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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 90

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 90 – He Won the Game Again (2)


Sun Weiwei didn’t resist him. After all these years, she really still can’t forget him. No boy like Qin Xiangbei can let her open her heart and be true to herself. She has been a good girl in the eyes of others since childhood, obedient and sensible, but she knows that she doesn’t like this. She hopes she can do what she wants to do like her brother, but her parents’ education since childhood was that girls should be gentle and good, so she always pretend and holding herself back. Until she met Qin Xiangbei, he could give her all the happiness. He would not restrain her. They used to drag racing, skip class, and play games together. These exciting things made her feel crazy and infatuated. These memories made her feel beautiful.


Qin Xiangbei was a crazy boy. The young boy used to be, and he still is. Nothing can stop him if he wants to do something. He went to B city alone to go to college, and his parents could not take him.


And he wants her now, although he has a high fever, but these can not stop him.


In this round, he won again.


After a long time, he said in her ear: “I knew you would care about me. Although you look ruthless, you still worry about me and can’t forget me.”


Sun Weiwei’s cheeks were hot and was silent.


He hugged her, and suddenly thought of something, asked her: “Is Yiyi along at home?”


“Her father came back.”


“Oh, you’re not allowed to go back today. “


“You… “


Many months later, Sun Weiwei told him with fear that she was pregnant. Qin Xiangbei was crazy and assured her that he would be responsible.


He understood that this time, she could never escape.


After listening to the stories of the two of them, Qin Xiangnan was shocked.


“Qin Xiangbei, for so many years, you never told me that you really didn’t treat me as a sister!”


Qin Xiangbei glanced at her and said, “How can you control me over the past few years? You can’t manage your own affairs. Fortunately, Xu Chang still likes you, otherwise you are so stupid, so fierce, who dares to marry you.”


Qin Xiangnan rolled her eyes, facing the Sun Weiwei said: “After you marry. You can depend on me. You can discipline him.”


Sun Weiwei smile bloomed. Qin Xiangbei held her arm tightly apart and said, “Let me be honest.”


Qin Xiangbei was startled and let go, and Qin Xiangnan laughed aside. “Qin Xiangbei, I didn’t expect you to have this day.”


Qin Xiangnan and Sun Weiwei at first sight, she likes the girl so much, the two of them seem to have endless topics, but the most talked about is talking about their men.


Sun Weiwei said: “Sister Xiangnan, do you agree that they are addicted to cleanliness?”


“Yes, you also found out. I don’t want to be lazy. I’m really tired of living.”


“Also, I’m too busy. I don’t have a fixed time to get off work every day. Even on weekends, I might be on duty. I even find it difficult to make an appointment.”


Qin Xiangnan nodded. “What to say, after all, they are also saving lives and helping the wounded, the responsibility is more important.”


Qin Xiangbei really wanted to cry with Xu Chang at this time.


After the meeting, Zhao Mei made dinner and greeted everyone to come over for dinner. Qin Xiangnan helped Qin Chaoming watching TV silently to the table.


Zhao Mei looked at Qin Xiangbei and Sun Weiwei had a good relationship and was very satisfied.


Qin Xiangbei kept feeding vegetables to Sun Weiwei, she snorted: “Qin Xiangbei, you are treating me like a pig.”


“You have a life in your stomach now, you have to eat more.”


Zhao Mei on the side also agreed: “Yes, eat more. Weiwei, you are too thin.”


Qin Xiangnan looked at Zhao Mei, looking like she should never be hungry for her grandson. She felt funny and sneered twice.


Unexpectedly, Zhao Mei’s goal was immediately transferred to Qin Xiangnan.


“Xiao Nan, you see your brother is getting married. When are you going to bring your boyfriend back to see me?”


Qin Xiangnan was a little embarrassed and said in a perfunctory way, wait for him to be free.


Zhao Mei asked her: “What is he doing so busy?”


“Also a doctor.” She answered.


Qin Xiangbei inserted a sentence, “Mom, you know this person too, you can rest assured, well, it’s more than enough for my sister.”


“I know? Who?” Zhao Mei doubted.


Qin Xiangnan was shy, Qin Xiangbei looked anxious. He answered it for her. “Oh, Qin Xiangnan, you are dumb. We all know that there is something embarrassing that I can’t stand you. Mom, my sister’s boyfriend is Xu Chang. Do you remember? It was Xu Chang who gave us homework before ah!”


Zhao Mei seemed taken aback, “Who are you talking about?”


“Xu Chang! Mom, you are also surprised. Xu Chang is so good, why did he like my sister. Qin Xiangnan, you really picked a good one!!”


Qin Xiangnan stretched out his hand to scratch him, Qin Xiangbei dodged one behind him, hiding behind Sun Weiwei, “Weiwei, save me!”


The three laughed for a while.


Zhao Mei seemed to be worried, and her face was a bit ugly.


Qin Xiangnan looked at her strangely and said, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? You don’t… don’t like Xu Chang…”


Zhao Mei shook her head and asked Qin Xiangnan seriously: “Xiao Nan, let me ask you. Do you really like Xu Chang?”


Qin Xiangnan nodded.


“So how does he treat you?”


“Very good.” She blushed.


Zhao Mei nodded meaningfully, “That’s fine, you will take him back to see us in a few days.You have to hurry up, how old are you?”


Qin Xiangnan nodded.


At this dinner, the three children ate very happy, and it was really hilarious. Zhao Mei seemed to have something to worry about. From time to time, she looked at Qin Chaoming, who was silently eating aside, his eyes flashing.