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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 85

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 85 – Brother’s Girlfriend (1)


Qin Xiangbei’s wedding was scheduled the next year year, and there were still two months left. Qin Xiangnan took the time to go home and help her mother prepare for her brother’s wedding.


Coincidentally, Zhao Mei told her that Qin Xiangbei will also bring his girlfriend to meet at home today, and Qin Xiangnan can finally see her prospective sister-in-law. Before that, she had been curious about what kind of girl could surrender to her brother’s character, until she saw her.


The first thing Qin Xiangnan saw when she opened the door was that Qin Xiangbei was holding the girl’s arm. She was very intimate. She blinked vigorously, not wrong, but her own brother was holding the other’s arm. Look at the girl again, she looks so cute, her eyes smile like a crooked moon. Qin Xiangnan thought that the girl looked so soft and weak, but she was very strong in her heart. Even she could not subdue Qin Xiangbei, the girl must not be simple.


Qin Xiangnan cleared her throat, “Qin Xiangbei, pay attention to the scale, don’t pull in front of my parents.”


Qin Xiangbei gave her a squinted look, and gave a tender look at his cute girlfriend: “Wei Wei, don’t care about her. She is the tigress of our family. I don’t like her the most.”


Qin Xiangnan turned pale for a while. “Qin Xiangbei, you actually vilified me in front of others.”


His girlfriend saw Qin Xiangnan , smiled politely: “You are sister Xiangnan, I know. You have loved to quarrel since you were a child.”


Qin Xiangnan wondered how she learned this phrase “from an early age,” Qin Xiangbei even told her everything about their childhood to discredit her.


She hurriedly greeted his girlfriend to come in, “What’s your name?”


Little cutie smiled and said: “My name is Sun Weiwei.”


Sun Weiwei, the name is a bit familiar, seems to have heard it somewhere.


At this time, Zhao Mei walked out of the kitchen and saw them coming. “Oh, here it is. Sit down, sit down. Xiao Nan, what are you doing stupidly standing here, hurry up and bring some fruits.”


Qin Xiangnan sighed, it seems that her status is very low today.


Zhao Mei and Sun Weiwei made a few comments. Qin Xiangnan could see that the girl was a gentle and sensible little girl. She didn’t expect her brother to like this one.


Qin Xiangnan couldn’t help but open the heart of gossip.


“Wei Wei, how did you and Qin Xiangbei meet? I have never heard him mention you. He has just told us even about such a big marriage.”


Qin Xiangbei is inexplicably protective: “Qin Xiangnan, you don’t bully Weiwei. I’m still here.”


“Which of your eyes sees me bullying her? I care about you normally. I am your sister, what attitude do you use to speak to me.” Qin Xiangnan looked at him angrily.


“Don’t be noisy.” Sun Weiwei pulled Qin Xiangbei’s arm: “Qin Xiangbei, you can’t speak well.”


“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Qin Xiangbei glanced at her indulgently.


Qin Xiangnan was speechless for a moment, and it seemed that his brother was really obedient to this Sun Weiwei.


“Qin Xiangbei, then I ask you, why did you marry so suddenly, we haven’t heard it before.”


“Oh, don’t ask too much. Anyway, you are ready to be an aunt.”




Qin Xiangnan and Zhao Mei were surprised… Qin Xiangnan shouted: “Well, you Qin Xiangbei, are you bullying other girls?”


“How can I, how could I bully her.” Qin Xiangbei hugged Sun Weiwei’s arm tightly.


Zhao Mei smiled, “Hey, Xiao Nan, why are you fierce? This is a good thing. Xiao Bei is right, it is time to get married soon. Wei Wei, you can’t be too tired now, let Xiao Bei take good care of you, okay?”


Sun Weiwei nodded shyly.


Zhao Mei was busy cooking and told Qin Xiangnan to take good care of Sun Weiwei.


Qin Xiangnan quickly agreed. In a flash, she was demoted again.


“Sister Xiangnan, don’t be angry, I know you care about us. You can rest assured that we have carefully considered the matter of marriage.” Looking at Sun Weiwei’s sensible attitude, Qin Xiangnan was still very satisfied with this younger sister-in-law. She just felt it was a pity to match her with Qin Xiangbei.


“Sister Xiangnan, I heard that you were with Xu Chang, the school’s schoolmate at that time?”


Qin Xiangnan looked surprised. “Did you also come from the same school as me?”


“Yeah, Qin Xiangbei and I are high school classmates ah.” Qin Xiangnan suddenly realized something.


“Not only that, we are also junior high school classmates.” Sun Weiwei smiled, her eyes bent, very cute.


The stories of Qin Xiangbei and Sun Weiwei are also quite dramatic.


When he was in junior high school, Qin Xiangbei was young and ignorant, but he was also a playful character. Sun Weiwei is his desk mate. She is the best student in the eyes of the teachers, obedient, and also the monitor.


Qin Xiangbei couldn’t bear to see her particularly. He thought she was pretentious and liked to pretend to be good in front of the teachers and like to control him.


Every time Qin Xiangbei slept in a class, Sun Weiwei would stab him with an angry pen, he was awakened in shock, and then see Sun Weiwei smiling insincerely at him. He felt that this girl was really not simple, the appearance was weak, in fact, she is very fierce. Just like his sister Qin Xiangnan, he is very scared of these girls.


For some time, Qin Xiangbei somehow mixed up with some bad teenagers in some schools and began a class skipping career. He had so few lessons every week that disappeared without a trace. At that time, Qin Xiangbei was a downright rebellious boy. Even Zhao Mei and Qin Chaoming could not take him, and heard the phone call from the teacher. It’s a headache.


Sun Weiwei, as the class monitor, ordered him every time: “Qin Xiangbei, if you skip class again, I will definitely tell the class teacher again.”


“It turned out to be your whistle, Sun Weiwei, don’t you do too much business, will you? Good girl, we don’t make any mistakes.”


“I’m the monitor, of course I’m in charge of you. Your grades drag the back of the class, do you know?”


Qin Xiangbei didn’t take her in his eyes at all. What could a girl do with him?


At that time, the rebellious teenager was nothing more than studying hard and going to the Internet cafe to play games. Qin Xiangbei was addicted to the game, so his grades were very poor, reaching the bottom. His parents would scold him every time they saw his results, and Qin Xiangnan would laugh at him.


Qin Xiangbei was extremely nervous during the final exam on the first day. Then, with a crooked brain, he played a cheat sheet.


Probably because he was too nervous, the cheat sheet was beaten several times, and a piece of paper actually fell to the ground, which was discovered by the teacher.


When the teacher picked up this cheat sheet, Qin Xiangbei knew that he was finished.