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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 83

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 83 – His Family (1)


Qin Xiangnan originally needed to return to City S after the seminar on Thursday. In response to Xu Chang’s request, she stayed until Sunday morning. Chen Xiaoqi went back as early as the seminar ended on Thursday.


Qin Xiangnan was sorting things on Sunday morning. Although Xu Chang will also go back in a week, the short separation made her sad. Early in the morning, she began to be unhappy.


“Do you want to look bitter and full of hatred? Are you so reluctant to leave me?” Xu Chang despised this look of her very much.


“You think too much, I’m too happy to leave. It’s annoying to be with you every day.” She hardened her mouth.


“Well, otherwise I’ll go back to work in City B, so you don’t have to worry about seeing me every day.”


“You dare!” Qin Xiangnan grabbed his collar and said angrily: “Do you want to talk to Dr. Lin? Come back to City B and work together again, don’t you? If you have this idea, I will break your leg!”


“You are terrible. I used to sympathize with your brother, you are bullying him every day. Now you brother is going to get married, are you going to transfer your target to me now? “


Qin Xiangnan put away her hands on his collar and helped him to smooth the collar. She laughed twice: “How come. I’m always very gentle. Didn’t you see it.”


Xu Chang snickered and picked up the luggage. “Let’s go.”


“Oh. Huh? Why did you also move your luggage?” she asked him.


“I’m going to change hotel.”


Qin Xiangnan did not say anything.


After arriving at the airport, Qin Xiangnan reluctantly said goodbye to him.


“I’m going. I’ll wait for you back at home. I will help you take care of your kitten, and I won’t mess with your things anymore.”


Xu Chang pinched her face and said: ” It doesn’t matter. Just look at it, I don’t have a secret. As long as you don’t dismantle my house.”


“Really? Then I’m welcome…” Qin Xiangnan was excited and wanted to rub her hands.


“Well, don’t forget, you will take me to see your parents after I go back. Also, I will show you a very important person…” Xu Chang said.


Qin Xiangnan wondered who else was so important to him. Before she asked him, he hurried her away.


The two spent a lot of time together before finally separating.


After getting on the plane, Qin Xiangnan sat next to the corridor, preparing to spend her time reading books along the way.


After not reading two pages, the passenger sitting by her window came over and stood beside her, and she was ready to get up.


The other party said politely to her, “Thank you.”


Qin Xiangnan froze, this familiar voice. She looked up and met Xu Chang’s smiling eyes.


“Why are you here…you lied to me again…” Qin Xiangnan was surprised and was angry again.


“There will be nothing next week, so I will go back in advance.” She looked at him in a leisurely manner, feeling angrily.


“Xu Chang, you’re really hateful.” She snorted.


“Only I am allowed to surprise you. Can I not?” He touched her head indulgently.


Along the way, Qin Xiangnan fell asleep peacefully on Xu Chang’s shoulders. Xu Chang covered her with a blanket and looked at her sleeping face, his mouth slightly upturned.


The important person Xu Chang said to bring her to see was his grandmother. When he was very young, his parents divorced. He lived with his father and grandmother, but later his father died. Xu Chang went to B city to go to university, and grandmother lived alone. Xu Chang occasionally went to visit her.


This is an old community, Qin Xiangnan asked him curiously:


“You used to live here, it’s quite close to my house. Did you spend your childhood here?”


“Of course.” Xu Chang glanced at her: “You wouldn’t be curious about my childhood again, even when I was in high school before, would you want to cross the foot?”


Qin Xiangnan seemed to be guessed by him. “Oh, how do you know me so much. “


Xu Chang shook his head and sighed.


Xu Chang knocked on the door of grandma’s house, Qin Xiangnan was a little nervous, this was the first time she saw his relatives.


After the door opened, Qin Xiangnan saw his grandmother was a very kind old woman in her eighties.


“Grandma, this is your granddaughter-in-law, Qin Xiangnan.” Xu Chang introduced her to his  grandma proudly.


“Hello grandma. You can call me Xiao Nan.” Qin Xiangnan held her hand.


“Oh, so good.” Grandma looked at her very happily and hurriedly greeted them to come in. She took out a bunch of fruit snacks and stuffed them with her. Qin Xiangnan looked at her cheerfully and felt very kind.


“Grandma, you are home alone, is it particularly boring, I will come to see you often.”


“You are such a good child.” She sighed again and said: “Hey, you are very welcome to see me. Xiao Chang is always too busy and can’t always come to visit.”


Qin Xiangnan heard his grandmother calling him “Xiao Chang”. Somehow, she was excited again and glanced at Xu Chang. Secretly laughing.


“Grandma, what did Xu Chang look like when he was a kid? Was he as pretty as he is now?” She turned on gossip mode again.


“Of course he looks good, Xiao Chang has always looked good. It’s also very good, especially obedient. It’s just… a little pitiful. At a young age, his mother left him, and then his father…” Grandma seemed to recall the past and was sad… “At that time, Xiao Chang wanted to stay with me during the college entrance examination, but, I think he is pitiful, let him go to live with his mother. I don’t know if he is happy there, does he blame me? Fortunately, he is back now, and like his father, he became a doctor.”


Xu Chang didn’t speak. Qin Xiangnan held his grandmother’s hand and said, “Grandma, Xu Chang, how could he blame you. Whatever he does is the best. No matter where he is, he is the best one. I really envy you. There is such a good grandson.”


Grandma looked at Qin Xiangnan with kind eyes and was very satisfied with this granddaughter-in-law.