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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 81

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 81 – Retrieve the Missing Decade (1)


Xu Chang said today that he does not have to go to work, so he stayed in the hotel and Qin Xiangnan and Chen Xiaoqi continued to attend the journalist seminar.


Seeing Qin Xiangnan, Chen Xiaoqi knew that she betrayed her yesterday, she took the initiative to apologize: “I’m sorry, Sister Xiangnan. Yesterday Dr. Xu came to me and asked me if you were still in City B. I told him. It’s awkward, I’ll be a peacemaker, otherwise you went to him so excitedly yesterday, and ended up going back in vain, I felt sorry for you.”


Qin Xiangnan sighed and forgave her. “Forget it, Xiaoqi, I have to thank you, otherwise some things will not be clear, I will be sad. You will understand it when you fall in love.”


Chen Xiaoqi nodded.


This meeting was held until four o’clock in the afternoon. After the end, she wanted to go back to Xu Chang quickly, but did not expect to receive an unexpected call, Lin Ruier actually asked her to meet. Qin Xiangnan wondered if Lin Rui’er was going to threaten her as a white lotus, crying to her about Xu Chang and her accumulated feelings over the years? Well, Qin Xiangnan must not be a cowardly idiot, she will take the posture of a lady in the palace to deal with the white Lotus.


Lin Rui’er met her in a cafe. Qin Xiangnan saw her and smiled politely and friendly at her.


“Dr. Lin, I didn’t expect that you would come to me.”


Lin Ruier saw her and gave the same friendly smile, said: “Hello, Qin Xiangnan. I will order directly. You know me and Xu Chang have known each other for so many years , I have always liked him before.”


Qin Xiangnan thought to herself, she really was going to war.


“I know. But Xu Chang has never liked you.” She said mercilessly.


Lin Ruier seemed to pause, and continued: “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to rob him from you today. Actually, I have put him down now. I have known him for so many years, although he doesn’t like me, at first, I thought that as long as I stayed with him forever, he would like me someday. But I was wrong, I thought no one stayed with him longer than me, I didn’t expect you to know him before me. Later, I just wanted to understand, because he liked you first, so he didn’t accept me for so many years.”


Qin Xiangnan listened quietly.


“Do you know about Xu Chang’s mother?”


Qin Xiangnan was shocked and shook her head. She really didn’t know that and had never heard him mention it. She only know that his parents divorced when he was very young.


“Xu Chang’s father died in his third year of high school, and his mother was in City B, so he came to City B to go to university.”


It turned out that this was the case. Qin Xiangnan had always thought Xu Chang did it because of her. It turned out that she was thinking too much.


Lin Rui’er continued: “His mother remarried long ago and gave birth to his sister. So he didn’t live with his mother when he was in college. Even the tuition fees were paid by scholarship and the money he earned from working He has had a lot of hard work before. Others have seen his bright side. No one thought he paid twice the effort of others. But he was really excellent. He won many awards in various competitions during his college life. He didn’t have such a hard time. The cat was raised by him five years ago. I know that he is really lonely, and he doesn’t even have someone to talk to. Although I have been with him all the time, he won’t talk to me. To talk about what he feels. I think only you will make him happy.”


“So, please treat him well in the future, don’t hurt him anymore, he is not as strong as you think.”


Qin Xiangnan heard these words. She was stunned… It turns out that Xu Chang hasn’t been very good in recent years. He has always been a proud man, and he certainly won’t tell her about these things.


“Thank you, Dr. Lin, I didn’t expect you to tell me this.”


“I’ve already decided, I think I will still transfer to City B to work, this is my home. Don’t worry about my relationship with hi. If he really has anything with me, it should have happened years ago.” Lin Rui’er smiled bitterly.


At this moment, Qin Xiangnan was deeply moved. The proud and inexhaustible Xu Chang, the dazzling person, the perfect one, his excellence was not given to him by God. He put twice the effort to be able to become what he is now. She dare not imagine that his father died in high school that year and fled to his mother, but the mother refused to accept him. How bitter, helpless and lonely he should be.


Looking back at her life, she have been living in a honey pot for several years, with her father and mother, and loved ones.


After talking with Lin Ruier for a long time, they said goodbye in front of the coffee shop. Qin Xiangnan looked at her departing back. The equally proud Lin Rui’er, who had accompanied and liked Xu Chang for so many years, was still able to turn around and walk away so dashingly. If it was her, could she do it?


When she returned to the hotel with a lot of thought, she saw Xu Chang sitting at the computer with a serious look on his face. She suddenly felt soft in her heart and had an urge to protect him.


She walked to Xu Chang’s back, stretched out two arms, hugged his neck from behind him, and her cheek pressed tightly to his side face.


Xu Chang is a bit strange: “When did you become so clingy?”


Qin Xiangnan kissed his cheek softly and said, “I will stick to you like this in the future. One day, you will find me annoying and will you drive me away?” ?”


He sneered: “Do you want to run? It’s not that easy.”


She smiled and said sweetly in his ear: “Xu Chang, you are so nice.”


Qin Xiangnan tentatively explored the gap between then and asked Xu Chang: “I’ll finish the meeting tomorrow morning and I can go back in the afternoon. I heard…I heard that your mother is also in City B, do you need to visit her?”


Xu Chang was a little surprised. After a pause, he said, “No need to disturb her. We haven’t contacted for many years. She has been doing very well.”


“Oh…” Qin Xiangnan was a little sad, Xu Chang is so good, how can his mother do this to him.


“Can you leave a few days later?” he asked her.


“Ah?” She was surprised and smiled: “Are you reluctant to see me leave?”


“Yes, yes, I can’t bear it.” Qin Xiangnan was satisfied with this answer.


“I think these two days, I will take you to some places.” He said.


She was a little delighted and asked him expectantly, “Where are we going?”


Xu Chang raised his eyebrows, “Take back the missing ten years.”