Hello, who is this?” He said in a voice that sounded like he just woke up.


“Huh? Did you make a mistake? You made a mistake. This is Xiaonan’s mobile phone.”


Xu Chang was startled, opened her eyes, and found that the caller ID was “Mother”, and was Qin Xiangnan’s mother.


“Auntie, hello, are you looking for Xiao Nan?” He woke up instantly.


“Ah, yes. Who are you?” Zhao Mei at this time was the one who was scared.


“I’m her boyfriend. I will ask Xiao Nan to answer the phone.”


“Oh. Good…” Zhao Mei didn’t respond for a while.


Xu Chang got out of bed and handed the mobile phone to Qin Xiangnan who was brushing her teeth. She saw the ‘mother’ displayed on the screen, and she was also taken aback. How di Xu Chang pick it up?


After glaring at him, she answered the phone in horror.


“Hey, Mom.”


“Xiao Nan, who was that? When did you have a boyfriend ah? Why didn’t you tell mom? Are you trying to live with him? When did this happen ah? When will bring him back at home?”


Qin Xiangnan was wondering how to answer Zhao Mei’s series of questions. “Mom, I will tell you about this later. Why did you call me today?”


“Oh, you are really making me mad. One by one. Don’t you know what your brother told me earlier?”


“What did he tell you? What happened to Qin Xiangbei?” she wondered.


“He said he was going to get married!”




Zhao Mei had really guessed before, and Qin Xiangbei really wouldn’t tell them even if they got married.


Xu Chang, who had just been disturbed by sleep, also got up at this time, “What’s wrong with your brother?”


Qin Xiangnan sighed, “He said he was getting married.”


Xu Chang smiled meaningfully: “This is a good thing. Why do you sigh? Does him getting married makes you unhappy? We can hurry up and do it before him.”


Qin Xiangnan punched him furiously: “No. I just think that my didn’t discuss with us every time before he did things. Just like when he had taken the medical university in City B. Now he even directly informs us about such a big marriage. Does he have a brain and does not consider the consequences of doing so. Is he crazy?”


“I think he thinks about everything he does, but he doesn’t want to tell you. Don’t worry about him, think about yourself, when will you take me home to see your parents. You want me to never see the light?”


Qin Xiangnan was shy: “After you go back on a business trip…”


The author has something to say:
Smooth and dreamy, Qin Xiangnan is the best~