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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 84

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 84 – His Family (2)


Later, Qin Xiangnan went to see Xu Chang’s childhood as she wished. Grandma’s house still keeps everything about Xu Chang, although Xu Chang’s room is old, but still clean and tidy.


“Xiao Changchang, I want to see your childhood photos.”


“Can’t you speak well, do you want me to be your grandson?” He glanced at her.


Xu Chang pulled out an old photo album from the drawer, and Qin Xiangnan’s eyes lit up.


“Haha, so cute, I really like this little boy. It seems to be much cuter than you.”


Xu Chang is speechless, isn’t it the same person?


She looked at every picture of his childhood and touched the little boy’s face, “Xu Chang, what did you do when you were young?”


“Why did you ask me this question, in your own heart you don’t know?”


“I know I know, I mean, when you were so young, I didn’t know you. You and I didn’t intersect, but fate is so magical, maybe, we saw each other when we were young, do you believe it? “


“Faith, maybe we’ve met in our past life.”


Qin Xiangnan blushed, and her heart was especially sweet.


“Huh? Is this beautiful woman your mother?” Qin Xiangnan pointed to a photo of a young woman who looked no more than twenty-five years old and embraced a young boy about one year old. Big eyes, pure and pleasant, it is also a big beauty in the current aesthetic.


“Yes.” Xu Chang didn’t say much, and it seemed that he didn’t think much about his mother.


Qin Xiangnan saw that he was unwilling to mention more, so she said nothing more.


One afternoon, she almost turned this room upside down, and it always seemed as if she always find something new.


“Xu Chang, these books are really interesting. Why are they all philosophy books of life. You studied these when you were younger? She asked curiously.


“Don’t you think I read novels like you?” She likes to read novel books in high school. Does he even know this? She remembers that Gao Yi and Li Susu were obsessed with a novel book for some time. That novel was also remade into a TV series. Then she chased and watched TV every night. She started discussing the plot the next day at school. Does he know everything?


She remembers that when she was a freshman, she liked to visit the bookstore with Li Susu. She bought all the campus youth novels. It was precisely because she was addicted to it that her grades suddenly plummeted.


Qin Xiangnan smiled silly: “Actually, I have a secret to tell you.”


“What?” Xu Chang guessed that the secret she said must be boring.


She said shyly: “Every time I read those novel books before, every time they describe the appearance of the male character, I will think of you…”


Xu Chang hooked his lips, “So you started to like me so early.”


“Of course not. I just think you look similar with the male leads. I like your face.”


“Superficial.” He laughed at her.


Qin Xiangnan looked from his book to all his textbooks, as well as a pile of workbooks and test papers. She was surprised to find that he actually kept the mathematics and physics papers she had done.


“Oh, why this is still there, so shameful.”


“Keep the evidence and see how stupid you were.”


“You… don’t go too far.” She reached out and tried to hit him, but she was pulled by him into his arms.


“This are your things. Of course I have to keep it. At that time, all I could think off were those that are related to you.” His voice was very gentle, and Qin Xiangnan felt warm in her heart.


She suddenly remembered something, and asked him: “How many things are you still hiding from me, my photos, my test papers, what else besides these?”


Xu Chang thought for a moment, “I have to think about it, maybe there are so many things…”


Qin Xiangnan was anxious when she heard him, “I didn’t expect Xu Chang, a handsome guy with a clear and proud appearance, is a pervert!”


Xu Chang laughed badly, “You said I was pervert? Then let you know what is the real pervert… …”


Qin Xiangnan took two steps back, “What are you doing… Don’t come over… Ah…”


“Xiao Chang, Xiao Nan, what’s the matter? Why are you yelling?” Grandma knocked on the door outside .


Qin Xiangnan was very embarrassed and quickly said: “Nothing, grandma, Xu Chang he… he killed a cockroach, I was a little scared.”


“Oh, so, how come there are cockroaches. Hey, it seems that I have to clean it tomorrow again.”


Qin Xiangnan deeply doubted that Xu Chang’s obsession with cleanliness must have been inherited from his grandma.


After Qin Xiangnan completely turned the whole room upside down, she smiled with satisfaction, “It turns out that a boy’s room is so boring.”


Xu Chang immediately refuted her: “Boring still looks so hard. Almost tearing the wall apart.”


He remembered again, “When will you show me the interesting room?”


Qin Xiangnan rolled her eyes at him: “You have seen it before, I don’t know what my secret is.”


“I’m curious, why did you suddenly say you like me that night, did you…”


Qin Xiangnan really thought Xu Chang was too smart, and it seems that she has to destroy the notebook over there next time, “Oh, at that time, I suddenly had a flash of light, only to find that you are so tall and handsome. A tall and good person cannot be robbed. So…”


“Oh…” Xu Chang nodded. “That’s true.”


The author has something to say:
Chang Chang can also be shameless