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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 82

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 82 – Retrieve the Missing Decade (2)


Qin Xiangnan didn’t expect that Xu Chang knew her so well. She just said that she saw photos of him in college, and thought he had a good time in the past few years. He could guess that she was crazy and jealous in her heart. She wanted to experience this decade with him.


Xu Chang took her to the Medical University of City B, where Xu Chang stayed for seven years. He took her through every classroom, laboratory, cafeteria, dormitory where he had taken classes. Qin Xiangnan felt that this brick and tile had Xu Chang breathing. The sky here is blue, the grass here is green. Here, the students were also vigorous, as if they saw Xu Chang’s vigorous look.


They sat in the warm sun in the auditorium beside the playground, and Qin Xiangnan’s head rested on his shoulder.


“Xu Chang, I used to think God was very unfair. God gave you too much. You look good and smart. I think you didn’t study hard and your grades are still so good. Then think about how hard you work, it may be easily seen by others? You must have paid a lot of money behind our back, right?”


Xu Chang chuckled twice, “You are wrong, do you think everyone is as stupid as you? In learning, it really didn’t take much effort.”


Qin Xiangnan was angry and pouted, “You mean, you are a genius?”


He nodded.


Qin Xiangnan was so mad that she took out a small powder fist to hammer him and was caught by Xu Chang.


“Qin Xiangnan, I suddenly remembered that there was still a place I didn’t take you to see.”


She looked surprised and looked at him with the look of expectation.


She asked: “Where?”


His mouth a hooked up and said: “Dissecting room!”




In the evening, she met with Xu Chang’s two college students that are now excellent doctor.


When Qin Xiangnan saw his two classmates, she remembered that she accidentally turned to Xu Chang’s photo that day and took photos with her classmates. The frequency of the two appeared quite high. It is estimated to be the best friend.


“Xu Chang, is this your girlfriend? Really beautiful.” A classmate praised her, she was a little shy.


Xu Chang introduced generously, “Yes, this is Qin Xiangnan. My girlfriend.”


Both classmates expressed envy that their two single dogs were busy working every day and had no time to fall in love.


Another classmate seemed to think of something and asked, “Hey, Xu Chang, your girlfriend will not be the girl in that picture? They look a bit alike…”


Xu Chang nodded with a smile. Qin Xiangnan was surprised, what photo?


The two students ridiculed, “I really envy you, Xu Chang. At that time, we all felt that you were awkward and looked so handsome. What kind of girl could not be found. You had to look at this photo and I missed it. Unexpectedly, you really got her ah. “


Qin Xiangnan was suspicious. Looking at photos with unrequited love? Why does it sound so miserable?


Several people had dinner while reminiscing about the good times in college. Qin Xiangnan listened to them talking and felt really good. Although she did not exist in his life in the past, she listened to it as if she was in joy.


In the evening Xu Chang drank a lot of wine, Qin Xiangnan helped him back to the hotel. Looking at his drunk and unconscious state, Qin Xiangnan wanted to tease him.


“Xu Chang, you said, what is the photo that you love for so long?”


Xu Chang didn’t answer. Hmmp, she thought he was drunk and asked him angrily: “Is there a woman who looks good and similar with me?”


This time he seemed to wake up and pinched her face and said, “How can there be a woman who looks like you, you are so cute and unique.”


Qin Xiangnan was a little satisfied, but still pouted, and asked him: “What photo is that? When did I give you a photo?”


Xu Chang didn’t speak, took out his wallet from the coat pocket, and gave it to her. “Look at it yourself.”


She took it suspiciously, opened his wallet, and saw a one-inch photo clipped inside, a blue background, a girl in a white coat and ponytails, this is what she was like in high school. .


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t remember when she had this picture and how it ended up in Xu Chang’s hands.


She questioned him: “Where did this come from?”


Xu Chang didn’t speak, as if drunk, fell to the pillow and fell asleep.


In the third year of that year, Xu Chang secretly took Qin Xiangnan’s blue notebook, peeping at her thoughts, and accidentally turned to a one-inch photo sandwiched in the note. The girl smiled so beautifully, Xu Chang was surprised and liked it.


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