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Fortunately, You Like Me Too Chapter 91

Translated By: Faery

Chapter 91 – Father’s Secret (1)


At the end of the year, Qin Xiangnan and Xu Chang were extremely busy, and they rarely met. Occasional video calls to comfort her when she miss him, but she still feels very at ease.


In one week, it’s almost New Year. Xu Chang promised that he would accompany her to meet her parents on New Year’s Eve this year.


In the last week of the previous year, Qin Xiangnan was busy doing an annual summary every day. Too many things happened in this year. She was injured countless times. She has seen natural disasters of all sizes, witnessed the rapid development of this city, and felt the humanities of this city feelings.


Chen Xiaoqi and her gossiped, this year’s assessment will promote a colleague as a new supervisor.


“Sister Xiangnan, I think the new supervisor must be yours.”


“Don’t talk nonsense, we are all bulls here, I think Brother Feng is more likely.”


Chen Xiaoqi cut out, “Brother Feng is pretty good at work. It’s awesome, but being a person is hard to say. It’s like you. Anyway, we all like you. If you are a supervisor, we are convinced.”


Qin Xiangnan was not particularly interested in the position of this supervisor. She naturally felt that she was not a leader. It is expected that her ideal is to be a simple reporter. Once she takes up leadership, she will have to assume more responsibilities, not to mention that her chances of going out will be less. She does not like this.


But when Chen Xiaoqi said so, she did have some emotions. If you can get promoted, it means everyone’s affirmation of her ability to work.


The evaluation results came out two days before the New Year. President Pang held an annual summary meeting.


“First of all, everyone, you have worked very hard this year, and everyone has paid a lot. The bonus will not be given to everyone, and there is another issue that everyone is most concerned about, that is, who is the new supervisor. After our leaders’ comprehensive consideration, I still think that Xiao Feng is outstanding in all aspects, has strong working ability and is very experienced, so let Xiao Feng take up the new supervisor position. Xiao Feng, you can continue to work hard and don’t let us down.”


Hearing this result, Qin Xiangnan was a little disappointed, but she was still very happy to congratulate Brother Feng.


Brother Feng is also very happy to say that he must work harder next year and live up to everyone’s expectations.


After the meeting was over, Chen Xiaoqi disturbed Qin Xiangnan. “Sister Xiangnan, I didn’t expect that the new supervisor was really snatched by Brother Feng. It’s unfair.”


Qin Xiangnan quickly asked her to stop talking nonsense, “Xiaoqi, what does that mean? It means that my efforts are still not enough, and there is still a lot of room to improve.”


Chen Xiaoqi nodded and felt reasonable. “So, Sister Xiangnan, let’s work hard in the future, we must not let others look at each other.”


Qin Xiangnan also cheered herself in her heart.


On New Year’s Eve, thousands of families are all brightly lit, filled with happy laughter of reunion.


Qin Xiangnan returned to her home first and was making dumplings with Zhao Mei and Sun Weiwei. Qin Xiangbei accompanied Qin Chaoming while watching TV. Qin Chaoming was still a little confused on this day, but he seemed quite happy.


Zhao Mei looked at the time, “Xiao Nan, why hasn’t Xu Chang come yet? Would you like to call him to urge.”


Qin Xiangnan washed her hand and called Xu Chang.


“Xu Chang, why haven’t you come yet.”


“I’ve arrived, and I’m parking.” Qin Xiangnan was a little nervous, and her heart beat faster.


“Then let me pick you up.”


In order to go down, Qin Xiangnan first calmed down and offered to pick him up. She put on her coat and said to Zhao Mei, she went on.


When she saw Xu Chang, she was a little excited. They hadn’t seen each other for several days.


Xu Chang wore a dark woolen coat today, with a slender figure, which made him extremely handsome, and Qin Xiangnan almost drooled.


“Qin Xiangnan, don’t act stupid, come and move things.”


Xu Chang took out large and small gift boxes from the trunk, Qin Xiangnan took some. She asked him, “Why did it take you so long?”


“I went to see my grandma just now.”


Qin Xiangnan gave a cry. Can’t help but stand on one feet, kissed him secretly. Xu Chang seemed to stay for a moment, and laughed: “Did you do something wrong again?”


Qin Xiangnan grunted, thinking he was really puzzled. Amorous, walking in front of him with a big swing and went upstairs.


When she walked to the door of the house, she started to feel nervous again. Although it was not the first time that Xu Chang met her family, it still felt wonderful. Maybe his identity was different, and her relationship with Xu Chang was different.


She said to Xu Chang at the door: “If my mother asks us how we are together later, you will say that you have looked right recently, but don’t mention what I like about you, otherwise my mother must think that I didn’t learn well that year. Do you understand?”


Xu Chang laughed twice and said, “I know, I won’t mention that you secretly loved me.”


“You…” Qin Xiangnan just wanted to hammer him, and the door was just opened.


Zhao Mei looked at the two of them: “What are you doing, you’re all there, still standing at the door stupidly. Xu Chang, come in quickly.”


Zhao Mei greeted Xu Chang enthusiastically, regardless of Qin Xiangnan standing stupidly at the door. Her position fell again.


“Xu Chang, I haven’t seen you for so many years, you are still so handsome, our family’s Xiao Nan is really blessed.”


Xu Chang smiled, “Aunt, Xiao Nan is so good, I am blessed.”


Qin Xiangnan listened and felt especially satisfied.


Qin Xiangbei saw Xu Chang coming and quickly came over: “Brother, you’re here. Oh, no, brother-in-law, you’re here.”


Qin Xiangbei made a quick change, and Qin Xiangnan was speechless.


Qin Xiangbei proudly introduced Xu Chang to his prospective wife.


“Brother-in-law, this is Sun Weiwei, we will get married next month.”


“I know. I really congratulate you. I didn’t expect you to be much faster than your sister.” Xu Chang said.


Qin Xiangnan gave him a glare. “Xu Chang, you are stupid. If I got married early, what would you have done?”


Qin Xiangbei laughed twice, Xu Chang would be said to be stupid.


Sun Weiwei glanced at Xu Chang and was a little bit shy, “Xu Chang, I remember you. You were the school grass, I still remember that you sang a song at the orientation party. Many girls of our class were crazy about you.”


Qin Xiangbei was a little unhappy after listening to this, “Sun Weiwei, you are really bold, actually bragging in front of me, were you like other girls?”


Sun Weiwei immediately showed the murderer’s evil expression and pinched Qin Xiangbei’s arm with two fingers. “What are you talking about?”


Qin Xiangbei yelled twice, “Woman, I am wrong. “


Qin Xiangnan said to Xu Chang: “Look, now you do not have a shot, since I was able to rein him now.”


Xu Chang held her hand, gently said something in her ear: “I just like you.”


Qin Xiangnan leaned on his arm sheepishly.