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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 86

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 86 – Brother’s Girlfriend (2)


“Who owns his cheat sheet?” In fact, the teacher knew in his heart that it must have been done by poor students. He first suspected that Qin Xiangbei. Qin Xiangbei is ready to admit and confess leniency.


Unexpectedly, he was robbed of his credit before he even spoke.


“Teacher, it’s mine.” He was surprised, and it was Sun Weiwei who said this.


The teacher couldn’t believe it: “Sun Weiwei, how could it be yours?”


“I…because I didn’t review well this time, so…”


Qin Xiangbei wondered what this good student does, even for such things. Are you rushing to admit it? He was not so shameful and asked a girl to take the blame.


“Teacher, it’s mine.” He confessed voluntarily.


The teacher was angry and felt that he was being played by these two people, so he reported them to the teaching office.


Sun Weiwei is a good student. This cheat sheet was indeed not hers. She only gave her a verbal warning, and Qin Xiangbei did not live up to her expectations.


“Sun Weiwei, are you sick? Do you want to control this kind of thing?” He yelled at her.


Sun Weiwei glanced at him and said something that shocked him.


“Qin Xiangbei, I’m not here to help you. I’m just curious about what it feels like to be a bad student and make you like it so much. It turns out that’s how it is. In this case, why don’t you be a good student and let more people admire you. “


Qin Xiangbei scolded her sentence sick, and sped away.


Then he continued to be a bad student. He really didn’t understand why this Sun Weiwei was so annoying. She had to stare at him every day for class and not to say anything, but also to prevent him from skipping class. Even once she caught him back to class.


At that time, he and several gangsters were playing games in Internet cafes. Sun Weiwei appeared suddenly, shutting down his computer, and Qin Xiangbei jumped.


“Sun Weiwei, are you sick? What do you bother about me all day?” He raised an eyebrow. “Oh~ Do you like me?”


“Who would like you? You don’t look in the mirror. Do you deserve it? It’s not like a student. I was entrusted by the class teacher to make me optimistic about you. You should go back to class and don’t drag the hind legs of the class.”


“Then you don’t care. Go back and tell the teacher that skipping class is my own business. They don’t need to ask you to persuade me.” After that he continued to turn on the computer and then played games.


Sun Weiwei is very angry. She is a person who can be a sand and tolerate things. As a class leader, she should lead the whole class. If there are such students in the class, she is responsible.


As soon as she gritted her teeth, she drove a machine and sat next to him: “Qin Xiangbei, learn about it?”


Qin Xiangbei was so scared that he was gone. “What are you doing? What are you kidding? This isn’t what you played. Go away.”


“Don’t underestimate me. Come on. Let you see how powerful I am.”


Qin Xiangbei really underestimated her and didn’t expect a good student who looked so weak, playing games so ruthlessly. He was beaten up by her, too faceless, and was instantly subdued by her momentum.


“I think your game is playing so poorly, it’s better to go back and have a good lesson. If you dare to come again, then I will continue to discuss with you.” Sun Weiwei looked at him with a look of despising pride.


Qin Xiangbei shivered straight, and finally sighed, “Women are so troublesome.”


In fact, Sun Weiwei played the game so well because she had a big brother, and she would learn when she was free. Of course, she is not a bemused person, and her brother has already gone to college.


In this way, Sun Weiwei packed up the Qin Xiangbei who loved to skip classes and was obedient.


But Qin Xiangbei, who returned to the classroom, still didn’t learn and had no skills. In class, he was either sleeping or dazed. Sun Weiwei would stab him with a thing, and even stab him with a pen tip. Qin Xiangbei was really afraid of this girl. Her sister is terrible. Even more frightening is that this cruel girl is a little white rabbit in appearance and pretends to be a good.


Sun Weiwei has become a nightmare for Qin Xiangbei. Whenever he got a mess in the exams, Sun Weiwei always came up with a way to punish him. Such as punishment, if he did not follow, she would threaten him with the game.


The young and ignorant Qin Xiangbei thought it was a nightmare. It was only after the third year that he gradually realized that he was used to such a nightmare.


After the third year, as Xu Chang began to give him homework, he gradually understood the importance of learning, and his achievements progressed by leaps and bounds.


And that nasty girl suddenly didn’t care much about him, often accustomed to the existence of a person, one day this person suddenly disappeared, this feeling is very uncomfortable.


It wasn’t until one day that he saw Sun Weiwei walking close to another boy, he gradually realized that he had fallen in love with the devil girl.


Qin Xiangbei is not the same as Xu Chang. He likes Sun Weiwei to make the whole class aware, because once he saw Sun Weiwei and the so-called first-class boy, who walked together and saw them laughing together. He was so angry that he ran directly to confess to Sun Weiwei.


“Sun Weiwei, don’t be with this person anymore.” Qin Xiangnan went angrily at the first sentence.


Sun Weiwei looked at him in surprise: “Who am I with is non of your business!”


Qin Xiangbei was very angry, “Sun Weiwei, you provoked me first! I like you now. “


She was surprised that she did not expect him to be so direct, and then she told him more directly: “But I don’t like you.”


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